Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

We all love a good SALVAGED animation, right?

Well, Victor on Discord just submitted a new SALVAGED Paladin edit. Meet Titania!

Note: Titania currently lacks a Bow (Like the one made by RJ_Exists and Obsidian Daddy) so that might be worth adding for people looking to plug gaps in the Repository!

Isn’t this Titania gorgeous? What a fantastic edit for our favorite and best Jeigan!


Here’s a couple of things I had lying around
Remade my og Jeigan, now 100% more Great Knighty, it’s almost like your playing a 3DS Fire Emblem game.
Had this one for awhile but wasn’t happy with his original palette, eventually said f*** it bandit Polnareff
and a Fighter with fabulous hair


Spell animations from Golden Sun and FE12.

  • Volcano (Golden Sun)
  • Mad Growth (Golden Sun)
  • Ice Horn (Golden Sun)
  • Supercool (Golden Sun)
  • Blizzard (FE12)
  • Resire (FE12)

All in a single download:

These animations were created with @2WB’s method, meaning they might not work as intended if you import them using FEBuilder.
In each package there are 2 folders, one containing the frames, and the other contains the files already processed and ready to use for buildfiles.
Just change the script in the frames folder to make them fully compatible with FEBuilder.

Also, Resire needs something extra.


Fe5 characters pretty cool not going to lie.
AlmaldaedaHalfRAyNew_trude (1)
Amalda, Eda, Halvan, Trude, and Raydrick.
Thanks @Obsidian_Daddy for the help on Amalda
Rex from Xenoblade 2
A generic Villager


Here to drop off some more stuff.

Bow_000-1.png (1)

Bow Bow

Bow Thief, shamelessly ripped from the Matthew Repalette by Pik, Maiser6, Skitty, GabrielKnight thanks Emblem Anims and the amazing Hunter by Leo_link, Spud, MeatOfJustice… so there’s the credit list. It’s made to fill a gap I noticed in the Repo - We have a Bow Thief map sprite, but not a dedicated thief Bow battle animation. Hunter could probably work for those so inclined, but I felt it more necessary to fill this gap. I also just prefer the look of the basic thief.

Now you can recreate Outlaws from Fates or just do Bow Thieves like 3H lets you do

I might do a different hairstyle, probably won’t though. I’m lazy.

Also, while I did want to make the shirt share color with the hair, that would make it inconsistent with the regular animation, which has a blue shirt and pants. I like consistency.


GabrielKnight’s Staff Harbringer but scripted and with an extra frame thrown in by me. Should work fine.

Hero M Colored Shield Standing (1)

T2SWD Hero (F) (Brown Shield Edit) Sword Moving {Pikmin1211, Pushwall} (1)

T2SWD Hero (F) (Brown Shield Edit) Sword Moving {Pikmin1211, Pushwall} (1) (2)

Four Axe Hero variations, based on the vanilla M/F Hero and the Brown Shield edit by Pik and Pushwall, holding the vanilla Fighter axe. This was the inverse problem of the Thief - There was a battle animation, but no map animation.

The standing frames are also pretty redundant, as I only added 5 pixels for the axe sticking out the side lmao

T1AXE Fighter (M) Axe Moving {IS} T1LRD Lord (M) (Ephraim) Lance Moving {IS}-2.png (1) T1LRD Lord (M) (Ephraim) Lance Moving {IS}

Same thing, but it’s Ephraim this time. We actualy already have a Sword and Bow, so I don’t have to do that.

Also, after checking with how the animation actually works, my the update to the F!Hawzerk with Axes was actually shoddy as hell, and I screwed it up, so I removed it from my dropbox link.

ight before my eyes bleed over from staring at this screen for the past several hours working on the thief till 2:30 am, have a good night y’all. probably made a few mistakes on some of the stuff here but whatever


N426’s mapping contest entry reminded me I should stop forgetting to release my swamp tileset:

Note: the included mapchip_config file sets all the watery terrain to its own tile type, the unused type 0x09, so that custom movement costs can be added. On an unmodified FE8, the name will display as “C.Room” and the minimap will use blank tiles to represent them. I have documentation on how to edit the minimap tiles for a particular terrain type here.


