Fire Emblem: The dark hour. Hard Mode available. Complete

Hello everybody! I have an announcement!

I wanting to do go for one last project before going on a break from the hacking scene for a little while.
But I want you guys to tell me what I should do since some of you guys are waiting for other things regarding the hack on this page.

So I will make a poll to decide this.

  • Focus on this project as of the page.
  • Focus on the new project then come back to this one.
  • Mainly focus on the new project but use spare time for the posted projects. (I have A LOT of spare time.)

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The poll will close in 3 days.

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I will note this poll since it is the same poll bing held on another hack. (Sacred stones master quest)

I will combine the two polls votes to decide the outcome.

The polls close in 2 days.
Remember, I will be combining the two polls at the end for the final results.

The other poll is held on the sacred stones master quest hack.

The polls will close at Noon tomorrow.

Be sure you vote before time runs out…

The polls have come to an end.
Thank you for making the votes and tomorrow a new topic from me will be posted.
This topic will involve a new project.

The other projects will still be worked on as the votes have stated.
See you all tomorrow!
I’m so excited.!

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A new topic has been posted. Be sure to visit and read what it is.

Are there going to be more updates for this hack?

In due time. for now, I have other things to focus on as of now. But I will come to this and work on it little by little from my spare time.

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will it be compatible with saves from the current patch, because i might want to wait for the next update if not?

It should yes, but I would advise starting a new save since this update will have major changes and new functions added.

Completed the gameplay, quite nice, sincerely looking forward to new challenges. Also, I’ve seen a manaket, haven’t I? How I can recruit her?

How many chapters does this hack have?

22 chapters.

The game looks impressive I love the aesthetics of the maps, was this your first LordHelix project? Maybe I will play it when the update comes out, believe what I will have to wait since you are busy with the new project

It is my first COMPLETED project that isn’t a reskin.
There was another, but I sadly had to cancel it due to burnout.

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I’m very close to finishing the hack and would like to suggest a change, could you make the 3 sentinels a bit different because im using all 3 of them in my team and find that they are mirror copies of each other in skills except personal, same weapons and it just fells redundant, maybe make one of them light-sword, another light-lance and so on, I’m pretty sure the revenant animations you’re using for them has a sword and lance animations in the repo.

Burnout is rough. Hope you’re feeling better.

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It was almost two years ago when I canceled it.

This is really cool. I noticed Myrmidon and Theif are unavailable for the avatar to pick. Was that due to lack of space?

No, the avatar creator was a blind idea attempt. But it will be expanded in the next update.