Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

This exactly!
I hope you enjoy the game. I will address the “wonky enemy balance and spawns” as I get more insight on them. I am sort of at a loss just due to not having a fresh take on the game.


Personally, I think the enemies aren’t too bulky (for the most part). However, I use a pretty defensive and slow playstyle. I typically think Fire Emblem games aren’t interesting if they aren’t a bit of a struggle, so I appreciate that I have to employ different strategies and take risks.
That being said, I don’t think it would be super enjoyable to play this game without save states…

That’s my two cents! Hopefully not too biased, since I did help work on the game (though I didn’t do game balance, just support conversation writing)


On bulky enemies, my recommendation would be to tweak the bases/growths of enemies until the game ‘feels’ a bit better/faster (ie enemies take a hit less to KO) - having the base down will help make scaling easier to balance since it should hold steady throughout.

Good luck! Tweaking stats all part of the process.


This hack is balanced it just that one chapter.Lael is just super underlevel

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I created one of these Tier List Makers - both for fun and to help with the game balancing.

I have never been one for tier lists as I am more in the mindset of “use who you want to use” in Fire Emblem games." That being said, I see the benefit of getting other perspectives on best and worst units in this game.

I appreciate any opinions or insight in the matter.


I haven’t played the hack past like Prelude III; I don’t know much about unit viability.

What I do know much about, however, is facial hair tier list.

Characters are ranked by gloriousness of facial hair. Pepper gets a special tier for actually wearing a helmet as a fantasy character (a helmet that does very little to cover her head, but still a helmet), Amanda is epic, and I have no idea if Queenie has facial hair or tattoos or scars or what.


I haven’t played the hack, but just wanted to comment on the “normal mode penalty becomes bonuses” patch. I made the patch and first thing I want to say is sorry for the confusion. It’s not the first time this seems to surprise people, and I was asked before if this was intentional.

The assumption that I made when I made the patch is that the creator would design the hack mainly on easy mode, having 0 as the level modifier, then making 2 harder difficulties thanks to the patch. It sounds strange to me that someone would apply that patch, only to not use the normal mode modifier. It also sounds strange to me that someone would not have 0 as the modifier for one of those modes, so I assumed it would be on easy. Besides, the routine that calculates the modifier is the same for both easy and normal, so it changes both. I’ll ask 7743 to add the easy mode warning on the patch’s description.


So it was just a small error and not your fault as a “balancer” at all! I’m glad this was solved and will enjoy this hack without hating characters.
Small edit: my complain about hit rates and bad characters had a tint of “and this is the easiest difficulty” so if that normal was really maddening then there’s no need to change a thing the masochis… I mean hardcore players will enjoy that suffering.


This is my tier list! I only put characters I’ve actively used for more than a few chapters.

I might move Caden down to B tier. He’s the least actively used one on the list, but he feels A-B tier.



Just got around to playing these last few chapters so here are my thoughts. Also, I used my old save and didn’t run into any issues. I know an older patch made a few units disappear with an old save but there didn’t seem to be anything this patch, as far as I could tell. Didn’t really feel like playing through the game again and decided to risk it to see the end

Firstly, as far the story goes, I liked it. Pretty straightforward stuff to the end and I was satisfied by it. It’s been a while since the last chapters so my memory is a bit too foggy to comment on more

Chapter 30 was an interesting map, between the escape objective and holding down the buttons. However the enemy reinforcements made it an absolute slog to get through, wading through waves of enemies only slowing you down until the end. When the strategy becomes blocking stairs while a few select units juggernaut through it isn’t very fun. Toning down the reinforcements would improve the map a lot

Chapter 31 has a similar issue where the reinforcements really just slow things down. Thankfully, as a seize map I could warp in Wise and Boone to kill and seize the throne, but even just getting close enough to do that wasn’t very fun. I did appreciate the extra hammerne staff but the map just felt sloggy. That being said, I wouldn’t call either of these maps hard, just on the tedious side, especially so close to the end.

The final map was interesting, and I’m glad to see it being lighter on the enemy reinforcements. The berserk stuff was an interesting concept. However what made it less fun was the boss warping around trying to send units to kill him before he gets away, especially since he heals on those tiles. The valkyries spawning with physic made it even more annoying. That being said, I don’t know if the boss’s insane defensive stats were intentional or just an effect of an old save. Most units did around ten damage at most which made whittling him down very tedious. The saving grace was Wise, who with Pierce managed to make easy work of him once I pinned the boss down. Without it I don’t know how I would’ve won

It’s hard for me to make definitive statements since I played this game on older versions of hard mode and on old saves patch to patch, as opposed to everything at once so my experience is split up a bit. I did try a run on the new HM and got about half-way and I was glad to see most maps were much more manageable, especially Prelude III and the prison map. To be fair, I do know how to play these maps from beforehand, so I don’t know how a blind perspective would differ. Overall, I did enjoy it, despite some maps being unbeatable when I played them, as well as reinforcements feeling sloggy. Aside from a few notable maps, I enjoyed my time with the game. I liked the cast, and the world and story felt appropriately fleshed out. Aside from reinforcements slowing things down, the game felt decently balanced and didn’t make me want to quit. Most maps that I didn’t like could simply be fixed by reducing reinforcements, as I don’t find them hard, just tedious. Some enemy units, especially prepromotes felt very tanky, but divine weapons could deal with them appropriately. Money did feel a little tight, but I didn’t run out of items. Deployment slots felt a little tight, as well as available promotion items, but that’s more of a nitpick. At the end of the day, I still did enjoy between my first and what I played a second time, and the maps I did like outweighed the ones I didn’t. Congrats on finishing, good luck with whatever comes next! Here are my final units


