Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

I recently finished my first play-through and I have to say, wow! I am amazed how much work you put into this mod, especially as a team of one. And besides some spelling errors, everything ran smoothly! It’s super impressive! I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, and I hope there are more chapters to come! Here are my first impressions of the game, I hope you find them useful:

Maps: I enjoyed the diversity seen in the map objectives and designs. There were some surprising gimmicks incorporated in that added to the difficulty and strategy. I also like the transition in the tilesets that clearly separated the two countries.
My favorite maps were Prelude 1 “The White Lions” (I liked the introduction of the group in a more humorous situation rather than the more serious main story), Prelude 3 “To Conquer Death” (I had to play this a couple of times but I liked the challenge and being able to improve my strategy as I kept playing) and Chapter 10 “Spellbound Throne” (I thought it was cool that triggering the switch made the opposite side path appear).
My least favorite maps were Chapter 6 “Enemy Unknown” (maybe it was just my playstyle but it was more of a draw the mages out map that dragged out a bit due to the narrow path) and Chapter 9 “Winter Melts” (map seemed a little large and there were so many Pegasus knights with great movement while your party was more limited).

Characters: I loved the original character design and I thought there was a good balance of classes as well as character join rate. Some were definitely more useful than others and I liked the strong personalities of Joseph, Lael, and Myles.
My favorite characters were Myles (great stats, MVP on “To Conquer Death” and I liked his personality), Caspian (I’m usually not a fan of axe users due to their iffy hit rate but I found Caspian to be strong and he leveled up well for me), and Liang (I like archers in general but him starting off with a shining bow and being able to level up a couple times on “To Conquer Death” put him ahead of Winnifred in my book).
My least favorite characters were Faith (I usually don’t use Pegasus knights so I might be biased but I had to put a lot of faith in Faith to hit the enemy and not die…she missed more than I liked with her hit rate and would always seem to be in the area where enemies spawned to just get slaughtered), Travis (he could tank a hit or two but his damage output was minimal and I seemed to spend more time protecting/saving him than using him), and Leah (only worth her special weapon and was pretty naive in the storyline, I liked Josephs more straight forward attitude).

Difficulty: I am by no means a FE expert player, so I had to play some of the maps a few times to either have everyone survive or to hit all the villages. That said, I enjoyed the challenge and was never frustrated with being unable to beat a map.

Overall, I really enjoyed this mod and I am curious to see where the story goes and what new characters are introduced. I understand that modding takes a lot of work so it might take awhile but I would be interested in maybe helping you out a little (editing dialogue, discussing story, playtesting chapters etc) if you are looking for people to join in. Thanks for all your hard work Caladrius!


Thanks for checking out this hack, archerboy, and thank you for providing your feedback.

Maps: I am happy that you had fun with the chapter maps. I do realize that the maps are not super traditional for Fire Emblem games as I there is a lot more focus on defense maps. As a whole, I feel that I don’t have too many of the common open-style maps, and I am hoping to put more of these in going forward. I might be the only weirdo that likes Chapter 5 the most, but I just love Fog of War maps for some reason.

The transition to the snow tileset when entering Celyste was intended; however, I believe I am in need of a world map - especially when the other countries begin to get involved. I am shocked that people haven’t been super confused regarding country locations thus far. I will say that building the world map has intimidated me, but I do want to do it.

Characters: Your favorite characters of Myles and Caspian are impressive Chapter 11 onward. Liang will not be in the party for some time. Most of the characters you will play through the next 10 or so chapters will be newly playable. Travis is back as well, so you will have opportunity to level him up.

Joseph is one of the more fun character to write. I have given him more lines than I initially intended. Caden was originally going to take on more of this role and be the more central Celyste noble. Also, Joseph is a solid unit from my experience.

You get Helga instead of Faith for a while, so maybe you will like her better. She is more of the Fiora archetype - more accurate, weaker, can tank a hit. Helga also refers to Benji as “archer boy” a lot in the dialog including in Winter Melts. I am going to pretend that your username is a shout out to Helga - even though, that’s probably not the case. Still, maybe Helga is manifesting herself to be your favorite character. She also disproves of Faith too.

Project: Thanks for offering help/support. I actually work on this hack basically every day full time, so I do have a good velocity. It might be tricky to bring someone onto this project unless you want to eat, sleep, and breathe Fire Emblem. I am dedicated and move fast. Even still, I love hearing other perspectives because that will make the experience better in the end. Story/dialog are definitely the most work for me. I also want to do a lot of refining of the early maps and units too. I have probably had nightmares about writing supports too.

In any case, I have up through Chapter 14 playable at this point. They haven’t been 100% refined yet - spelling errors, weird promotion palettes, and such - but seem fun. I would be willing to release these to a subset of people who if there is enough interest; however, I was intending to release after Chapter 20 as it’s more fun to play a bunch of chapters together. I am completely open here.

