Fire Emblem - The Gate to Dawn

Alright, now that I’ve got a working computer again, figured I might as well show what I’ve been working on.

This is a very WIP project I’ve been working on in my free time for the past few months, working on story details in a notebook before I finally got my new laptop.

Title Screen


"Taking the form of great dragons, they ruled over the wild nature of the land. Their age was one of peace, until the day when man emerged from the darkness.

Their powers waning, some of the Gods took the form of humans, to live among them in hiding and safety, while others chose to seal themselves beneath the earth in eternal slumber.

Ages have passed since that time, and now on Orthal lie three countries.

On the mainland, snowy Hestria lies to the north, ruled by Emperor Lorvan, a stoic military man.

To the south, verdant Yvelle, ruled by King Bernard, a wise man devoted to his people.

The island nation of Javira lies to the west, a dry desert land of mercenaries ruled by Queen Javira XV.

Some twenty years ago, upon the birth of Emperor Lorvan’s first child, an assassin breached the palace walls, slaying Queen Bernita, and nearly killing the infant prince. Believing the assassin to have been sent from Yvelle, Emperor Lorvan closed the borders, and for nearly two decades the two countries stood on the edge of war…"

This is meant to be a fun, classic romp of a Fire Emblem game. The cast of 43 playable characters are all meant to pull from various existing FE archetypes. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and nothing’s overly complicated. I’m going for something fun here, not a grand epic. Pretty much all assets used will be from the repo, outside of the few things I’ve made myself.

Anyway, here’s some features:

  • Three main lords, ala Fire Emblem 7. A few chapters each will follow each lord until they all meet up.
  • Around twenty planned main chapters, with 3 or 4 side quests.
  • A convoy, ala Merlinus, as a seperate unit. I know the meta is convoy’s attached to lords, but I’ve always found the seperate supply unit to be charming, so I’m using it.
  • A (planned) cast of 43 playable characters. About two characters per base class, each geared towards one of the two split promotions.
  • Skill Systems, 'cause ya gotta. Each character gets one personal skill, one skill in their base class, and one skill in their promoted class, with the exception of special cases such as lords, dancers, etc.
  • Held items, such as shields, which give a small passive boost to the unit holding them. They will be commonly available in shops, as well as often held by enemies.
  • Traversable world map, potentially with skirmishes if I can get it all to work.

And here’s some screen shots
Battle 4Battle 1
Chapter 1Dove
AnnaPromotion 2
ShieldSave Screen

Progress won’t be quick, my life is pretty busy and this is very much an ‘in my free time’ kind of thing, but I’ll update with any notable progress made. First patch is planned once I get assets finalized with a proper credits list, and at least the first few chapters playable.

If anyone’s good at making maps and wants to donate some, it would be greatly appreciated. Maps are my biggest weak point, and the repo has relatively few maps in it.


This ROM Hack has potential, and I hope it will work out in the end.

Im excited to play this. :grin: