Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Concept for FE8 ROM Hack)

It is on the Dropbox, but I am still in the process of updating stuff. It is a little buggy, so I would still suggest waiting until the full update. You can certainly play around with it though.


It is time to officially announce The Lonely Mirror version 3.0 update. I have also reinstated the linked to download The Lonely Mirror. I had previously removed it a week or so ago, because I didn’t want anyone started a new file on an old version. Older save files of The Lonely Mirror will not work with 3.0 versions.

Two New Gaiden Chapters Available:
Guides to trigger the new Gaiden maps have been added too.

New Difficulty Options:
The Lonely Mirror is split into two UPS files now with each having a different difficulty. Play whichever is suitable for you.

The Lonely Mirror CLASSIC (
This is the classic experience of The Lonely Mirror that a lot of players will be familiar with. Enemies tend to be bulkier and some chapters may feel like a puzzle

  • Normal: Intended play for new players that enjoy a bit of a challenge. Enemies will be bulky.
  • Hard: For experienced players that want even more challenge. Enemies will be bulkier.
  • Maddening: For true Lonely Miror champions. Offers the hardest level of play.

The Lonely Mirror FRIENDLY (
This is a more accessible version of The Lonely Mirror. Enemies will in general have a lot lower HP, Defense, and Resistance. Leah also begins with slightly higher stats, and EXP gains will be higher.

  • Easy: Intended play for new players that want to enjoy the story and enjoy a classic experience.
  • Standard: A good place to start for players that want a classic experience with some challenge.
  • Difficult: For experienced Lonely Mirror players looking for a challenge.

New Weapons and Items available:

  • Guard Lance (armor units only, +5 Def and +5 Res)
  • Palladium (armor units only, 10 might sword that ignores defense)
  • Lucky Coin (+4 Luck when held or sell for 3000 Gold)
  • Gospel (Irina’s personal tome. A long-ranged dark magic strike)
  • Nevermore (S-ranked Knife. Absurdly good)

New Supports Written:

  • Ariel x Travis
  • Shiloh x Eamon
  • Caspian x Winifred
  • Boone x Lionel
  • Grant x Mercer
  • Brett x Parvati
  • Atticus x Sterling
  • Travis x Vergil

Portrait Updates (Special thanks to carringcarrot for this):

  • Devante
  • Lael


  • Armor Class now has access to Sword as well as Lances.
  • Armored units also have access to two personal weapons - the Guard Lance and Palladium.
  • Irina has been given her own person tome.
  • Helga received a buff to her base stats.
  • Mercer is now available in ALL difficulties by completing Mercer’s Secret Shop sidequest. He can have an early join on Maddening and Difficult only.
  • Silvan is recruitable on Ch21x (Maddening and Difficult only) if he is not freed on Prelude 1.
  • Lots of other minor rebalancing things that might be difficult to notice. Props if you do notice.

Two New Playable Characters:
Two new characters have been added to the game and are obtained by completing one of the new Gaiden chapters on Difficult or Maddening mode.

Character Spoilers

Alouette is the warden on Illwish Island, a prison that specializes in reforming problematic people. She is determined and believes there is a special role given by her ancestors that she must complete. Alouette might be encountered on various chapters depending on the player’s decision.

Knox is a prisoner at Illwish Island and a known murderer who’s actions resulted in one of the largest Elioran tribes dissolving. He is consumed by guilt and looks for redemption in life.


RIP Pink Narcian. Can’t say I’ll miss you. Devante got one heck of a glow-up!

Not gonna lie, what strikes me the most is the addition of the friendly version of the hack. I really enjoyed the hack the first time around, but while the elitist in me hates to admit it, I found the difficulty was a bit much at times. I only played maddening because I didn’t want to miss out on the gaidens… And then I ended up missing the gaidens. Oof.

I might do a replay in difficult mode one of these days. See if I actually get the gaidens this time around. Either way, I’m glad to see you keeping up the good work!

Also can I just say I love that one of the listed rewards for chapter 26x is just “lots of Judge Amanda dialogue”? I already look forward to that.

Congrats on the new update caladrius. Would you say any of the characters having an objectively “canon” class? I want to replay it with the intended classes. If not, that’s fine. I will just do the opposite of what I did last run.

