Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

I don’t understand your comment. Are you commenting that “Lonely” in the title is fitting for 14-February? It’s not my intention to make that connection. Hope you don’t feel that way.

I am not an artist by trade, and I just do the best I can with my current ability. I’ve heard my portraits are rough around the edges many, many times. I am sure they are, but I can’t see color and shade the way most people do. I’ll keep trying.


Hi Caladrius, I really enjoyed the game at the moment. If possible, will Sterling be a part of Hard Mode in the future. Want to do a full male characters playthough at the moment and I kind of want to have a male shaman that is kind of a Est and I’m way too bad at Fire Emblem to play on Maddening at the moment. I’m sorry if this question come off as rude or sthing.


Sorry for the delayed replay, @jeichan1998. I have been really busy with some other stuff lately that I haven’t had much time to focus on Lonely Mirror. I have been slowing making improvements though. :sweat_smile:

A male character run, huh? Sounds neat! I really need to try one of these special runs sometimes.

I don’t have any plan to make Sterling available in hard mode as I do want Maddening mode to have a couple of extra things to reward playing on a harder difficulty. Although, it would not be much trouble to create a patch of the game that will make Sterling available for your challenge run. I already did this once for a Hard mode draft playthrough. Let me know if you still want this.

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I would love a patch with sterling available in hard mode


Yesss I would love it… OMG thank you <3. It’s mainly help with chap 26 and I just love all your guys tbh. And all the bromance couple too, they have some of the best supports there. Thank you so much again.


It’s also because of how we have to go for sages to get a healer for the guys. Shiloh is amazing as a unit but I keep running short of healer last time I did it on Normal mode.


I have added a new UPS file on the Dropbox titled: FE_LonelyMirror_FullGame_v1_02_SterlingHard that makes Sterling recruitable in all difficulties. Queenie still needs to speak with him though. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Thanks! There are certainly a lot of nice bromances. Happy you’ve enjoyed the supports.

I haven’t heard much love for Shiloh because he is usually overlooked because of Ariel, Kathryn, and Lael, but the dude has a lot going for him. He has amazing endgame potential as a Bishop using Seraphim, and he can sustain a lot of hits. I’d suggest Liang for an additional healer. Maybe Brett or Joseph. Druid Sterling can also work well. I am curious to hear of your experience.


OMG, Thank you so much Cala. To be honest, when I first started using Shiloh it was pretty hard since his growth rate is not the best out there but he became pretty strong after getting some level. He can dodge a lot and have some pretty nice defense too. My main problem with Liang is that his support, which I let Silvan pairing with Boone so that I could read their support dialogue so at the end, I don’t actually have any reason of using him. My Brett turn out just barely decent so that is a bad thing too. In Joseph case however, his griffon counter part is too strong and work better in some chapters. Since i’m getting Sterling this time around, might as well go for his sage path since I will be getting a shaman for dark. And despite how much I love Shiloh. guess I’m going for Riley this time since Riley and Sterling got a support dialogue. But yeah, thank you so much for making such an incredible hack <3!!!

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And btw, do we currently have a full list of which characters that might have paired ending with each others in the future? Consider I got Grant and Vergil support last time. With Eamon X Wise, Caspian X Benji paired ending placeholder. I’m a nerd for reading chain support that leading to a paired ending. So I wonder if they are available.

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im not sure what the issue is, but chapter 3 on easy mode is ridiculus. you cant hold the enterances, and the wind mages double everyone… im not sure if i downloaded the wrong patch, but its pretty difficult even in easy mode…13 speed on mages this early is rough.

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Hi @Abyssknight24. I did have an issue with the easiest difficulty increasing enemy stats instead of decreasing enemy stats, which made some of the early chapters harder than the hard mode variation. The most recent patch of the game should have that fixed.

I verified on my end too, and wind mages have a speed of about 10 on easy/normal mode. I might reduce this to 9 on a future update, but they should not be 13 speed anymore. At least, I hope they aren’t.

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I don’t have a list of paired endings to expect for the future. It is not something that is set in stone and has changed as I feel inspired. I have also taken support and paired ending requests too. Eamon x Wise should have a paired ending together eventually. That one makes sense.

Here are some written support pairings to consider for your bro play through:

  • Boone x Caspian or Boone x Myles
  • Joseph x Wise or Joseph x Myles
  • Travis x Rob
  • Riley x Sterling
  • Atticus x Liang
  • Silvan x Ozias (I like this support even though Ozias kind of sucks as a unit currently. Ozias will get restructured eventually)

I need to add more supports. People seem to enjoy them. :sweat_smile: Though, the next patch in the works will be focused on quality of life improvements, enemy placements/reinforcement updates, and some other requests I have received.