I see you are new. You should check out some other hacks on here if you enjoyed this one. There are a lot of super cool projects.


Did you make an update to this hack? Your screenshots now shows Silvan as a playable character, a new Winifred portrait, and maps. I had played up to Ch 10 back early July and got the To Be Continued screen. Am I missing something?

Btw, really enjoyed the story of this hack so far and am interest to see where it goes.


Yes, I uploaded a new build sometime in July that takes place after a time skip. Chapters 11 through 15 are playable.

You can only recruit Silvan if you choose to let him go. He will then reappear in Chapter 13 as a green unit and recruit by talking with Boone. Turning in Silvan to the town will yield you a speed wing. Completely your choice here. Silvan seems to be a solid unit, but I know a speed wing can go a long way. Winifred does have a new look after the time skip. I am trying to do that for most of the characters.


I discovered this hack thanks to a let’s play and it looks really good! It has short maps with varied objectives and a reasonable difficulty. The art looks a little rough sometimes, but I love the chara-design so far. Also, great job with the intro! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Thank you. And Pandan does a nice job too regarding the LP.

I am definitely playing around with different ideas for most of the maps. There will be a lot more larger maps going forward too as the party size grows. I do need to touch up a lot of the art at some point. Being very color blind does present problems sometimes, but I am persistent.


I want to formally release the next part of Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror. This release has 24 chapter maps on a single route of play and completes the Celyste-Ametona War story arc and Jubir’s Drum arc. In addition, the final two chapters begin the third story arc of the game – Second Mirror arc.

Changes from Feedback:
The new chapters are not the only addition to this release. I have taken in all the feedback that I have received on the first story arc release and implemented changes across all chapters – Prologue through Chapter 10. I believe every chapter received at least one major change in addition to enemy placements and AI. For example, the original Prologue chapter is no more, Chapter 1 has been integrated to be the new Prologue, and there is a new Chapter 1.

I would definitely welcome any feedback. This is a solo project, and I don’t know many people familiar with Fire Emblem in my circle to bounce ideas or storyboard. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Features Update:

  • Original story and characters.
  • 24 playable maps on single route of play (25 total).
  • 31 total playable characters.
  • Player choices that impact branching chapter maps, character recruitment, items, and enemy placements.
  • Unique chapter objectives and map interactivity – focused in the second arc.
  • Custom backgrounds that enhance story telling including hand-painted, storybook intro.
  • Custom battle sprites.
  • Enhanced gameplay; though, staying true to classic GBA Fire Emblem.

New Video:


The project is definitely still going strong, and I love working on it. My velocity has slowed down somewhat due to the complexity of chapter maps that begin in the second arc as well as play testing becoming more and more cumbersome – especially due to some branching paths and player choices that affect later maps. I’ll still get there.

The final product will have 32 or 33 chapters (excluding prologue and prelude chapters) depending on how I handle the endgame.


Great to see you coming back strong here. I look forward to digging it this one, and I will do my best to give you some helpful feedback. Congrats and I hope you continue this trend of awesome work!

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Welp glad to see project keep going
(Tho I did stuck at the 2 vs a bunch of brigand chap for a while)
Theres not much hacks that has their own cg
(Like queens sword but idk if thats finished)
And no path splits (gotta hate it tho)

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Nice! Glad to see you’re still working on this. Looking forward to taking a peek at the changes.


Nice to see this project is still going strong.

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Thank you WaywardTroper. I’ll always appreciate any of your feedback. It is difficult building a game with only one perspective, but I am doing my best.

As you will discover, there is a lot more content this time around. At least to me, it is starting to feel like a complete Fire Emblem game, and it is rewarding for me to see where the project has come in a short time. I am excited to jump into the final 2 arcs of the game.


Really enjoyed this hack, just blazed through all the chapters and now I’m sad that I’ll have to wait to finish…

Final characters:

I went in blind and didn’t take many notes/screenshots during the playthrough, so I’ve only got some overall impressions.

Loved the difficulty curve. Hard mode is pretty tough overall, and the reduced exp really forces you to be picky with which units you train. Also Gold is handled well, just enough to get by (tougher on that chapter with the Secret Shop though).

Maps are great. Some highlights - the fog of war map when recruiting Tanya and the watchmen/survival map. The maps have objective variety and reward aggressive play. The prison break chapter when your supply gets shafted was cool as well. Like with all FE games though, the seize chapters are pretty easy to cheese and turtle through but that’s inevitable IMO.

A couple of questions though for things I potentially missed… when could I re-recruit Roxie? I think I missed a couple of villages (in the chapters right after the timeskip–some of those villages were hard to reach). Also any other secret shops besides the one on the chapter when you get the member card?


