Fire Emblem: The dark hour. Hard Mode available. Complete

Glad to be here loving your hack BTW

The Dark Hour.s000
Can you tell me what does the yellow stars do?

I just started playing this hack. As a person named Alex, I got very excited.

I dont think yellow stars do anything
Only the crystals does things thats annoying as xxxx
Oh btw Alex can be both a boy and girl’s name
(Btw felix will tales of afar be completed?)

May i have recuitment guide?


Good news and bad news everyone.

Good news: I am here for a bit but the new patch (New game +) is going well.

Bad news: A lot of things is happening and i may pop in and out from time to time,
but I’m here to tell those who worry for me to be happy with the up coming patch.

Real Good news: New game + will show the truth of the events of the dark hour from
behind the scenes on who is really the threat of the world. >:)

Here is a shot of one of the new faces of the patch.

The Dark Hour. Newgame+.2020-09-01 23.37.38


Look for the dowload link ~ i mean new patch cause I finished old patch

sry I … deleted both the hack and the .sav file for storage space after completing it lol
BTW the bugs are fixed riiiiight?

Most of them should be and no you don’t need a save for this new patch for it is its own entire mode.

Wait how to enter new game + I only see the original game chapter

Wait for the link download path have new game+ then :blush:

Oh fk I thought the ng+ is out lol

Do you have any plan to update the writings? (typo, grammar)
the gameplay is superb though :ok_hand:

Finish the game recently and it was really great. Algaurd is so good I love his crit animation and picking your own class is great, i just have some few question.

  • Do you have a plan to add myrmidon on class selection?

  • Are there really no ending/paired endings for characters? I mean i put effort on supports but didn’t get the result i want.

Well… new game + will have extra classes to choose yes.
As well as having a true ending hence the subpar ending in the other modes,
because new game + will have everything revealed in the story.
And yes I will have supports and endings for the characters in it too.

I also would like to announce something that i should not have been having this much fun making.
Say hello to a sacred stones hack called, Sacred stones master quest.

It will feature: New weapons, anima triangle, tier 4 classes (some classes were used for them),
new boss challenge at Valni, Ruins revamped for intense challenge, VERY powerful enemies after route split, route changes difficulty, Eirika = Easy, Ephriam = Hard (warning will be given), new shop type (Blacksmith), music changes.

Some weapon icons i made myself and some were made from reference.

Ones made from ref:
Great weapons:
Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_207@CF_012AE798

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_222@DE_012AEF18

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_223@DF_012AEF98

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_224@E0_012AF018

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_225@E1_012AF098

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_226@E2_012AF118

Icons I made:
Bronze axe:
Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_206@CE_012AE718

Arch Thunder:
Item Icons Sacred Stones Master Quest .gba_204@CC_012AE618

Arch Fire:
Item Icons Sacred Stones Master Quest.gba_205@CD_012AE698

Screen shots of me messing about with characters as tier 4’s:
Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.06.14

Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.05.40

Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.05.53

Coming soon!


Wait isnt ephraim hard mode already much harder than eirika’s?
Tho not very interested in it sry I dont like playing for same story and map
Tier 4 and new weapons is a bit interesting tho

Well the ruins will have completely different maps to compensate for the challenge it gives.

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Yay ~ waiting

Here are the new Ruins maps for the master quest hack.
They are named differently than floors.




Waterworks Apex



court hall

Training room

Apex 'Boss rush'

Throne room