Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

So, back again. I have been busy with my exams, but I have been playing when I had the time. I finished the version I was playing, chapter 29 being the last playable one. I promoted everyone at level 20 except Benji (no Master Seals left) and Shiloh/Riley (I think they didn’t exist in this version) or Sterling (played normal mode). So here I go. Sorry for the long text:

-Chapter 25. This is the chapter when you nees to realise that leveling up characters to level 20 before promoting or choosing units to 100% supports has no place in the game anymore. So difficult with all units so far away… Once they got together I managed to control the map (even had time in the last turn to go for the boss). Didn’t expect Cobalt dying. He looked unique, in the sense that it made me thought all the time he would be recruitable. Fun chapter once you get your people together.

-Chapter 26. Recruiting Ozias can be really difficult, due to him possibly dying on the second turn if he’s not lucky. I would give him some Elixirs. Reaching him while surving this episode with only males so you can recruit Amanda is also hard. Once Amanda started moving I thought she was going to simply going to go away from the map. What a terrible surprise as I saw her moving to my units. Once I recruited Ozias I had to run back from the door at the botton left, run through the forest and enter through the door on the right. There I managed to kill all enemies moving except Amanda. I placed all my units out of Amanda’s range except Rob (General), and tanked her until her weapon ran out (healed Rob with Liang and rescued him every turn, basically doing nothing in those turns with the rest of the team). Once she was not a problem, I got to finish the rest of the chapter. Liked it a lot.

-Chapter 27. Recruiting Shane and Amanda is hard, because it means you’ll have to send half your squad to each place. Once you have Amanda, you can clog the tunnel a little bit down and to the right of where you can get the Strike Rune. I found this crucial once the enemies started moving. If you manage to get them stuck after that wall, you’d be able to get the chests in the map. Boone or Amanda are good to tank this, but I took their weapons so they wouldn’t kill units, meaning I could level up to level 20 Faith and Parvatti. The guard amulet is essential so the boss doesn’t crit Boone if you choose him. I’d add aome kind of reward for keeping alive the green units, as I managed to do so thinking there would be and I endep up looking as a clown for saving them.

-Chapter 28. To me, this chapter needs some changes to enemy respawns. I went to the left and clogged the entrance with Boone, and there’s nothing they could do. I watched as enemies respawned for almost all points in the map and died one by one against Boone. The enemies spawning to the left were massacred with my units, as I outnumbered them. When the reinforcements whined down, I took my squad and killed the rest of them… and it felt like the rest of the map was empty. I feel like this chapter would benefit more from reinforcements spawning once you cross certain zones in the map (the zones with the runes for enemies in the superior part of the map, the stairs to enter the rooms to each side). If you crossed the room at the botton left, you’d get enemies spawning in that place for x amount of turns. That would help to make the map feel alive, and not like you already finished. The idea I was against in chapter 24, where enemies would spawn (in your own turn) when you moved through a certain point would work so well here, because it makes sense storywise (they are illusions. She’s spawning them as you get closer to the Black points (don’t remember the name, sorry).

-Chapter 29. I agree with some of the thing said before. The ship needs more defense. I once saw how it was oneshoted by a promoted Gargoyle that x2 it. There was nothing I could have done, since the gargoyle had just spawned and the ship was full health. Also, the damage done by the ship is too low. Leah’s mother would get one shoted to by Shadowshots by units that had just spawned, making impossible to reach them in time, which was annoying (I’d say that her resistance should get a little boost too, but you can rescue her till you destroy those enemies). Fortify is the key in this chapter. Also clogging the bridges helped me get through it, with Amanda, Boone and Liang (last one was dodging left and right). Got to promote Helga and Roxie in this chapter, and gave Roxie the dreamcatcher, as she had the lowest overall of all my units (I have an Excel sheet where I keep track of all my units attributes and supports chapter by chapter. Overall is just ((PV + Power + Skill + Speed + Defense + Resistance + Luck)/7). That way I keep track of which units I need to be more careful with. Roxie had some rough levels in the beggining).
About the houses in this level… maybe one of them could give you something useful? Maybe another one just spawns a zombie as you visit it (the person living there turned). Give some incentive to visit them.

And that was it. I’d probably wait like 2 weeks to start the full version, to see if you implement some changes. Some final notes:

-I ended up buying 11 Master Seals in chapter 24. I got all the ones I could steal or by opening chests. That means I was short 2 Masters Seals (Benji and Shiloh/Riley. 3 if you count the hard mode exclusive character. That would mean you’d need to buy 13 Master Seals to promote everyone, which using the Silver Card would end up costing 65000 gold. I would make some enemies drop gold so this amount doesn’t look as impossible as it does. Also I’d make more Master Seals available in chests or by stealing from enemies.