Thank you for your comments. I’m happy you enjoyed it so far. Props for taking on hard mode too. I am slowly trying to balance that mode alongside normal.

Secret Shop Locations:

  • Ch 15: The space where the Member Card holder begins.
  • Ch 17A: The tile above the northern waterfall. It is mentioned in the village dialogue near where Wanda starts. You would not have access to this because you played Sapphire of Burga.
  • Ch 17B: Currently on the throne, which is REALLY difficult to attempt. This will likely change in a next build.
  • Ch 20: Below the pillar near Devante’s initial placement.

Roxie’s Recruitment:
Roxie and Liang have the most complicated recruitment in the game. I will try my best to explain.

  1. Roxie AND Liang must both be recruited and survive the Celyste-Ametona War Arc.
  2. When on Chapter 11, visit the southern house. Ariel can reach this on the first turn.
  3. You will be offered a bow or a tome from the old man. Choose the Tome. Note: Choosing the bow will cause Liang to appear on Chapter 11 and is recruited via Talk from Boone or Myles.
  4. Roxie will automatically rejoin the party by opening the door in Chapter 12. This can be triggered by enemy or player.

Additional Outcomes:

  • If Roxie is killed or not recruited in the Celyste-Ametona War arc, she will not appear during the time skip. Same goes for Liang.
  • If Liang is chosen during Chapter 11, Roxie will rejoin on Chapter 22 (unreleased).
  • If Roxie’s recruitment is triggered during Chapter 11 choice, Liang will rejoin on Chapter 21 (unreleased).
  • If one of Liang or Roxie is killed or not recruited during the first arc, they will join at their later join time. You will instead receive an Elixir from the house in Chapter 11.

Dang! Your Travis leveled up well!! I actually used him a lot in my last play through. Overall interesting character choices. Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:


Ah ha that explains it. I opted not to get Liang at first, and got the Body Ring instead (is there a way at all to get both of those “villages”?). I don’t remember getting that choice of the tome/bow either so that makes sense to me (I probably got the elixir). Sad to have missed all that but good to know.

Hmmmm secret shop on the throne for 17B… I didn’t think of that. I was about to park my Caspian there and tank the boss + wight so it should be possible. Also what is sold at each of those secret shops after ch.15’s?

Yeah I found that magic in general is just so good, so Flame Knight Travis is busted. Also not sure if it’s a glitch, but is Tanya supposed to lose Thunder Magic when she promotes to Witch? The skill proficiency still shows up on her character screen but she can’t use Thunder Magic after the promotion.


Thank you for bringing this forward. Tanya’s promotion to a Witch is a bug. It should be Thunder Sage or Scholar. I created a new patch that fixes this problem.

It is possible to get the Body Ring and Liang on To Conquer Death, but it is pretty difficult - especially on hard mode. This map never seems to play the same way twice for me, which I find interesting. I send Joseph to the prison and Myles to bait the brigands with weapon advantage. If things go south, I usually prioritize recruiting Liang over the Body Ring.

These are the current items in the secret shops (subject to change).

  • 15 Secret Shop: Rapier, Forseti, Physic, Elixir, Master Seal
  • 17A: Secret Shop: Light Brand, Sonic Sword, Flame Lance, Purge, Master Seal
  • 17B Secret Shop: Wo Dao, Tornado, Thoron, Banshee, Master Seal
  • 20 Secret Shop: Killing Edge, Killer Lance, Killer Axe, Killer Bow, Cinqueda, Ruin, Lockpick, Elixir Master Seal

Hope this helps.

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Hello! It was a great hack UNTIL the bonobo pegasus knight on Chapter 4 got TRAPPED in the top village and spammed vulneraries bringing the boss to an untargetable location and also refusing to move until she eventually died from the bosses handaxe (took her 3-4 turns).

This is a CRITICAL game design flaw, please fix this…


Also my friend Kariu-kyun/Endelphie got me to play this! Shout outs to you!

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Yeah, I agree, this was annoying to deal with. You should change Faith’s AI to head straight for Leah.


This is ridiculous! I’ve reset four times to recruit this crazy crackhead and she CONTINUES to suicide into the top boss! I SWEAR on my life she is intentionally trolling me, because she was out of range of the boss this time and didn’t even need to heal (had been chip damaged)…


But she then proceeds to heal AGAIN after making a safe spot RIGHT next to the BOSS!

This is beyond crazy, it’s LUNACY! This absolute smoothbrain character has been insufferable and I hope she’s BOILED ALIVE.

Also hi Gabriel-kun!! Love your work!

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Also why does she fly to the enemies when she doesn’t even know how to attack them?!

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