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You mean a canonical promotion class? If so, then not really. No one has an objectively canonical final class outside of the characters that are already promoted.

I will give you 10 promotions that I think make more sense based on the character’s personality.

  • Grant - Great Knight, because he hates being left behind due to his walking speed.
  • Silvan - Berserker, because his fighting style is more chaotic and he doesn’t like wearing a shirt.
  • Brett - Fire Sage, because he is interested in a lot of research and swords make less sense for him.
  • Myles - Assassin, because he got some street smarts when he was younger and not a trained sword.
  • Tanya - Scholar, because House Dalmask is known for research.
  • Saoirse - Hero, because she criticizes healers for not having a weapon.
  • Vergil - Great Knight, because he looks to protect Leah at all cost. Armor makes sense.
  • Wise - Wyvern Knight, because he wants individuality from his brother.
  • Kurtis - Falcon Knight, because he loves pegasi so much.
  • Rob - General, because he would rather not move if he doesn’t have to.

Most of the characters would be difficult to pinpoint as both promotion options could represent a piece of their personality, like in the case of Shiloh. Then some characters, like Mercer, would just go with whichever is inspiring him in that moment.


Character Spotlight: Mercer

Mercer is the character spotlight for November. Mercer is one of the least popular characters according to the popularity poll, but he was also newly added to the poll, so he could be more liked than it shows. Mercer is The Lonely Mirror poster child for side quests and Gaiden maps, so an Amanda spotlight followed by Mercer aligns well with the recent 3.0 update.


Mercer is an eccentric merchant who runs Mercer’s Secret Shop, which is a direct competitor to the secret shop run by Anna. He claims to be the “original” secret shop, it was his idea, and that he is destined for success because merchant is in his name- MERChant, MERCer.

Mercer takes an interest in the White Lions throughout their journey as part of his business model to sell products to mercenaries, which he calls “mercer’aries.” He sells valuable items to visiting White Lion members for a low price. If the White Lions continue to support Mercer’s business, he will join in their cause as a way to give back to them and explore a new calling as a mercer’ary.

On the hardest difficulty, Mercer will abandon his secret shop to become a mercer’ary earlier if the White Lions do not support his secret shop during one of his first two meetings. He can be encountered enroute to Ametona after resolution in Burga. Mercer will declare to Boone that he hopes to be a competitor of the White Lions one day, but he also admits he might be way in over his head and needs formal training. He offers his services to the White Lions for a low price of 3000 gold.

Mercer is always looking for new and inspiring ideas as he tries new business models such as a pet shop with Grant or starting a tavern with Silvan. Mercer cares more about making his customers happy rather than turning a profit but is the type of guy who always tries and tries after he fails.


Mercer has short purple hair that tapers into a close buzz around the side of his head. While Mercer is in his merchant attire, he wears a dark blue tunic with purple and yellow accent. Mercer puts on golden armor over the tunic when he decides to rebrand as a mercer’ary. Additionally, Mercer sports a gold pendant necklace and multiple ear piercings.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
80% 45% 45% 50% 70% 10% 25%

Unit Analysis:

Mercer is considered a growth unit and has all around solid base stats with incredible growth potential in HP and Luck as well as solid growths in Power, Skill, and Speed. His only weaker stats are Defense and Resistance, but neither stat is unsalvageable, and thanks to Mercer’s high HP and avoid, he can face most threats after he is leveled.

While Mercer joins with an E rank in swords in the mid or late game, which is uninviting, he is gifted with a very strong personal weapon, Merciless. Using Merciless allows Mercer to level up weapon rank very fast to the point where it is feasible to reach A rank in one chapter. Additionally, Merciless has 60 uses and a whopping 45 critical hit modifier with reliable hit rate, which allows the weapon to even stay relevant late into the game despite its poor power modifier. Merciless allows Mercer to achieve the highest reliable critical hit rate in the game, only losing out to Irina with the Ruin tome, which has no hit rate.