-Once again, I hate when they make me choose a character over another one. I like it storywise, but I hate not being able to have both units at the end of the game. I can’t talk how to do so with Shiloh and Riley, as I haven’t seen those characters, but with Wanda and Tanya I would make one of them recruitable in the same way Lionel is recruitable. I’d make the one who ends up not chosen a monster in the same chapter as Lionel, with Shane being the one character required to talk to them (after Lael got in contact). For Tanya I would choose a Gorgon, and for Wanda a Tarvos. That would make for an interesting way to recruit the other part. I know you have a lot of characters in the game, and you probably won’t use that character in the 3 episodes left, but I think having them all and purifying them would be a great option storywise. Also, it gives Shane something to do.

-I would add the location to secret shops in the Runeguide pdf. Also some support guide, where we can see which character can have support conversations with who.

-I’d love for you to find a way to implement something to do like 3 support conversations in the preparations for battle, so we can 100% that, as I don’t know if it is possible with the great amount of characters in the game.

-Recruitable Cobalt. That’s it.

-The story. I liked it a lot, but I was a little bit lost with Devante and the Proclaimers. They are trying to kill youbthe whole game and suddenly they are not so bad… It was a little confusing. Maybe it needs a lil bit more of the organization realizing that Devante is being consumed and that they were wrong. Also, Queenie escaping every now and then to talk with Devante (when he is trying to kill the squad) feels weird. Someone should notice it. Lael joining should cause some trouble to Queenie, as she reveals she was so close to his brother. Joseph being more suspicious couls be the way to go, as it gives his character something to do.

-This is a grip with all Fire Emblem games, so it is normal that it happens in your game too. Some characters get lost in the shuffle. Despite the connection to Lionel and the White Lions, Ariel feels like she’s just there. Saoirse feels like she’s just there for her chapter. Shane feels like he’s there only to be saved by Wise in chapter 27. Brett is almost non existant after the time-skip, to the point that I’m not sure if he was someone important or not… While other secondary characters like Wise, Joseph, Myles, Queenie feel important to the story and like they are there, other fade away completely and end up being just another soldier in your army. I get it, is impossible to give character development to every character, and maybe support conversations help this matter (the version I played had barely any support dialogue). I wish support conversations worked like in Awakening, where you don’t have the 5 conversation limit, because I truly love the characters you have created, and it would make all the characters feel more alive, but I get that it can’t be done without something like the support system between battles I talked about or something like a Tower of Valni, or how it could mess up Support bonuses. I wish there was a way, because I truly love the characters in this game.

-Tower of Valni or something to play after the story is finished. Please!

I think that’s it. I am so happy I can contribute to the game, because I thinks you did an awesome job. Can’t wait to hear what you have to think about all the things I said in thia message. Once again, sorry to all of you for the long message. And sorry for any mistakes you may find in the text (getting used to this phone keyboard).


@FE74ever, you are correct that it is possible to not be able to free Lael if you toss two of the door keys into the Supply. However, Lael will join automatically at the end of the chapter if you happen to not free her during the battle, so there really isn’t any harm in not rescuing her. It certainly makes things easier to rescue her because she can heal your team.

As for the chests, you are also correct that you would miss out on the Shine and Lancereaver if you dump the chest key. I don’t think this is the end of the world if that happens. One of my play throughs, I actually did this action to see what it would feel like without Shine/Lancereaver… Honestly, not much different.

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Hope your exams went well, @TheAnyel. No problem about the long text. Thank you for spending the time to give your thoughts on the remaining chapters.

  • I can imagine Chapter 25 being tough if all your characters were naturally lower in level, because you were leveling everyone up. Glad this chapter worked out.
  • I am planning on changing a lot with the reinforcements and placement of enemies on Chapter 26 that I hope improves Ozias’s chances. Happy to see Rob getting some action. :slight_smile:
  • I did add an extra distractor enemy for Shane to deal with, so that should give an extra turn. It is hard to recruit Shane. Amanda isn’t terrible to recruit on Chapter 27. The hard part really is deploying all the boys.
  • I haven’t heard too much about the reinforcements in Chapter 28, but I will have a look at them.
  • I have already improved the defense of the ship on Chapter 29 to make it survive better.

It doesn’t seem too practical to allow people to use Wanda and Tanya in the same play through just based on the story. I can see Shiloh and Riley being both available though. Having small choices like this gives incentive for replay to check out the other characters. If I was to give access to Shiloh, Wanda, Tanya, and Riley, I would make the player give something in return or have a new game+.