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Yeah, with the current situation of Ozias. I might have to passed on that unless I’m save scumming for him…Does any of your request have something to do with 2nd playthrough and onward we can get both Shiloh/Riley and Wanda/Tanya?.And if you don’t might, could I request Rob x Shiloh and Caspian x Benji next. I love Benji as a unit, don’t know why people are not that into him, Sniper Pierce is a pretty nice ability. Brett x Grant or Tarin is nice too. I’m sorry if I came off as rude and annoying. If I did, i’m truly sorry for that. ( I didnt mean to come off like that).
That Brother Zone from Joseph to Myles tho, is pretty funny.

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I have heard several requests to allow for Shiloh, Riley, Wanda, and Tanya to all be recruited on the same play through. I am thinking on this one. I ran into complication with allowing this on a 2nd play through, but I might do something Maddening exclusive. I will need to incorporate something that makes sense though. It’s on my mind and might see light of day.

Shiloh and Rob, huh? That is an interesting pairing. I can prioritize thinking on this one. Benji and Caspian is one that I definitely want to do soon. Caspian is going to be getting a lot more content in the future.

I think Benji gets disregarded for two main reasons.

  1. People meet and have a chance to use other archers like Winifred, Liang, and Caden before having the chance to really use Benji. People seem to get attached to character who join earlier, and I have seen this true for Winifred and Caden. Liang also gets overlooked too.
  2. Benji has weird growths for an archer, which can be a turnoff, but it can also make him fun to use.

Agreed. Myles and Joseph pairing is pretty funny.

I enjoy your comments. I am trying my best to keep improving and improving this hack, so thank you.


To be honest, the reason why I want Shiloh and Rob is mainly since Shiloh got Joseph, Rob, Eamon and Kurtis. Joseph is mainly supporting with Wise or Myles, which is quite unfortunate. While Eamon would be better supporting Wise since both can quite beneficial to each others and Eamon Silver Knight can follow Wise nicely. Kurtis joined at a very “interesting” chapter and face a tons of others competition on the sky, mainly in my playthrough (Wise and Shane) could turn out much better despite Shane joining really late into the game. So sadly I’m just so used to pairing Shiloh with Rob, and I understand why would you fell iffy about that paired ending ( sorry T-T). And speaking of which, I don’t think we have a monk counterpart for male who use light in the game outside of Queenie right? Levelling Shiloh up to 20 would just make him maxed A in staff and halfway to S so its quite hard to get him to S in light ( which is a shame). But I understand why you want to do it, to make people want to use Queenie more and to make her standout as an important character plot wise. Lael is also a pretty weird choice to max light on, since she would also br better as S in staff due to move range and forced deployment in the 3 final map.
And yeah, people used to see what I said as being rude or annoying so I want to make sure I’m not being an asshole or anything…but if I’m being rude in the future, please call me out on it. And thanks Caladrius <3


Joseph can make a pretty good support partner for Shiloh, but I also understand wanting to pair him up with Wise or Myles. Everyone wants that fire affinity! Shiloh wouldn’t be bad with Eamon (definitely haven’t written that one) if you make Eamon a Halberdier.

I will definitely think on Shiloh and Rob though. Shiloh is definitely becoming more and more interesting of a character the more content I give him. I like his backstory - even though it’s not all in the game yet. Happy you like Shiloh as he seems like one of the least popular charcters.

Yes, Shiloh is the only option for a male light magic user. It is still possible to get him to S in light even if it is difficult. I also don’t intend on adding a male monk to the game. I already have a main magic user for every type of magic.

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I think the reason for him being unpopular is because he is a newly added character, and he exist in the same game as Kath and Ariel ( both you get extremely early). And also the fact that if you get him, you couldn’t get Riley and vice versa. But then again, both of them are not exactly game changing ( RIley is pretty much a hit or miss but become really strong after getting his promotion while Shiloh serve as a heal bot for a while). And btw, I have finished the male challenge on hard ( this time using Joseph as a sage and using Liang since I’m getting Riley for Streling). Have to rush Liang to get his adventurer promotion just so I could get a healer was tough but worth it overall, I like how you make Adventurer get the ability to steal since I’m more prono into Atticus being an assassin. Somehow my Myles turned out worse as a swordmaster than my assassin playthrough but it’s could just be because of RNG. Sterling is a strong unit overall, especially if you can feed him some level but then again, he is an Est which not that many people like. I have always have a thing for Est tho ( Nino, Zeiss, Pelleas, etc) so worth it!!!

