Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total, COMPLETED]

To add to that, Zuaryu’s Talk convo with Irma in 1-3 is unavailable- unless he was supposed to battle Irma.

If he is, then he doesn’t disappear at the end of it either.

From now on I will be playing with febuilder ready because you have proven incapable of playtesting.

3-3 literally soft locks at turn 2 after the promoted mages spawn. Also event for giving lord items can be looped by reloading save.

3-2x is stuck at black screen when trying to display tutorial for sending units home

3-5 objective says defeat boss, but there is no boss to defeat, after the 10 turn timer nothing happens.

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Has anyone finished this game yet? It seems this game has quite a few bugs

Version 1.66

-Fixed a bug in wich defeating the boss of chapter 3-2xx wouldn’t end the chapter.
-Fixed a bug in wich Ascanio would disappear in 3-3
-Added a few more talk convos and special events.
-Added a new portrait for a boss
-Added more battle quotes
-Added a special weapon for Minar, Malitia and Paolus

I also put a link to my Google Drive. Over there you can download the patch.
P.S: I forgot to mention that I switched the ranger with the nomad trp. It wanted to add it separately but I ran out of space.


3-3 is broken because you spawn unit id 1B but event gives item to unit id CB

3-5 turn 9 event needs to be fixed like this


Sorry, my bad.

Turn 9 it’s supposed to spawn a boss, but if the enemy count is too high, the boss won’t spawn, so I made an event that triggers once the number of enemies is lower than 30, so once it happens, the flag E is set and it doesn’t spawn anymore.

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3-F is doing the spawn additional dancer function even if Vilnius is alive

Maybe I messed up the branch condition. In any case, I shall address this on the next patch.

Arcthunder is nerfed to have -1mt vs Arcfire for some reason, usually fire and lightning have the same mt. I will choose to revert that, nerfing mt so thunder is technically bit weaker than fire is the most unacceptable thing possible

promoted bard dance map animation is still bugged

4-1 ending, Ingress option is recruiting Famille instead.
4-1x: You should not force both Mojgan and Masohe when there’s a good chance the player has trained one or both of them. Also Stoyan and Vaska are forced for literally no reason, player can literally have 4 slots of untrained units. Also the event that is supposed to play on the turn after I killed the first dragon boss does not play, leading to yet another hard stuck. I decided to skip this chapter and moved straight to 4-2
4-2x: Why would you reinforcement spam on a rout map?!

Also this:

Some gaiden chapters are made with specific units in mind and for story purpose.
I shall make a patch next week to fix the bugs. The mercenaries are there since they are from Nihania.
I’m thinking on changing 4-2x completely, so you may skip it. Thank you for coming so far into the late game, as you’ve seen, it’s the least playtested part.


4-3 convos to recruit zie dong doesnt work. Same with 4-4 ferdinand, the recruit convos don’t show up when he is on turn 3 in my base because it’s using the same flag as one of the houses. Also the 14 turn timer literally doesn’t work.

Also 4-4x shop needs to be changed to have endgame gears like 3-f, it’s supposed to be a lategame shopping chapter after all. Also there is no event to exit the chapter so that’s another hard stuck for the book.

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Sorry, I was going to fix that next weekend