Probably not in this game. I have to draw the line somewhere. He could appear in a sequel or prequel in some form.

I like to think of there being many factions within the Proclaimers with each faction being run by one of the Harbingers Five. Those under Devante were extreme in there actions. Loretta was more focused on research. Reizo was political in his actions, but was scared to make much of a move because Amanda. Queenie kept an open mind and sought out alternative options, and Astoria was balanced in politics and research, but ultimately agreed with Devante’s methods due to running out of time.

It is very difficult to go for a completely ensemble cast in a Fire Emblem game. The hope is to tell some of the other character’s stories through supports. I tried to make every character have their moment though. Some characters had more of a moment than others.

Not opposed to this, but that would take a lot of time to implement. I will focus on refining the game from the collective thoughts of the community first.

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The thing with chapter 28 it not that the chapter is impossible or the reinforcements make the chapter difficult. Try playing it like I did, clogging an entrace to the bottom left (with someone like Boone or Amanda). You’ll see how the enemy destroys itself, and after that you’ll barely have any enemies left.

It also makes sense that the reinforcements were summoned, instead of appearing from stairs, as they are ilussions (I saw recently a gameplay in the last chapter of Sacred Stones were the player used Lion against the Ephrain and Eirika. Lion would spawn monsters every turn, and that’s exactly what I am refering too, enemies in chapter 28 should not “spawn”, they should be “summoned”). I hope I expressed myself a little bit more clear this time. I’ll repeat it, I don’t think the amount of reinforcements is the problem. I think it lies on the spawn animation and the conditions for their spawn (turn based instead of passing through x point in the map).

Now I understand better the whole Proclaimers thing. Thank you for the explanation.

The thing with Cobalt is that his model stands out, and the time he is given in cinematics makes him look like he’s on the verge to drop out of the Proclaimers to help The White Lions. Furthermore, the map in chapter 25 looks similar to the one where you recruit Jaffar and Nino in Blazing Sword, which by association could make you feel like Cobalt is the guy dropping from the bad guys group who needs some help. If he needs to die for the story, I think he needs to have a stronger connection to the group we are controlling, so his death is more meaningful. Otherwise, he’s just another guy in the Proclaimers. The only one who feels bad about it would be Reizo, because the player didn’t interact with him. Something along the lines of Cobalt as a green unit who goes up to Boone and warns him that the building is surrounded. Where he tells him to group up and run away as he guards the south entrance. After that, when he’s killed in that episode the player would feel a stronger connection (just another suggestion).

Totally understand the whole character and trying to give everyone a moment. Maybe some extra talk conversations in some maps between some characters would help (like Pent and Louise in FE Blazing Sword, or in Sacred Stones where you reunite Eirika and Ephrain in chapter 8. Conversations like those but with the less important characters). But, as you said with Valni, the first thing to focus on should be refining the game. Just giving you more ideas for the future.


Glad I could explain the whole Proclaimers relations better, @TheAnyel. I really should look into the dialog more to see if there are ways to articulate it better in the game.

I have heard this recommendation before, and I think it could be a good idea to give more life to some of the lesser developed characters. I specs about characters that haven’t even been fully integrated yet due to not completing enough support conversations. I hope to get more of these out in future patches.

Yeah, a couple tower maps could be a fun addition in the future. I will certainly play around with the idea. I’d want to integrate it well or it to make sense. I do have a possible idea - just got to figure out why all the characters want to be on some new adventure after the epilogue. I suppose it doesn’t need to be canonical.

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Character Spotlight: Wise

There were quite a lot of contenders in the character popularity poll, but between Myles, Silvan, and Wise, I felt Wise made most sense for a spotlight on 14-February given his ways… I will call the second -place finish in the character popularity a three-way draw. Congratulations to Wise this time.

Wise is a nobleman from the Ashmonte family – one of the four houses that govern Burga – and is behind his older brother, Shane, to being the head of the house.

Wise grew up never being “good enough” compared to Shane, which led to a rocky relationship between the brothers. The constant reprimanding to be like Shane eventually caused Wise to follow a different path, and he would eventually use his noble status for personal gain and popularity as a male idol, which in succession hurt House Ashmonte’s reputation.

After House Zerendi got the honor and was elected to be the next ruling house in Burga, Winifred eventually appealed to Wise’s ego and desire to be loved in order to gather intel for the White Lions. Even though Wise was initially misled, he ultimately found a greater calling to save Burga, and he forged a bond with Joseph, which allied their nations.

Outwardly, Wise constantly reassures himself and others of his ability and worth and is often pointing out his successes for all to see, proclaiming to be the most handsome man in Aurumasse, or the best wyvern rider of all time. Deep down, however, Wise developed many insecurities due to always being compared to his “perfect” brother.