Honestly surprised this hadn’t been done to my knowledge, though correct me if I’m wrong. Here’s my attempt at Zodiac affinity icons, fully insertable. Done at 3 in the morning, so quality is not guaranteed.
Here’s a link to the zip


Forgot to put this here.
Catria from her Shadows of Valentia variation.


Axe Lance

Axe Handaxe


At Klok’s request, I worked on scripting Zomaxie from FEPlanet/Zoa from Serenes’ Armor Knight.

Is it jank, yes. Is there definitely some fucked frames here, yes. But I’m not an animator, nor am I particularly good at scripting. So please forgive me on that front.

It should be completely functionable, including proper SFX, attack timing, and screenshake when steps are taken… Should be. In spite of testing it, I’m certain it’ll get screwed up somehow.

Zomaxie for the original frames
Me, for doing work on cleaning up the animation, adding ranged, critical, dodge frames, a whole hand axe animation, and doing the scripting/SFXrumble timing
Jj09 for a blur frame at the start of the melee animations


So… I did a Rinkah since there was no mug of her in the Repo.

Continuing with my recent Fates spree, here’s a GBA-style Azura.

Corrin, but his armour doesn’t suck.

image image

(edit: added Hoshidan Corrin)

Aaand another Fates character done, this time it’s our favourite ninja maid Felicia.



a thing i just did as a request, Dieck cosplaying as Arngrim from Valkyrie Profile:

and that’s that.
'k byeee~


Generic Maidbig
Insertable version
Generic Maid (Jey the Count, Wasdye)


We have a new animation submitted by ReRoMastah on Discord, called the Pointy Hat Sage!

But first, a minor note. There are a few ‘hat’ variations for the mages and sages.

First, we have the Pupils. Pupils come in the Hatless and Hat-wearing variety.

Pupil Hatless (Vanilla)

Pupil with ‘Flat Hat’ by Dutch Introvert.

Mages, Hatless.

Mages, Pointy Hat (Vanilla)

Mage, Wizard Hat by RetroGamer.

Sage, Hatless (Vanilla)

Sage, Pointy Hat (New, by ReRoMastah!)

So, basically, it would be cool to see the following variants get made:

  1. ‘Wizard’ style hats for Pupil and Sage.
  2. ‘Flat’ style hats for Mage and Sage.

ReRoMastah is going to make a Pointy Hat variant for Pupil, to match up with the existing mages and the Sage he just made.

Additionally, it would be cool to have female variants for all these hats. Why the heck do only boys get to wear cool hats? Girls look great in hats too!

So, yeah. Nobody has to make these, but it would sure be cool to get proper ‘promotion lines’ for some of the extra hats, and they’re pretty easy reskin projects to undertake, too!

Big thanks to ReRoMastah for the new Sage!


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not so much since ran out of ideas


since i won’t be spriting for a while due to festivities( probably not until next year ), i guess for this time only i’ll make an exception and leave a couple of christmas gifts here.

first, a reworked and overall more dynamic battle frame from Metroid:

then, yet another mech from Armored Core 2, featuring Leos Klein’s model:

» default version

» visor variant

while i’m aware of the general preference for medieval/fantasy themes around here, i guess posting sci-fi stuff once in a while for a change shouldn’t hurt. mechs are always cool anyway~



This is just a fix for Staff animation in this folder: [FE8 Ephraim-Variant] [M] T1 Vanilla Repack +Weapons. It had critical frames to potentially be used as a Magic animation, but the script was missing some commands, so trying to use it as a magic animation would freeze the game. The fix lets you use it as a magic animation. I think I followed the submission guidelines, but if I missed something, let me know.

Staff Fix

And the Female Version


Female Fix


Today’s mug is the best Fates husbando and my namesake, Jakob.

Big thanks to @Obsidian_Daddy for help with the hair.


I thought I forgot to publish this.
It’s not good class card, but I wanted a Mahout class card and made it.
The picture of this character is a reduced color of the free data picture on wikipedia.