Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Concept for FE8 ROM Hack)

I feel like a lot of the changes asked from the criticisms such as units not feeling good enough or hit rates being sub-par can be adjusted without affecting much or any of the space issues and limitations being placed upon the project. All these changes would just be is a few changes to stats of enemy or playable units. If anything else, you can remove assets that are rarely ever used in order to create changes that would further improve the project or just ask assistance from other people, I bet they’d be happy to assist a project this popular. The ideology of “can’t improve” is really sad as most people just want the hack to improve. It’s hard for a hack to improve if the download link gets taken down and less people are able to easily access it.


And speaking about games… How is Transcending darkness coming along???

You are correct. Changing stat changes won’t affect the size of the file. This can be done; however, I will not be doing these changes. In my opinion making these type of changes to make the hack “better” is totally subjective. I will soon create a friendlier version of the Final build though, so people who want an easier experience can play that version. I kind of wish the old GBA games supports 5-6 difficulty settings.

The Lonely Mirror is officially in maintenance mode; I am really only fixing bugs at this point. Yes, there are many things that can be improved, but all games have their flaws, even the greatest. We’ll (myself included here) just need to accept this version of The Lonely Mirror.


Here’s my question:
Does the game have the supports inolemented currently, or at least the fucntion to remove the diffiuclty lock on Gaiden Chapters?

Yes and yes.

I really like this hack, even though I have yet to finish. It truly baffles me when people come here and present their criticism with so much certainty of what they think is “good design” (although I have done something like that myself once or twice), and proceed to bash the choices of the authors, even when they confide it was intentional, idiosyncratic as they might seem. Some of the choices bother me for sure, some cryptic things that are difficult to understand, but overall I really enjoyed what i’ve player, and really liked the characters. But I can understand getting very frustrated when you feel like you just cant address the feed back as it’s presented and when you feel things just didn’t translated as well as you’d like.

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I do not like hard games but I never had a problem with this game like at alll…I didn’t know people even found it hard. I played it once and literally am about to start a second playthrough, I came here just to find out if I had the mot updated ups…Just to find this out. What the heck first Saint’s blood and lonely mirror in one ay! What are yall trying to do to me? Leah is my favorite hack Lord out of all of them so far. :worried: I loved the work you did here nd I hope you don’t feel discouraged from doing future projects, it’s great work. I have played much worse hacks and this is one of the few I played straight start to finish no breaks.

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Just thought I’d pitch in if I could and say I was led to this project by a YouTube video proclaiming it one of the top tier completed hacks, it’s possible you’ve made a bigger positive impact than you may have thought. Personally I’ve been having a killer time with it and came to the thread here to ask for advice on a chapter I’m a bit stuck on. Though if the final build may not be coming out or is only available to a select few for an indeterminate amount of time, I’d feel better putting it down and hoping to one day play it in its final form.

I truly hope you find the solace you’re seeking through your creations, and my final note is that it’s a genuinely fun hack and I was getting engrossed in the story from very early on. You’re a skilled writer, you know how to create a good backstory. Admittedly I wasn’t paying as close attention for typos as I maybe could have been, but I did catch one. The three way split around chapter 11ish has the word “mountain” spelled as “moutain” on the lil route selection window.

You can play start to finish supports and all.

Which chapter are you stuck?

I thought the Gaiden chapters weren’t locked behind hard mode anymore? I am stepping on the ruined house tile with Caspian and nothing happens, am I missing something?

There shouldn’t be any difficulty related triggers, and I am not seeing anything left over, so I am not sure. My only guess would be perhaps the emulator that you are using. I really have only supported visual boy advance.

I use the mgba. I always heard that was the one with the least problems so it’s my go to, all the other triggers for gaidens have shown so far, idk it could just be me lol

When was the last update, perhaps I do not have the latest version, I am showing the last file I got was on 10/25/22 v 3_2 friendly version