This is a great facial hair tier list, @RandomWizard. It is of course most efficient to give Amanda a tier of her own, because she is Amanda. Grant and Shane actually do not have facial hair, at least I had designed them to have more of a cleft chin. Then again, it is totally up to interpretation.


I still think it was my fault as the incorrect stats on Normal was something that escaped my sight. I never really bothered to look at the enemy stat numbers when I played the easiest difficulty until you brought up the difficulty, so thank you!

No wonder I had thought the beginning felt the same on every difficulty aside from the reinforcements. I also just thought I was going through the motions again.


Yeah normal mode is now indeed normal - ironically enough 3 chapters in I was like “oh yeah, ima switch over to hard mode now.”

Still struggling in hard but not as bad as I was in pre-patched normal mode. Solid work! Only complaint now that I’ve gotten farther is the amount of reinforcements. Definitely had some “alright time to restart this chapter” moments which can be demoralizing. I’m not sure if it’s because of my playstyle (Think “yeehaw”) or if this is something other people have said. It’s been great regardless - you can tell when a project has love put into it. Stellar work, keep it up!


Thank you for the in depth feedback on the final chapters of your run, @FLR. This is very helpful!

I can certainly see how Ch 30 and Ch 31 can both have a similar problem with the reinforcements. I could stand to tone it down some and see how it plays. I will indeed play around with this.

In truth, the final chapter is one that I am not really sure about. There are a lot of interesting things happening with the boss warping and the berserk, but I think it’s very easy to win in a couple of turns, which is why I inflated the defense on the boss. Basically wait for the boss near the beginning and use Tenebris and/or Wise/Helga/Faith with pierce, and the boss falls in a turn. I have since lowered the defenses some in a test hack to see how that feels though.

Also, thank you for sharing your final units. It’s cool to see who people use for endgame and their stats, and congrats to Wise and Silvan for being your MVPs.


I love this “yeehaw” style of Fire Emblem play. I think I’m going to start using that. :slight_smile: I sometimes have days where I use that style of play. You’ll find that that style works on some maps, but a lot of maps also reward more defensive playstyles too. Grant can be a testament to that as he is amazing in part 1 of the game.


One question. If I download this version, will I keep my progress? I don’t feel like starting again as of thid moment (too busy).
In the prison level, if I skip the scene before Atticus kills the guard, the game freezes.
And one last question. I just finished chapter 21, but after the cutscene the screen turns black. I can hear audio, so I know it’s not frozen. Also, about this chapter, man, getting the hammerme staff and surviving with all units is so hard… to the point that the only enemies left after that were the ones guarding the ship and Devante, which I think deviates from the narrative that the chapter tries to tell. I really like how the prison chapter handled this with the 4 promoted units as reinforcements, because it felt like the proper moment to introduce them (don’t know if they are triggered by reaching a certain turn or by passing through some point of the map.


You would keep you progress; however, you may experience many oddities in the game. I would not recommend applying the new version unless you are on the first chapters of the game. Silvan’s class in particular will cause some issues, and you may experience other graphical problems.

Interesting… This is something that I have not seen yet, and I know I have skipped this scene plenty of times. I will investigate. Thanks for bringing this forward.

This one I have seen only once, but I am not certain how to reproduce it. It was fixed for me by just resetting and resuming the game. I am wondering if I can address this with skip scene stoppers.

Getting the hammerne staff in this map is definitely a challenge. You can get hammerne later, so don’t feel super pressured by this house check. Air dropping a strong unit near the house to draw the pirate within the first two turns is the safest option. Another option is to try dodge tanking with a flier like a promoted Joseph.

Also, interesting suggestion regarding the reinforcements. I might just include that.

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As much as I want to finish the game properly, I know right now I won’t have the time for it, so I may just patch it and finish it with those weird problems and revisiting it later down the line. I will definately do that.

About the prison chapter, it usually happened right at the start of the scene, right before Atticus kills the guard. I think skipping the map animation where he crits the guard and kills hil may be the thing causing the problem.

If it helps you, I’m giving you more info about chapter 21. I’m playing the game in John Gba Lite (android), the only enemy units alive are the Sword Knight with the Chaos Blade and Devante. I rescued all the villages and got all the chests. I tried skipping the scene and reading through all the dialogue, but it stays like that everytime. It doesn’t matter which one of my units I use to exit the map last, it will always go to the black screen.

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holy shxx

that’s mind blown
no wonder the poor hit rate, damages

btw is there any promotional items after ch28?
and you have to clear ch30 b4 recruiting the warrior?