Despite being high maintenance among other nobles as well as his personal relationships, Wise shows a lot of love, devotion, and loyalty to his country and the people he cares about. Wise is flirtatious, fun-loving, creative, spontaneous and wants to enjoy life with the people he loves.

Wise has beautiful brown eyes, short and flowy brown hair, and he wears a scruffy looking goatee. Wise’s armor color scheme is a deep blue with gold trim. The wyvern he rides is also gold in color.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
60% 35% 50% 55% 45% 30% 40%

Unit Analysis:
True to a wyvern rider, Wise has high bases in both Power and Defense and good Skill and Speed. While Wise may seem like a typical Wyvern Rider, his growths actually reflect that of a Pegasus Knight. As Wise levels up, he can expect to see a lot of growth in Skill, Speed, Luck, and Resistance. This will cause Wise to feel strong and tanky in the mid game and fast and dodgy in the late game.

Wise’s class options are Wyvern Knight and Dragonmaster. While Dragonmaster will further improve Wise’s Power and Defense and provide access to axes, the Wyvern Knight class is the superior option given Wise’s growths and potential. The Wyvern Knight class also gives access to the pierce ability, which gives Wise an ace against very defensive enemies and even Dracbolla. As an innate Wyvern Rider, Wise will always need to worry about bows and thunder magic, which are super effective against all his class options. Despite the concern, Wise does possess decent Defense and Resistance at higher levels, which will allow him to shrug off low level bow and thunder attacks without much concern.

Overall, Wise may go through an awkward phase in the mid game with a stat spread that may make it unclear of how best to use him. By the late game, expect Wise to excel in just about every stat. With his innate flying class utility and movement, decent availability, access to piece, access to Dorado (legendary monster killing spear), and a solid stat spread, Wise may just live up to his claim as the best wyvern knight of all time – at least in the context of The Lonely Mirror. While other innate fliers do have some advantages over him, Wise is a consistent, reliable flier who will prove his worth on any team.

Support Options:
Wise has the coveted Fire affinity and has the following support options:

  • Eamon - Wind
  • Winifred - Dark
  • Joseph - Wind
  • Wanda - Dark
  • Tanya - Thunder
  • Shane – Wind

Even though Wise has a high base power, he is going to want support bonuses that boost his offense in order to offset his poor growth in power. Unfortunately, Wise doesn’t have many options when shopping for support affinities. He clearly likes wind affinity boys and dark affinity girls. Tanya also provides thunder bonus.

Wind affinity is the only option Wise has for an offensive support boost, so Wise is better hanging out with the guys.

Joseph is probably Wise’s best support option as it is mutually beneficially, and Joseph is able to match Wise’s movement after promotion to a dark griffon. Eamon is a decent alternative choice to Joseph. Eamon appreciates the fire affinity from Wise and has a mounted promotion option.

Shane can be a decent support option for an optimal Wise, and because Shane shares the same class, he can keep up in movement. However, Shane is one of the last recruitable units available, so Wise will not have much time to benefit from the bonuses. For this reason, Joseph or Eamon are the better primary support option for Wise.

Winifred, Wanda, and Tanya can all be decent secondary support options for Wise. Even though Tanya’s thunder affinity is arguably more suitable for Wise and his role on the team, Wanda and Winifred have better movement classes and will likely see their bonuses contribute more.

Popularity Poll:
I intend to continue doing character spotlights each month. As it stands, I plan on doing Silvan and Myles, because they seem popular. Vote for your favorites and tell me why you like them. your favorites and tell me why you like them.


great title for what day this was made, looks interesting may give it a shot when I have the time. The portraits looks a little unfitting though, I suppose that is a given if someone doesn’t want to spend a long time redoing graphics in their style or perfectly recreating the art style. Still I don’t want to judge it based on the artistic clashing.

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I don’t understand your comment. Are you commenting that “Lonely” in the title is fitting for 14-February? It’s not my intention to make that connection. Hope you don’t feel that way.

I am not an artist by trade, and I just do the best I can with my current ability. I’ve heard my portraits are rough around the edges many, many times. I am sure they are, but I can’t see color and shade the way most people do. I’ll keep trying.


Hi Caladrius, I really enjoyed the game at the moment. If possible, will Sterling be a part of Hard Mode in the future. Want to do a full male characters playthough at the moment and I kind of want to have a male shaman that is kind of a Est and I’m way too bad at Fire Emblem to play on Maddening at the moment. I’m sorry if this question come off as rude or sthing.


