Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [30 CHAPTERS, 14 Gaidens, 44 total, COMPLETED]

It’s possible to play the entire game, but I still have to do some writing and fixing bugs. So far I have no feedback from chapter 4-2 onwards, so if you have anything to report, please do it.


Can’t wait for this to be publicly released

Does this mean that the last maps are gameplay only with no story or is there a story ending??

wanna do a playthrough!

Exactly, but on February I will release another patch (sorry, I’ve been busy)


Next patch will be released tomorrow, just to be currious, did someone managed to finish the game?


i was planning on playing it but i am w8ting for story end credits, then ill give it a go!

I, too, am waiting for the storyline to be finalized before testing it on real hardware (via flashcard).:wink:

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Patch 1.35:

-Now the story is written up to chapter 4-3.


Patch 1.36:

-Now the main story is completed, I shall write the plot for the gaiden chapters soon.


Sooner I will release a patch that completes the story, and fix some bugs. I have tested hard mode and I can say that any veteran fire emblem player can manage to complete this hack without much troubles even in this difficult. Also a special ending will be available once you collect all S rank weapons.


Patch 1.37:

-The whole story is completed even the gaiden chapters.
-The game has been tested in hard mode.
-hard mode has stronger enemies and less gold
-A bonus ending can be unlocked by collecting all legendary weapons (binding blade style)
-After unlocking the bonus ending, two chapters can be played.