Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total]

Version 1.68 (quick fix)
I’ve finally managed to fix some serious bugs.

-Fixed a text error in the end event of 4-1
-Fixed an event where the second part of 4-1x would erase player units
-Fixed some palettes
-The conversation to recruit Ze diong in 4-3 and Ferdinand in 4-4 now works (the one of Ze diong are placeholder)
-The shops of 4-4 and 4-4x now sell better gear
-The animation of Vilnius have been adjusted correctly, now with a custom map sprite
-The option to recruit the three desert guardians now works as intended
-The dancer won’t spawn in 3-F if Vilnius is alive, as intended
-The boss of 3-5 spawns on turn 9, as intended, but onyl if there are 30 or less enemies. The condition will be checked every turn until he spawns.
-The dark screen of chapter 3-2x has been fixed.

Note: I got some free time so I decided to stop being lazy and resume working. This will be the last patch until the big update in July.