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Actually, Atticus and Liang should always keep the ability to steal regardless of which class you make them. They are special like that. Atticus can steal as an assassin or whisper and Liang can steal as a ranger or adventurer. Similarly, Eliza can steal as an assassin.

I think there is probably some truth in that. People tend to become more attached to characters they meet earlier. Ariel and Kathryn are great healers too, and it takes some time for Shiloh to really shine. I do find Shiloh interesting though.

I cannot believe you finished this so quickly! Very cool. Glad to hear that Liang put in work as an adventurer. He is a great res tank.


Character Spotlight: Myles

Myles was initially the most popular character in The Lonely Mirror for a while, so I wanted to make this month all about him. Congrats to Myles.


Myles is an ally and eventual member of the White Lions. Myles is confident, a little reckless, and completely selfless. He is shown to make friends easily and treasures the time with them more than anything.

Myles had a tragic childhood when his parents and sister were killed in a bandit attack, and while thankful that he survived, he wishes that he was strong enough to make a difference. Myles lived on the streets without a home or family for some time, and he refused to give into despair, vowing to become stronger and find his own happiness.

Eventually, Myles meets Lael, and the two form a close bond with their companionship filling holes in their hearts. After some time together, they are aided by Boone and the White Lions during the Celyste-Ametona War. After fighting alongside the While Lions, Myles wants to be a part of them; he wants a family again, which is contrary to Lael who chooses to run from her past.

Myles is shown to bond with all of the White Lions over their travels, such as forming a brotherly bond with Boone and Caspian, a friendly rivalry with Travis, and a complicated friendship with Winifred. He also gains the respect, trust, and friendship from Prince Joseph after aiding him in defending a Celyste city. Myles is the type of guy who will always rise to any challenge that life throws at him. He is a loyal friend and lives with a smile.


Myles has spiky blonde hair and initially wears a very worn out coat. After the time skip, Myles has shorter hair, a pierced ear, sports a small goatee, and cleaner clothing. His armor color is blue and wears two shades on his coat and shirt.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
65% 50% 40% 60% 55% 35% 20%

Unit Analysis:

Myles has solid growth in Power, Speed, and Luck and will be double attacking reliably for good damage. It should be noted that Myles’ base power is only average, so he is subject to being RNG screwed in some situations. Still, Myles is a solid candidate for the Energy Ring found on Ch10 to boost or correct his offensive capability. Defensively Myles is not great. Most notably, he has subpar HP and horrible Res. Despite has poor defenses, he will have very high avoid and can dodge many threats that come his way. Still, he will need to be played cautiously in situations where there are many magic threats.

Myles’ promotion options work hand-in-hand with his growths and will further boost his offense and avoid. Swordmaster is a great offensive class for trying to take down opponents in one blow thanks to the critical hit boost; however, Assassin is the better choice for Myles to expand his weapon arsenal. Assassins have access to swords, knives, and bows, so Myles can have reliable 1-2 range weapons available to him unlike the sword locked Swordmaster. Assassins also have lethality and will allow Myles to provide thief utility too.

Overall, Myles is a versatile offensive unit who can also provide the coveted thief utility as an Assassin and amazing fire affinity support bonuses to his friends. Additionally, Myles has one of the highest avoid in the game and is a great option to place strategically on tiles with terrain bonus and watch him go to town. It should also be noted that Myles is tied for having the best availability in the entire game. Therefore, he has many opportunities to prove himself… and he only gets better and better.

Support Options:

Myles has the amazing Fire affinity and a lot of good support options to choose from:

  • Boone - Ice
  • Leah - Fire
  • Travis - Anima
  • Joseph - Wind
  • Lael - Anima
  • Winifred - Dark
  • Noelle - Ice

Myles appreciates offensive support bonuses that also improve his critical hit rate in order to take advantage or support either promotion option available to him. Affinities that boost Myles avoid are also good to consider if looking to make him into more of a dodge tank.

Leah is probably going to be Myles’ best support option as the double fire affinity will significantly boost power, avoid, and critical hit. Double fire affinity is also beneficial for Leah who appreciates similar boosts as Myles. A downside to choosing Leah is not being able to benefit from the bonuses early in the game as Leah does rejoin later.

Joseph’s wind affinity is also very good on Myles for boosting his power and critical hit, and Joseph mutually benefits too. Joseph also rejoins earlier compared to Leah for Myles to benefit more during the course of the game. It should be noted that Myles may not be near Joseph enough later in the game if Joseph is promoted to Dark Griffon.