Sorry for the delayed replay, @jeichan1998. I have been really busy with some other stuff lately that I haven’t had much time to focus on Lonely Mirror. I have been slowing making improvements though. :sweat_smile:

A male character run, huh? Sounds neat! I really need to try one of these special runs sometimes.

I don’t have any plan to make Sterling available in hard mode as I do want Maddening mode to have a couple of extra things to reward playing on a harder difficulty. Although, it would not be much trouble to create a patch of the game that will make Sterling available for your challenge run. I already did this once for a Hard mode draft playthrough. Let me know if you still want this.

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I would love a patch with sterling available in hard mode


Yesss I would love it… OMG thank you <3. It’s mainly help with chap 26 and I just love all your guys tbh. And all the bromance couple too, they have some of the best supports there. Thank you so much again.


It’s also because of how we have to go for sages to get a healer for the guys. Shiloh is amazing as a unit but I keep running short of healer last time I did it on Normal mode.


I have added a new UPS file on the Dropbox titled: FE_LonelyMirror_FullGame_v1_02_SterlingHard that makes Sterling recruitable in all difficulties. Queenie still needs to speak with him though. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Thanks! There are certainly a lot of nice bromances. Happy you’ve enjoyed the supports.

I haven’t heard much love for Shiloh because he is usually overlooked because of Ariel, Kathryn, and Lael, but the dude has a lot going for him. He has amazing endgame potential as a Bishop using Seraphim, and he can sustain a lot of hits. I’d suggest Liang for an additional healer. Maybe Brett or Joseph. Druid Sterling can also work well. I am curious to hear of your experience.


OMG, Thank you so much Cala. To be honest, when I first started using Shiloh it was pretty hard since his growth rate is not the best out there but he became pretty strong after getting some level. He can dodge a lot and have some pretty nice defense too. My main problem with Liang is that his support, which I let Silvan pairing with Boone so that I could read their support dialogue so at the end, I don’t actually have any reason of using him. My Brett turn out just barely decent so that is a bad thing too. In Joseph case however, his griffon counter part is too strong and work better in some chapters. Since i’m getting Sterling this time around, might as well go for his sage path since I will be getting a shaman for dark. And despite how much I love Shiloh. guess I’m going for Riley this time since Riley and Sterling got a support dialogue. But yeah, thank you so much for making such an incredible hack <3!!!

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And btw, do we currently have a full list of which characters that might have paired ending with each others in the future? Consider I got Grant and Vergil support last time. With Eamon X Wise, Caspian X Benji paired ending placeholder. I’m a nerd for reading chain support that leading to a paired ending. So I wonder if they are available.

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im not sure what the issue is, but chapter 3 on easy mode is ridiculus. you cant hold the enterances, and the wind mages double everyone… im not sure if i downloaded the wrong patch, but its pretty difficult even in easy mode…13 speed on mages this early is rough.

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Hi @Abyssknight24. I did have an issue with the easiest difficulty increasing enemy stats instead of decreasing enemy stats, which made some of the early chapters harder than the hard mode variation. The most recent patch of the game should have that fixed.

I verified on my end too, and wind mages have a speed of about 10 on easy/normal mode. I might reduce this to 9 on a future update, but they should not be 13 speed anymore. At least, I hope they aren’t.

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I don’t have a list of paired endings to expect for the future. It is not something that is set in stone and has changed as I feel inspired. I have also taken support and paired ending requests too. Eamon x Wise should have a paired ending together eventually. That one makes sense.

Here are some written support pairings to consider for your bro play through:

  • Boone x Caspian or Boone x Myles
  • Joseph x Wise or Joseph x Myles
  • Travis x Rob
  • Riley x Sterling
  • Atticus x Liang
  • Silvan x Ozias (I like this support even though Ozias kind of sucks as a unit currently. Ozias will get restructured eventually)

I need to add more supports. People seem to enjoy them. :sweat_smile: Though, the next patch in the works will be focused on quality of life improvements, enemy placements/reinforcement updates, and some other requests I have received.

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Yeah, with the current situation of Ozias. I might have to passed on that unless I’m save scumming for him…Does any of your request have something to do with 2nd playthrough and onward we can get both Shiloh/Riley and Wanda/Tanya?.And if you don’t might, could I request Rob x Shiloh and Caspian x Benji next. I love Benji as a unit, don’t know why people are not that into him, Sniper Pierce is a pretty nice ability. Brett x Grant or Tarin is nice too. I’m sorry if I came off as rude and annoying. If I did, i’m truly sorry for that. ( I didnt mean to come off like that).
That Brother Zone from Joseph to Myles tho, is pretty funny.

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