Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total]

Then it’s a bug that I need to fix.

Rest in peace Hejira I will not forget you, powerstaff brave anima tome was one hell of a drug.

I found some new problems:

  1. At the end of chapter 3-F, there is a dialogue error.

  2. On chapter 4-1,when Anyone talks to kurosawa/famille, game will show the dialogue between nelo and nela. And no one can talk to ingress.

3.You may forget to set the flag. I can get a lot of golden axes in this area.

From what I see only the gold axe event is set up in 4-1, no other treasure can be found.

No desert treasure in 4-1x either, currently the chapter is pointless since the only rewards are 2 orion bolts

It seems that he wants to skip chapter 4-1x.Maybe he’s going to remake it. I started chapter 4-2 directly after chapter 4-1.

I found two new problems again:
1.boss’s fighting dialogue is a dialogue between nilo and guildebrand.
2.At the end of 4-1,players can choose one of three kinds of pegasuses, I chose ingress, but game gave me famille.

In chapter 4-7x,Nela left the team because of injury, but she still did not appear in the preparation interface of chapter 4-9. Is it on purpose? we will start to fight the king.

Thank you for managing to reach the last chapters. Nila will join in 4-10.

I just finished the hack. The problems I encountered are as follows:
1.In chapter 4-2, the dialogues between Nelo and Rigaldon, Machali and Arnand, Rigaldon and Arnand are all other people’s dialogues.

  1. In chapter 4-4, killing boss does not end the chapter, so I only killed all enemies.

  2. In chapter 4-6.
    ①There is something wrong with the face of the boss.

② When MacHail/Lotario/Sika talks to Merachea, Meachhea will disappear.

  1. At the beginning of chapter 4-7, there are dialogue errors.

  2. In chapter 4-7x, Skaternia’s death dialogue is O’Neil’s.

6.In chapter 4-9,The condition for opening the central gate must be that there are at least 20 enemies present. When I played for the first time, I reduced the number of enemies to less than 20, and the door could not be opened all the time. It is better to state in the first round.
7. In chapter 4-10, the battle dialogue between Neio and Vert is the dialogue between Mirikon and Lili.

  1. In chapter 4-FX,
    ① Even if three villagers are killed, Demon King will not be summoned, probably because there is something wrong with the setting of the flag.
    ② The battle dialogue with Verlser is the diaohue between Hationoa and Ascanio.
    ③It is in the 13th turn that the game will game over, not in the 20th turn in the description.

9.Anims are left.

10.After displaying the number of turns for the end, the game was forzen.

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First, I want to congratulate for having completed my hack!
You are one of the few who managed to do it, as far as I know.
I know there are many things I need to polish, and now I have plenty of time for it.
By the way, did you liked the hack? What are the things you liked and the ones you didn’t?

At first, I played this hack because of interesting conversations, but later this conversation became less and less.

I like a lot of characters to choose from. Although some will disappear unconsciously, it still brings a good experience.

I also found that some places need be polished:
①Many people were obviously enemies with enmity, but there was no fighting conversation. and some fellows also have no dialogue when they come on stage,
②After chapter 4-1, the plot feels very thin and no inversion.Some plots didn’t go on, such as the magic knight killing the bishop, and finally I don’t know why he joined.
③Some boss’s weapons are not even as rich as ordinary solders’.the king has no special occupation and weapons.

By the way,In some chapters,Reinforcements and abnormal state staffs are so many that I almost couldn’t handle it.

All in all, I am very grateful to the author for providing this hack, which has brought a good time. Although there is still room for improvement, I sincerely hope it will get better.

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Can I ask wich unit did you bring for the final three chapters?
Btw, I’m removing some status staves, but the number of enemies won’t change, since the idea behind the crowded maps, is to represent big battles, so it’s natural to have many enemies.

In the last three chapters, I have brought Nelo, Nela, Nazir, Marcello, Sero, Sika, Merachec, Machali, Arnand, Sarafir, Bastiano, Fausta, Malitia, Tim, Tom and Vilnius.
Actually, I think there are too many reinforcements in chapters 4-2x and 4-8.

I can reduce the reinforcement for chapter 4-2x.
It’s strange that you think 4-8 has too many reinforcements.
4-8 has around 50 enemies, while 4-7 has 78, reinforcements included. Are you using version 1.52?

Because the reinforcements in Chapter 4-7 are limited and the number of reinforcements per turn is small, but in Chapter 4-8, at least 10 powerful enemies will appear per turn, and once you don’t killing all, it will continue to increase.
I can only think that you are trying to make me clear this chapter quickly.
By the way, I don’t know why the talk cue disappeared in the character interface at the first turn. After several turns, Nelo couldn’t talk to Reidun, so I had to choose Arnand to talked to Reidun at the second turn.
I have already said that I am using version 1.52. Why do you always doubt it?

Will be replaying the game at hardmode next week when hopefully more bugs get sorted out.

So far the meta on normal mode is to give everyone horses when they promote.
Everyone gets canto+, move and mounted aid, and horse classes have fairly comparable caps to footies (especially Speed) and the game is essentially a giant escape mission so move fast and stop for nothing is the preferred way to play anyway. Lower promotion gains dont feel as bad because game is fairly generous with stat boosters.

The characters who suffer the most would be the lords, soldiers and axemen, since they have no way of obtaining mounts on promo. Summoners are of course an exception, due to the utility of summons in protecting mounts from supereffective Meteor/Blizzard/Bolting tomes.

(Mind you this is not necessarily a bad thing, any hack needs something to distinguish themselves, and me + some other ppl in fire emblem discords found the all-horse meta quite funny)

Did you managed to get to the endgame? Did you find bothersome the abbunfance of anti-horse, anti-armor, anti-flier weapons?

Got to begin of part 4. Imo the abundance of anti horse/flier is exactly what is needed to dampen the power of horse spam.

Altough I love tracia escape, I think I exacerbated te need for movement. I wanted to make every promo choice balanced, but it seems that I didn’t do a good job. Still, I have some people who complained about the excessive number of effective weapons, and choosed non horse promos. I have a playtester who never used any horse unit. Maybe you will change mind once you play hard mode.

i am back , i restarted my run and sadly, my team dissapeared after the 1-5 gaiden . I am left with Nila and Nilo.

Also , if i tell the bros to leave , the leaving dialogue plays out and immediatly , nilo tells them to stay with me.

Sorry for the lack of content. Soon a new patch will be available.

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