Fire Emblem: Starlit Souls (Demo Release, 5/32 Chapters Completed)

Hey Guys, so this is going to be a bit of a weird update. So FEE3 is up later today (will make a full proper update post at that time. We aren’t 100% prepped for the next release, but some may have noticed that, because I am a very smart individual (/s), I hosted the ups file for the first public release on MEGA, which because I was inactive on the site for a while, killed the download link and I have no version of the original ups release since it was on my old PC that died.

So we don’t want to have no download link available for when the FEE3 presentation comes out, but we aren’t 100% ready for the full second release. We are very close to the second release mind you, but we still need some time to iron out the script and eventing, I just got dogpilled with uni work in the past few weeks, which cut me off being able to do any work on the project in terms of final preparations.

So, what I have elected to do, is release a beta patch. the link to the UPS as well as the credits can be found here (this will also be updated on the main post) This beta will contain updates to the chapters from the first release as well as Alhardt’s first chapter, which we are decently confident with. Then, over the next few days/weeks, we will be updating the ups with the new chapters and any fixes to issues players find bit by bit before finally putting out the complete second release, which will contain a total of 16 chapters and 4-5 base event chapters. I’m aiming to have the first one of these out by Wednesday with chapter A-2, which was intended to be in this release, I just did not feel I had the time to give it a clean run through.

With that in mind, just remember that while most of this is final, many things like graphics, palettes and some script elements are still heavily subject to change, I already have a few things on the chopping block related to portraits that I just could not get finalized tonight.

I apologize for anyone who was hoping for a larger release, just know that we are still working on the project at a consistent pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so please bear with us.

Thank you for your support.

-Team Tirnaanor


Hard to believe that there was nor further development on this one.
Such a promising hack!

We haven’t been terribly vocal about it, but we are still chipping away at our little hack. Life just has a bery bad tendency to get in the way. If and when we feel like we’ve completed enough to warrant a new update, we will be sharing it here.


This sounds great, thanks a lot for letting us know!