Mercer is the only character in the game with three possible final promotion options, which makes him the most customizable unit in the game. He has access to Hero, Swordmaster, and Assassin (only if his secret shop is not supported by Myles in Ch15). While Hero is a great well-rounded class and offers Mercer a consistent 1-2 range option in axes, Swordmaster and Assassin are the two classes that allow Mercer to utilities the strength of his personal weapon. Swordmaster is an incredible class for Mercer and it allows him to be a good solution to pesky, speedy units like other Assassins and Swordmasters as well as Wind Sages and Mauthe Doogs, enabling him to one-shot kill with possibily over 80% critical hit rate. As an Assassin, Mercer can have the highest possible silencer activation in the game, which while not a reliable strategy, it is a nice bonus thought to the added weapon support of knives and bows.

Mercer’s main weakness as a unit is his relatively late to extremely late join time, and never being a specifically useful character to deploy on any map near his joining chapter. Mercer does require some effort to get going, but he does snowball real, real fast. If Mercer joins in Chapter 18x, he makes a great candidate for the Dreamcatch found in Chapter 18.

Overall, Mercer is a great addition to a team if looking to train a unit to make the end game chapters easier; however, he may require feeding kills to get going – especially with his late join. A trained Mercer will not disappoint and offers to be a solution to many problematic enemies found in the later chapters. Mercer’s three promotion options allow him to fill a greater diversity of roles in the endgame. He is also one of the only four characters in the game capable of using Nevermore, the S-ranked knife, which is arguably one of the better weapons in the game. His access to great weapons, versatility, and a possible counter to problematic enemies makes Mercer one of the better mid to late game characters to feed EXP.

Support Options:

Mercer’s affinity is Thunder, which provides very nice boosts to Mercer all around. As defense and resistance tend to be Mercer’s weaker areas, the added defense boost that Thunder provides gives him that extra survivability that pairs well with his high HP. The extra boosts to avoid also pairs wells with his high speed and luck, and makes Mercer very hard to hit. Thunder also boosts critical hit rate, which is the most important bonus for Mercer given his role on the team. Mercer has a nice spread of support options that are eccentrically, wholesome:

  • Caspian - Light
  • Silvan - Anima
  • Benji - Wind
  • Atticus - Ice
  • Grant - Dark
  • Pepper - Ice
  • Irina - Light

Caspian is most likely the best support option for Mercer, because the Light affinity provides max bonuses to both critical hit and defense, while also giving an appreciated boost to power and hit rate. Thunder is also very beneficial for Caspian to improve bulk as a frontline fighter. It should be noted that Mercer can form a support square with powerful frontline fighters: Caspian, Silvan, and Boone.

Silvan is actually a really great support option for Mercer in the right context. While Anima does not provide the coveted boost to critical hit, it will provide max bonus to defense, avoid, and critical avoid, while also providing a nice bonus to power. Anima is a great support option for Mercer to focus more on Mercer’s ability to dodge tank while also boosting his offensive power. Thunder is also one of the better support affinities for Silvan, especially if using him as a Berserker.

Irina also shares Light affinity, and therefore, is a very good support option for Mercer for similar reasons as Caspian. Irina and Mercer also join on the same chapter if not playing on the hardest difficulty, so they can immediately pair up if intending to use them. Irina is ranked lower than Caspian due to her late join time, and her possibly not being as feasible of a support option when factoring in Mercer’s earlier join time on the highest difficulty.

Mercer appreciates the boost to power and critical hit most from Benji’s Wind affinity, and if Light is not available, Wind is Mercer’s next best offensive support option to consider. Benji also values any support option that boosts his horrendous critical avoid, so Thunder has him covered.

Grant’s Dark affinity is a great option for Mercer if he has leveled well in power. Dark boosts both critical hit rate and avoid and works well if looking to boost Mercer’s dodge tanking ability while also increase offense in the form of critical hits. Mercer’s Thunder is also a solid choice for Grant to improve his tanking ability. Grant also may join the chapter after Mercer if he is recruited at his earlier join.

Atticus and Pepper’s Ice affinity are the worst support option for Mercer. While Ice further improves Mercer’s defensive capabilities, it does so without contributing to either power or critical hit rate.

