Fire Emblem: Scourge of Proxima

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Scourge of Proxima has received some pretty major changes, most of the story that has been introduced earlier has been cut and changed, much of the gameplay remains the same however with new features and story integrated weaponry. It’s been kinda hectic and rough working on the hack with all the rewriting and motivation dying with the majority of the team lol, but we’re pressing on through to hopefully deliver something neat.


Proxima is no longer a single nation, but the name of the continent itself, no world map made as of writing this.

Khaydaria replaces Proxima as the Lord’s homeland, and is one of two super powers in the land of Proxima, priding itself with it’s focus of military strength of it’s Grand Army and Arcane Knight squadrons.

Keid is the second super power of Proxima, a harsh desert land ruled by powerful warriors astride mystical mounts ranging from Wyverns, to Pegasi, and even Dragons. Shares a long history of tension and war with Khaydaria

Ursis remains a land ruled by the strongest gang, it often finds itself in turmoil within itself due to constant infighting, much to the suffering of it’s people.

Auria is a land of snow and religious priests. Avid researchers of light magic ruled by Inulla and her council of Bishops. They maintain a strong friendship with the neighbouring nomads of Satri.

Satri’s plains are home to a nomadic people with no ruling government, instead being run by it’s clan chiefs. They have strong relationship with their cold neighbours of Auria.

The Isle of Faralun are a neutral territory run by a confederation of clans residing within it. A dark land where Dark magic runs awry, it houses many researchers of dark magic.


The plot now closely follows my original plan for the game, with new ideas and points borrowed from my friends and various games.

The story follows two friends of many years, hailing from the militarized nation of Khaydaria, General Ulyaoth of the Typhon Squadron and Royal Wizard Silvia.

After near decades of peace talk between Khaydaria and Keid, Khaydaria’s Queen and Prince are assassinated by Keid, sparking a new war between the superpowers. As Ulyaoth and his forces fight to capture the enemy forts and disrupt their momentum, he is ordered away from the war and to complete a mission in Ursis. Leaving his forces behind to aid in the war effort, he and Silvia make their way to Ursis to complete their assignment, but along the way begin uncovering a conspiracy against Khaydaria, corruption that runs deep even in it’s highest ranking forces.

The two will make their way across Proxima in search of a means to fight this conspiracy, and begin unravelling just how far this plot has spread. Although the two share a common primary goal, their own personal goals vastly differ and quickly tear the two friends apart, in the end, only one of them can see their mission through.


As I have stated previously, this hack is separated into 5 acts, with a total of about 20 main chapters

Act 1: 2 chapter prologue focusing on the war effort of Ulyaoth’s Typhon Squadon, their unique form of warfare, and their comradery.

Act 2: 5 chapter Act within the gang ruled lands of Ursis, Silvia learns of the corruption and conspiracy against her king, and gets a tiny glimpse just how far spread it is.

Act 3: An act of 5 chapters, our protagonists made their way to the cold tundra of Auria where they seek out new allies, and meet new enemies.

Act 4: 4 chapter act stationed within the dark Isle of Faralun, where the truths of Khaydaria’s enemies and allies alike comes to light.

Final Act: The final chapters of the game, the fate of not just Khaydaria, but all of Proxima is decided.


Credits for Version 1.63.3





I didn’t come up with the name, but hey, I wear it with pride!


I helped!


…Hey, I made the mug for the boss of 1-1, so that counts for something, right?


Any progress is good progress!

Sorry it took us so long to get this out. Finals and real life got in the way for some of the team (including myself). We also probably spent a bit more time than we needed to bug fixing, but thanks to that I believe we’ve hammered out basically everything that we found dumb. Should be a good experience to play!
Book 2 will have smoother workflow since summer is coming around, so look forward to more updates from the team!

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not that headband
this headband


neat hack yo

i’ll probably post something more constructive later or tomorrow… but you’ve probably heard all i’ve had to say when i was liveplaying it on discord


Thanks for playing it!
Any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated, it’s alright if it doesn’t come right away.
Once agian, thanks for giving the hack a try! ^-^


wait what the fuck


That’s not even a headband it’s like a hairband ok?

THIS is a headband.

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1.63.3 - Great amount of work done on the scripts and portraits, some music has been inserted in, and some of the gameplay has been redone. Note, the actual hack only goes up to 1-4x, if you see 2-1, you’re playing an incomplete chapter, and you should not continue any further


Hey, do I know you guys or something?

Nope. Nothing to see here. Run along now, friend! Maybe go check out… uh… Void’s Blitzarre Adventure 2? Or my own hack? (shameless plug)

People wanted a server for this hack, so someone on the team made one.
Have fun with that, I guess? Whatever.


Yes, the server icon is female winking Ulyaoth. Why? I have no idea.

Because everything Ulyaoth is good.

Hey, I didn’t make the server, I’m just advertising it. Ask… actually, who the hell made this server? Even I don’t know.

Just finished recording my run of the game. Overall, it’s a solid first draft! Looking forward to seeing where you take it.

Was hard mode tested? I played on normal and it felt pretty easy overall.

Videos should be up before the end of the month.