Fire Emblem: The Knight of Lodis

Exactly what it says on the tin. Taking the characters and story of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, and putting it in a Fire Emblem. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, with a few hurdles being large enough to shy me away from the idea, one of the biggest being the world map.

Well, I figured that out today. So for now, this is in early concept stage. Large parts of this will not be difficult, the story and it’s main characters are already there, I’ve got all of the item icons, and our beloved graphics repo has an absolutely insane amount of content to use. The hard parts will be all of the things I’m not good at or don’t know how to do; making maps, eventing, and music. Eventing just takes time and patience to learn but it’s entirely doable, and at least I can reference the original games maps to make new ones. I’m at a loss for music, but again, there’s a big ol’ repo at my disposal. Plus, I can fuse my two favorite GBA games into one, so how can I not at least try?

I’m planning on reworking most of the original script for the game, as it could use some polishing up. On top of that, some characters place in the story may be slightly different, but ultimately I’m not planning on deviating too much, but I do have some thoughts about changing or even removing some characters for story flow. And I have no idea what to do with the mermaids.

I make no great guarantee this will go anywhere. It’s something I plan to work on in my free time. But here’s some proof of concept.

Title Screen Save Screen
World Map Battle


Looks interesting! I’ve never played TO, but I’ve heard it’s somewhat like FFT. Maybe even better than FFT.

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On the titlescreen, the subtitle is a little hard to read given that it’s using the same colours as the busy background.

Oh fuck yeah. I’ve really loved Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on PSP; never played the others though. So it’ll be a pleasure to discover the story of this one in a fangame!

To show up this morning and see this. I will watch this as I replay that game.

I love the Ogre Battle Saga, so I’m keeping a close eye on this. I look forward to seeing it in action!

Title Screen

That vanilla title screen ribbon makes it’s return.

Getting all the classes in today. Already inserted all the animations, and I even have something roughly put together for the final boss. Things I’m at a loss for would be something for the penultimate boss fight, and mermaids.

Mermaids where almost entirely a physical class in TKOL, and while we have a mermaid animation in the repo, it’s strictly for magic, and has the mermaid partially submerged. Not ideal when one of the characters in your party for 3/4’s of the game is a mermaid. So, here’s some thoughts.

  1. Mermaids are magic now. Using the mermaid animation in the repo, making mermaids water locked magic classes, which would make the playable mermaid almost entirely useless (not super different from the original game in that aspect honestly).

  2. Do something different with mermaids. My initial thought is making them more like Atlanteans in DC comics. Regular people, maybe with some fish like physical characteristics, who are amphibious. I like this idea, as it would sort of make them the manakete parallel, but it is a change from the source material, so I’m torn.

I do intend to “FE-ify” some aspects of the game, so the idea of making the mermaids amphibious fish people is personally appealing. Honestly, a lot of the major characters and plot elements fall wonderfully into Fire Emblem archetypes and tropes, so I think it will translate well.


I mean we already got a bunny girl so a fish person doesn’t sound unreasonable


Blub blub blub
Working on a mermaid, because the March of the Black Queen sprites aren’t super different. This is a big ol’ wip.

Also, this was probably a terrible time to announce this. I’m in the middle of a pretty severe depressive episode that’s kept me mostly bedridden the past week when I’m not at work, and it’s kept me from doing much of anything outside of sleeping. But mermaid’s be mermaiding.


I wish you all the best and good luck in completing this Jewel of the GBA, hey if you have problems with the Hawkman in looking for an animation that fits, Nuramon has one that can help you if you ask him …

It was here that I saw the Hawkmans of Nuramon.

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Oh trust, if Nuramon would lend his beautiful spritework I would be honored, but for the moment I’m not sure how far this project will ultimately go. Right now I’m still going back and forth on dragons, working on improving my nightmare modules for TKOL, preparing for several upcoming shows on top of work. If this ever looks like I’m getting somewhere with it I may seek outside help from more talented artists.