Travis and Lael provide a very nice bonus to Myles, but they are missing the key critical boost with their anima affinity. Pairing Myles up with Travis or Lael is a good idea if wanting to also boost Myles’ defense while also contributing to avoid.

The dark affinity bonus that Winifred provides is pretty good for Myles but not the best option. Winifred makes a great secondary support to a primary of fire, wind, or anima.

Boone and Noelle’s ice affinities are probably the worst option for Myles in terms of boosts; however, Myles and Boone can immediately begin building support on chapter 11, so Boone could be a very good support candidate if the two White Lions will be fighting a lot together. Boone will also not say no to a fire affinity bonus.

Popularity Poll:
I intend to continue doing character spotlights each month. Silvan will probably be getting the spotlight next month. I acknowledge that he has pulled ahead in the character popularity poll. Vote for your favorite characters and tell me why you like them.


Played through the full game on hard a few days back, and I really enjoyed the run a lot. If you’re new and want to give the game a shot, there will definitely be spoilers in here, so the overall consensus is this: give the game a shot, and I doubt you’ll regret it.

Leah’s arc does a good job of getting the player used to the game’s mechanics, similar to Lyn in FE7. I do wonder what chapter 11 would look like without having a decently leveled Caspian, though. Mine was about level 10, and it was still pretty difficult to successfully save the red gem. It’s a very stressful map to play, with the brigand in the back, and I personally think the map would be a much more enjoyable intro to the timeskip if the red gem wasn’t on such a short clock.
I had a really hard time with chapter 12, but that was mainly because I was determined to get both the physic staff and dragonshield, despite having a practically base Travis and currently underleveled Myles, on top of getting Roxie, who also wasn’t leveled much in the pre-skip map. It’s a really well-balanced defense map considering all of those things, and chapter 13 was easily one of my favorites right after.
I think I enjoyed every single map, actually, except for the desert map that requires Lael to reach Edith (I think it was 23?). The monster spawns felt rather excessive, and I ended up breaking a lot of weapons just trying to set up units in a way that could both remove enemies so that Lael could successfully talk without getting hit at all, while trying to keep my units out of the berserk range I couldn’t totally remember for sure. I think my absolute favorite maps were the jail break (16, I believe), the fake drum location (25?), and chapter 28 was quite possibly my favorite overall.

A couple of things I noticed: Majestra doesn’t appear to actually be light magic, but rather it functions as a sword, even at range. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but it /feels/ like she’s supposed to be able to combat shamans with it. In a similar field, I noticed gargoyles are not weak to wind or thunder magic, but are weak to the wind sword, which I found extremely useful, but I doubt was supposed to happen. Faith and Amanda’s C support appeared to be bugged; only one of them could initiate it, but I don’t remember now which one was able to do so. Lastly, on the before last map, there is a hero who spawns to the bottom right side of the map, pretty late in, who has a silver lance and silver axe, instead of a silver sword. I also wish Devante would lay off the berserk, once there was a unit in range of him, but that map is overall really cool and I hardly count that as a point against it.

I think I only have two criticisms of the game, and they’re both pretty minor: first being the late character recruitments. I was playing blind, and didn’t have any trouble with anyone until Amanda, which made me replay her map twice, before finally giving up and having to look it up, and I’m definitely not a fan of losing half of my army, especially when none of the remaining units were healers. (Also, related to that map, is there any reward for keeping the two civilians imprisoned with Ozias alive? I know it’s possible with some well-aimed sleep staves, but I wasn’t properly equipped to do so.) Lionel’s recruitment also caused me to restart, since my Lael was very underleveled and needed to be kept out of combat for the most part. There was also Shane, who seemed to be hellbound on flying directly into the snipers near his spawn point, but this one was easy enough to solve by ignoring Amanda and letting her come to us, while the army heads straight north. This is also really only an issue if Wise didn’t see any use.

Second, I was bothered by the use of the green monsters in Wise’s map. Their being able to move through my units almost forced a reset at the end of (the first part) of the map, but Roxie got a very lucky dodge. I think it would feel very similar if the monsters were just red, and Wise and his men went green when they appeared. I understand not wanting to lose the monsters’ ability to attack at the boss and his men, though. I’m not sure if there’s another way to go about the third army, though perhaps allowing the use of enemy range display could be a handy step, and would definitely be welcome regardless, to help watch for siege tomes.

Overall, I thought the game was amazing. It was just long enough to not get tired of it, and there aren’t two maps that feel particularly similar in gameplay. Having only master seals was a great change, and I can very easily say this is my favorite playthrough of a gba FE game, for the story, gameplay, and characters. Can’t wait to see the rest of the supports fill in.