Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones


Looks good, did you import them?


Not yet


Did you make the Sprites at the start (of all the characters from Sacred Stones but older) because some look really good (Joshua is really well done, Lar’archel is even better


I didn’t lol, that was the portrait makers but thanks and as you may of guessed the game is set 15 years after FE8


Yeah. I figured. Should we have Ewan as a decent unit XD


Ewan is gonna be a boss


Lol. Yes


Camus Ewan


Most of the previous charcters will be bosses


Hopefully not all. It’s not like they all turned evil XD. Oh wait. Maybe they did


Not all of them, mostly just lies and maniuplation


Fair enough. As long as Gerik and Tana make it out lol