Been a busy week, but since I had the spare time tonight before I’m out of state for five days, I figured I’d work on some stuff.

@TheRoman has been a huge help, making several maps for the project, and so the first chapter is mostly playable.
Boss Quotes

I’m also going through and replaying TKOL, mostly so I can write down the script, but also because I’m improving my nightmare modules for it. On top of that, I’m helping Mystic Lord over on gamefaqs with a project. I found shop values for the game last night, something I’d failed to find for over a year, so progress is looking gucci.


We’ve been hard at work on this, and with what I have inserted so far I figured I’d do some introductions of the characters you’ll be encountering in the first few chapters. Be aware, basically everything at this stage is a wip or a place holder, very little of it is finalized, including character mugs, stats, and skills.

Our main hero, Alphonse Loeher is an inexperienced knight in the Order of the Sacred Flame. He came to Ovis along with his friend and commander, Rictor Lasanti, but finds much more than he bargained for awaiting him on the island.

Son of the Duke of Felis, Rictor Lasanti is the commander of the Lodisian troops sent to Ovis. He is a longtime friend of Alphonse, but the two are sperated shortly after arriving on Ovis. Rictor joins the party in the B route.

A veteran archer in the Order of the Sacred Flame, and Rictor’s close confidant. Orson joins Alphonse’s party in the B route.

A former member of the White Fang troops, Ivanna Batraal is the daughter to the late William Batraal, former lord of Rananculus. She seeks answers to her father’s death.

An inexperienced knight in the Order of the Sacred Flame, sent to Ovis along with Alphonse. He is rather meek, often letting his fellow knight, Flauros, take the lead.

An inexperienced knight in the Order of the Sacred Flame, sent to Ovis along with Alphonse. She is bold and brash, often thinking before she acts, much to the chagrin of her fellow knight, Allos.

A priest sent from the Order of the Sacred Flame to Ovis, he was only very recently ordained, and often faces difficulties connecting with his flock.

A young woman from Felis who only recently joined the Order of the Sacred Flame, she much prefers playing pranks and goofing off to doing her duties as a knight.

A member of the Hand of the Pope, Cybil Alinda is a mysterious woman working towards an unknown goal on Ovis. Alphonse’s encounters her early into the campaign, when she saves his life after he is captured at Formido Fortress. She joins Alphonse’s party in the A route.

A member of the Hand of the Pope, Shiven Verde is the right-hand man to Cybil, and follows her orders with deadly efficiency. He joins Alphonse’s party in the A route.

I’ve got almost the entire main playable cast inserted at this point. Practically all of the mugs are placeholders from the Repo, save for Alphonse’s mug which I made, and Ivanna, which uses Gabriel Knight’s fantastic mug from the Repo, which was partially the inspiration for this project. If anyone would like to contribute anything to this project, please let me know! Any amount of help on this would be greatly appreciated.

More updates coming soon. I’m hoping to have a playable demo of the first six chapters, which is right before the route split, available sometime before the end of the summer. My work schedule is insane right now, and leaves me very little time to do anything but sleep, so progress will likely be slow and steady. Stay tuned!


Seeing this in the light of Fire Emblem such love. I’ve played this game way too many times back when I was in the military. So many characters I’m looking forward to being fleshed out in Fire Emblem format.

Super excited to see this hack; knights of lodis in one of my all time favorite games.

One small thing - the character portrait for Alphonse looks a bit too old - if I recall correctly he was 15-16 during the events of the game.

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Admittedly, Alphonse’s portrait started as the main character of another project I was working on. And now I’m working on it again, so it’s likely his portrait will change, depending on which project survives.


I’m super excited to see where this project goes since this has been one of my favorite games ever. Is there any news on the progress?

Currently working on animations, which is a slow and tedious process for me. This is something I’m working on in my free time, which with the holidays coming and working in retail, I have precious little of. But I’m hoping to get enough together to have a demo for FEE3 next year.