Hi everyone! I’m making a survey about Fire Emblem classes and skills, and their overall design. If anyone could take the time to answer it, I would greatly appreciate it.

The survey is through Google Forms. It has 18 multiple choice questions, and 2 optional text questions. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete.

Take the survey HERE

Also, feel free to discuss about the survey below.


hmmm I dunno if its a me problem, but when I click on the link it takes me dirrectly to a page that says I already awnsered it


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Same here.

My bad. It should be fixed now

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nice everything worked fine :blush: as an 3rd class tier enjoyer I really liked the survey

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Alrighty, so, if’n it’s all the same to you, I’d like to go into some of my answers in a little more depth here, since I found that, for some of the questions, no available answers really properly represented my feelings on the respective topics.

  • For the “split promotions vs. single promotions” question, I’m actually okay with either. I voted for “vanilla” split promotions there because I think they’re neat, but I don’t actually have a strong preference.
  • For promotion items, I voted “I like having both options”, but by that I mean specifically what Fire Emblems Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones did, where you have class-specific promotion items with Earth/Master Seals being rare, later-game items you only get a couple of. Master Seals aren’t really bad, I just think they’re really boring honestly. Class-specific items are more fun.
  • For Lord promotion, I don’t really know what to answer. I went with “story-locked promotion” because that tends to make for cool moments, but my honest answer is “whatever makes the most sense story-wise on a Lord-by-Lord basis”.
  • For character-specific classes, I do think they’re cool, but I think that that’s contingent on them being used sparingly; ideally only for main protagonists/antagonists and characters whose particular skill sets cannot be accurately represented by any “standard” class.
  • Skills in general, I’m honestly kinda indifferent to. They don’t bother me or anything, but I’ve also never really felt that there was much of a gap between how much I enjoy the gameplay of installments with skills versus without. If anything, I actually kinda prefer the games without skills, but I don’t want skills to be abolished from the series entirely or anything.
  • For “Lords reclassing”, my actual answer is that I think it should work like it does for Chrom and Lucina, where the way they can make use of reclassing is just the same as any other character does, rather than getting special universal class access like Robin does.
  • For “personal skills”, my preference is honestly for doing things Jugdral/Tellius-style. That is, each character has their own personal set of skills, but the individual skills a character has aren’t necessarily unique to that character, i.e. how Naoise isn’t the only character with Accost.
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Alright, guys. We’ve got 50 replies so far! Thanks to everyone who replied.

But we can get more. Share this post around! Keep the replies coming!!!


C’mon guys. I wanna get to 100 answers


Ik that pain right. I also made a google thread pole and didn’t even get 30 answers.

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Alright! We have a grand total of 90 answers! I’ll be closing replies for the survey now. So if someone hasn’t replied yet, you can DM me, and I’ll open the replies.

I’ll be compiling the results and will make a follow up post in the coming days. Stay tuned, guys!