Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Plus (Collab)


My name is SavageJester and I have decided that I wanted to make a rom hack. I do have experience with FEBuilder but I would still call myself a fledgling hacker (A turn off for a lot of experienced hackers, I know). The rom hack necessarily won’t be a new game but rather an edit and adding new things to FE7; an expansion if you will. I also would like others to help give me a hand in the process too. This is also my first time doing a collab as well.

In this project, I plan on adding and changing new things such as balancing (Marcus and Karla for example) and editing units, fixing typos and bugs, and changing certain scenarios in the game.

A major addition in this project will be a playable Mark (another turn off for a lot of people) with their own unique class. They would not have the game revolve around them but rather have a supporting role similar to a deuteragonist (akin to Kris and Robin). The character’s role and backstory as well as the other things mentioned before in the previous paragraph will be determined by the people in the collab. It will be something that everyone would agree and vote on. Every change and addition will be decided by the group and not by one person myself included.

Those who are interested can fill out the form and will be assigned to different roles in the project such as script editing, map design, sprite animations, art, etc. They will then receive a discord invite via PM to a server dedicated to the collab. The invite will be determined by first come first serve and the role’s quota.

Requirements would include having a basic understanding of rom hacking but not having to be an expert, experience with Sappy, Usenti, etc., being able to communicate, time aside to participate, and have played FE7 and beaten all routes (will make it easier to work with people who have experience with the game).

Now I notice some people have other obligations such as jobs and school, so when the collab is in its initial phase, we will discuss schedules and deadlines that can work with everyone. For people who are wondering how this collab will work, we will discuss that in the discord as well. As I said before, this is my first time doing something like this.

The deadline to apply is 1/22 and the project will begin on 1/23.

Thank you for reading and I hope this project will come to fruition! I am eager to work with you all!

Here is the application form:

What’s wrong with Marcus?

I’m doing just that, with few differences. Not touching the story (or barely) and focusing on the graphics

Some people (mainly the hardcore HHM players) argue that he’s a crutch (not as much as Seth) and makes the game less challenging. He wouldn’t be changed unless the people in the group decide to change things about him.

I disagree against that decision, as the reason of the Jegan is to have good bases, this allows players to help themsleves if they’re in a bad situation, tho it should really be left to the people in the group.

Marcus’ biggest issue is that he doesn’t fall off until basically the last chapter combat wise so he’s too powerful for his own good, plus his growths are pretty decent for his base stats.

Actually Marcus is an Oifey in FE7. Marcus is a Jeigan in FE6

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