Popularity Poll:
My current plan is to share 4 more character spotlights on FE Universe. There will be two more male characters and two more female characters coming. Vote for your favorite characters and tell me why you like them, or feel free to request any too.


Awesome trailer. Two more spotlights for each gender, you say? Alas, I suppose the Kurtis dream will never happen. Too bad.

Anyway, while I’m here, I suppose I might as well do this now. In my first run, I took note of all the typos and issues I encountered and posted them here. Since I’ve been trying to pick different choices and see events I missed the first time, I’ve been doing the same in my second run. I’m up to chapter 17. So far it’s mostly small typos, as well as a couple of irrelevant issues, but just like last time, here they are in case you wish to fix them.


To start, one that feels rather familiar. Back in my first run, I reported all misspellings of “aid” as “aide”… However, in these two instances, the spelling was correct. An aide is an assistant, aid is help

Ametonan scum.

I’d like to step in.

I will ensure. I checked on Google and apparently “insure” is used like this in the US, but still, “ensure” sounds more natural to me.

Kinda works, but I think “we strive to set criminals on the right path” would be better.

There is a plan.

You kids need

Unnecessary on.

to save you

We will definitely

Without hesitation

Mercenaries bearing

a certain spirit within you

I refrain from speaking

And I was just promoted too

any chance of

The pleasure is mine

For a noble district.

than in our last encounter

They’re talking about obtaining an item. I believe “to get what we need” would be better in this context.

Or maybe we don’t

you hear?

Cross my heart.

Double now.


Fiske has no personal palette. Dagger shares this issue, but the basic brigand palette suits him well enough, so it’s not as noticeable. Fiske looks completely different, though. Actually, you could just give him Hemlock’s palette, their colors are the same.

There’s a single soldier in chapter 13 belonging in the unknown faction. Completely irrelevant issue, but well, they all are.


Thanks @SaintRubenio. I always appreciate these text correction messages. They are super helpful in refining the dialogue. :slight_smile: I honestly don’t know how you catch these so well. I have corrected all the issues that you brought up and have created new 3.1 patches for anyone who wants a little less typos.

Dreams do come true.


You’re welcome! It’s no big deal, really. I’m glad to help.

I’ll be back in a few chapters. Really looking forward to seeing the gaidens, by the way. From what little I read of it in this thread, 17x seems quite interesting. And well, I’ll admit “lots of Judge Amanda dialogue” has me super hyped, haha.

About halfway through the game now. Since I’m a bad person, I’m playing my first run on Maddening with the fixed growth patch applied by febuilder.

Most underrated unit imo would be Roxie: While her character is kinda flat due to being a rando who just sleepwalked into the plot, her gameplay is actually pretty awesome:

  • The most important point would be her availability after timeskip, being the highest out of all of Leah’s team. Joining at c12, she has at least 3 chapters more than Parvati and can become a candidate for the first Master Seal.

-Recruiting her after timeskip gives a Nosferatu tome, allowing her to immediately tank that otherwise painful chapter if given enough exp

  • Her combat is pretty powerful, with a high Str growth and a passable Speed growth that can be reinforced with body rings and speedwings. Her promos reinforce her combat in different ways, one giving her light tome and mount, and the other giving crit to stack with that crit Dark tome.

@caladrius Great job on the exciting 3.0 update! This was already my favourite rom hack and it just keeps getting better it seems. Looking forward to another run in the future.

@IYNH Totally agree on Roxie being underrated. On my second playthrough I did a female only run and Roxie was far and away my strongest unit. She starts out frail, especially her HP, but she quickly becomes quite tanky and has very powerful offense. I keep seeing people praise and straight out prefer Liang, but I always thought Roxie was the stronger early game choice. Liang has nice utility but if you want to use him as a combat unit as well his strength growth is very shaky.

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Roxie is pretty awesome, yeah. In my first run she unfortunately grew rather badly and then died, but this time around she’s doing way better. She’s out there one-shotting things with the basic flux tome lol.

Gonna give this hack a try after seeing this years FEE3. So much more polish than what I saw in 2019. Excited to play.

i don’t know what that was
but it better not happen again.

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I’ve played up to chapter 21x. I don’t want to clog the thread with too many of these “typo report” posts, but I also don’t want to find myself making one with a hundred images, so I think I’ll do this one and then another at the end. You know the drill at this point.


