Fire Emblem: Tales From Afar - Act 3 of 5 COMPLETE! Looking for Playtest Feedback! (On hiatus)

They should. yes.

Awkward problem update: i ran into an issue with custom magic animations
(most weapons will have that) when i checked the magic extends the patch for it was randomly
disabled and all of the animations where gone so i will look through the rest of the hack for anymore problems but other than that nothing else had problems.

Are you using FEBuilder or buildfiles to make this? If you’re using FEBuilder, I might be able to take a look at stuff if you need help; I’m not a pro at using it, but I’ve been using it enough for the past year or so that I should be able to help if you’re having some issues.

Febuilder. but don’t worry the problem’s been fixed.

Act 2 released!

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New bug report: A new bug was discovered with the custom magic animations.
the animations themselves are not the problem its the target.
the character (Oliver) you find in act 2 if the character dodges the magic attack with custom animations
the game freezes. the weird factor is it doesn’t happen with other characters and characters of the
same class it only effects (Oliver). trying to figure out a fix.

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Good news! i found a fix for the custom magic animations freeze.
The animations had their :termination if missed: Data was placed incorrectly and that was what caused the
bug to freeze the game. so i moved the data into the intended slot and tested and it worked!

Bug fixes update released.

Here have a preview of what to expect in Act 3.

…neat nothing

I’m gonna look stupid responding to this but ill do it anyway.

Preview patch. Also added screenshots.

It’s fine. I like the info so far. Keep up the good work.

Thanks. i have been experimenting on giving characters more expressions through
actions in cut scene’s without relying too much on text.

Here have a sneak peek of a little fun chapter.


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Woof. ok imma warn ya Act 3 2nd capital liberation chapter has its difficulty go high.
i mean look at this shaman.


And it only gets harder from here on out. good luck to yall.

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The name is too long this is why the S is missing for Sarkstalker?

Darkstalker actually but the overworld enemy icon has the name in full and i don’t know why
but i find it funny

Good news i found the reason behind the magic extends patch uninstalling itself.
When i re-import the black screen background to reduce glitchy pixels
it uninstalles the magic patch and when i checked other patches they are still there
its only the magic extends patch that gets uninstalled anyone know any fixes?
If not then ill refrain from re-importing the black background untill the next act is ready to launch.

If you want help with your question and I’m assuming you are using FEBuilder just send a report so that it can be investigated.

Act 3 is almost ready.