Not yours alone

quite an aggressive temperament

can we disregard

Now then, how long will it be until the enemy lets up?

Allow your loyal soldiers

See to it

You’re confident in this decision. “Confident with” exists, but from what I’ve gathered it doesn’t fit in this context. Do forgive me if I’m wrong. I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes these oddities of the language get the best of me, haha.

Some commotion

One and the same

The lives of others

Your father’s life

By all means

In such a barbaric manner

are closing in on the hostages

Screenshot makes it hard to tell, but this is a question. It should end on a question mark.

I brought its destruction.

in the Dalmask and Talford regions

to find our way

that was a scream

These two objective texts don’t fit in their boxes. Also, I just noticed the weird visual glitch with the numbers in the second one. Not sure what’s up with that.

No offense

you ain’t

Unnecessary in

That you take shelter

Remove the “many of.” Leave it at “our forces have already suffered a heavy blow.” I feel that sounds better.

You must protect at least 3 watchmen

after the war

Missing dot here. I know, big deal. I’ve not been keeping track of these little punctuation mistakes as much as the proper typos, because… well, personally, I don’t notice them as much. But eh, here, have one.

changing your mind

It wasn’t until I returned from Celyste about four years ago that I learned

I can attest

a handful of times

starting to think

left in a hurry

and hers

That first period should be a comma. Again, I kinda feel bad bringing these insignificant punctuation mistakes to your attention, but given that this is the main antagonist’s bio, I figured I might as well.

a long way

The Rogue of Righteousness. I almost didn’t catch this one. Righteousness is such a handful of a word, it’s easy to miss the odd vowel.


This sentence is weird. I think what you were trying to convey here is “I heard many rumors that strange Pegasi and Wyvern riders have our harbor on lockdown.” That works, I’d say.

First comma is unnecessary. Sorry, sorry. I guess I was feeling particularly nitpicky that day.

Jubir is misspelled in these two instances.

for the greater good

to persuade

what I have always been

in her ancestors’ methods

looking for redemption

I always thought

the house Ashmonte

than yours

of yours


The sequel to the unknown soldier from my previous post: There is a single Celyste cavalier among the Proclaimer reinforcements in chapter 20.

The flashback to Devante and Alouette’s confrontation during Queenie’s conversation in chapter 20 still uses the old version of Devante’s portrait. I’d forgotten how derpy he looked lol.

Silver Paladin Danika appears to be immune to the halberd’s effective damage. This is odd, because as you can see on the second image, enemy silver paladins suffer effective damage from the halberd. I also seem to recall Danika taking effective damage prior to promotion. Strange.

Assassin Atticus cannot use the longbow even though he has the weapon rank for it. If the longbows are meant to only be usable by archers and snipers, please change the weapon’s description to reflect this, as it currently only says “non-mounted only.”

Still loving the hack. In fact, I think I’m liking it better this second time around. Difficult feels a lot better than Maddening did. But that’s just me. I just wish I had a couple more deployment slots. Too many cool fellows I’d like to put in the team, haha. Even had to bench my man Kurtis. I still love that beard, but he had his chance. It’s time for others to shine.

Also, I’d just like to say that chapter 17x was absolutely brutal. That was darker than I’ve come to expect from this game. I mean it in a good way, loved that map for what it was.


Temporarily closing at OP’s request as they focus on an offline circumstance.

I remember playing the game a few months ago and there were some things unfinished, like multiple supports. Maybe the version I was playing was the previous one? Anyway, have the supports been fixed?

I think it has been over a year since I have even been on FE Universe. Hope everyone had a nice 2022. I am announcing a major, 4.0 update to The Lonely Mirror. Updates include:

  • 4 new chapters experience through route split and player choice
  • 2 extra bonus chapter maps
  • 3 new playable characters
  • 3 new classes
  • Over 20 new support conversations written
  • 38 character and portrait redesigns – Here is a preview of four of the new character portraits in Lonely Mirror (from left to right: Boone, Joseph, Kathryn, Roxie).

You can download a UPS of Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror 4.0 ROM hack here: