Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

For a game with a name like Magical Vacation, it sure does have some cool monster designs.

Here’s Kerendu, originally ripped by Kramlack on Spriters Resource.

Here’s the download


Blood Sigil
Blood Sigil

Dark Sigil
Dark Sigil

Divine Sigil
Divine Sigil

I combined some of my past Energy Burst frames with Grima’s Expiration frames to create a new spell animation. There are three different colors for this.
By the way, these are F2U & F2E and are compatible with both FEditor and CSA.

※The test was done in JPN. The FEditor version of this animation may not work well with FEditor patches other than JPN. If so, please report to me.


Thanks man! Glad you like it xD

Speaking of future projects:
I’m here to release my latest animation, which hasn’t been featured in my FEE3 Showcase because it wasn’t done at that point. :sweat_smile:

Some of you might have seen me posting parts of it on Twitter.

Design-wise Echoes’ myrmidon is one of my favorites in the whole franchise.
So I simply had to recreate it as a GBA animation and Sacred Echoes gave me the perfect excuse to finally do it xD
So here it is:

The SoV-Myrmidon

I made a male, female and unisex version (helmet).
myrm myrf

Myrmidon (U) FE15-Style Sword {Nuramon}

Map Sprites are included as well.

Get the whole package here!

Detailed credits are included in the folder.


This is a hackbox version of Fenreir’s old fire dragon portrait l had made for a hack of mine. l originally was just using it for my own thing, so l had done a bit of other edits, as well. Beyond moving the nose and horn to the hack area, I also changed the eyes to use the “forward-looking” sprite with a small edit to the battle anim’s blinking frames, then I removed the black border on the minimug, and lastly I flipped the portrait to face left so it matches the standard direction.

As for what’s going on with the mouth frames, that’s a cover up for a three-way conflict between the FE7 hackbox hack, the blinking status screen portrait patch, and raised portraits on the status screen. It doesn’t affect anything in other situations so long as it’s positioned correctly.

With this and the new version, one can pick and choose what they like for their own hack. But, that should be enough explaining. Here’s the portrait and preview. Big credits to Fenreir!
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (Dragon).gba_234@EA Dragon_011950E0 3


that’s pretty badass Nuramon, good job.
also, since people were asking for one before, have a dragon mug:

“mooom, there’s a weird armor knight in my Fire Emblem!”
“that’s not an armor knight you silly, that’s Samus Aran from Metroid.”

[edit] doing the shoulders was actually a nightmare. the real thing is even bigger than her head :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

heard you guys like nightmare fuel, so here’s Sa-X from Metroid:

also, Zero Suit is on the way~

she’s looking menacingly, and it works just fine as it is.

also, here’s my latest gift about Metroid, Zero Suit Samus:

[health warning] please do not stare too much at that spandex bois, or else you’re gonna get blind~


I’m back with another Fates class, but this time there are anims and gender variants! This time I picked Adventurer:

This map sprite is designed for use with Nura’s Marksman Animations. I’ve included a quick and simple staff animation for ease of use, but feel free to make your own (this staff animation will NOT work very well as a general magic animation, as there are no new dodge frames. You can still dodge with a staff equipped, it’ll just use the unarmed frames.)

You can find all of the map sprites in this folder, as well as the staff animations (credit Nuramon for those btw, he did make the Marksman class to begin with.) I didn’t make class cards, as I believe there are already somewhat usable class cards for it (even if that’s just sniper :P)

I’ll stop talking now, enjoy the stuff.


In a rare moment of me contributing, someone requested that I make chibis for a few FE7 characters, and so I did.

Leila, Elbert, and Uther now all have chibis. They’re not great… but they exist.

If anyone wants to spruce them up, feel free. I’m no artist; I just made them vaguely serviceable.

Edit: Made one for Brammimond, too. It’s very, very basic.


Sure thing, boss.


4 NPCs with new chibis.
image image
image image


I got sent an animation over Discord. Just added it to the Repo.

This is the Black Knight, by Victor. Pretty neat, for those of you looking for a new take on the Burger King!

Get it here.


Legendary Seliph from Fire Emblem Heroes/FE4


Still low key working on TKoL, so here’s a refresh fairy.


Here’s some map sprites
Fairy Standing (EA)Fairy Moving (EA)


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I- don’t really choose to involve much in the community often, more of a quiet guy/boy. But I made a semi-low quality edit of Eirika’s portrait, it’s not much but I’m using it in a ROM Hack I’m making for me and a small group of friends of mine. Decided to share it here for others to use since I feel like sharing it anyway- as for credits or use permissions, no need to ask. I’m not looking to get my name out anywhere with this, but I do hope someone enjoys this…
Dum portrait lol

Oh wow- I just realized I never even involved to begin with- this is kinda my first post- Oh well- I’ll be going back to hiding- and being scared-




Maybe something dumb, but why not.

I’ve made a N++ UDL package for synatax highlighting when writting animation parsers.


Well, thank you :slight_smile: I actually took some time to do a redo on Lute’s portrait from FE8 to make her look maybe a teensy bit accurate to her age- I always thought she looked like a little child around the age of 7-9 for some reason.
Lute Project Myst Remaster Portrait
Don’t mind the uhh… boobas I slapped onto Lute, couldn’t help myself but go overboard lol

Go big or go home, that’s how I roll.

Edit: Oh yeah, as for use permissions. I suppose I’m rather proud of this edit, so I’d like to ask nicely for credit as BeeperoniThe3rd if someone chooses to use this portrait; if not it’s no big deal I don’t hate ya. I’d just be happy to see my work appreciated at the least actually.


Lilith from Unnamed Jugdral Project.

Her mug was improved, so I’d like to make the old version free to use as well as free to edit. This was a sprite I commissioned by @Obsidian_Daddy, so credit them if you intend to use the sprite. DO NOT CREDIT ME!


Added all the mugs and stuff previously posted.

I also added two animations to the repo which fill useful niches!

First off, we have a Male Recruit variant known as the Flagbearer. This was made by Dutch Introvert!

We also have three(!!!) Gorgon Egg animations, each of different sizes, all made by Ryn from Discord and formatted to the repo standards with the help of Sax Marine.

The Gorgon Eggs might be simple, but they are still cool to have and can prove useful as a QOL addition for the eggs you fight on the map. The three different sizes are useful for a variety of things too. Maybe different Gorgons have different sized eggs? Or maybe eggs grow in size as they near their time of hatching? It’s up to you!


Got no real reason to hold off on this one (unlike everything else I’ve been holding off on the past several months), so…

Mori Nagayoshi, Fate/Grand Order. F2U F2E.

image - 2021-09-23T022135.535-1.png (2)-1.png (3)-1.png-1.png (1)-2.png (3)-2.png-2.png-1.png (2)

image - 2021-09-23T022135.535-1.png (2)-1.png (3)-1.png-1.png (1)-2.png (3)-2.png-2.png-1.png (1) image - 2021-09-23T022135.535-1.png (2)-1.png (3)-1.png-1.png (1)-2.png (3)-2.png-2.png-2.png

Former is insertable (16 colors), latter is not (22 colors).

(Does this mean I have more I’ll release eventually - yeah. But I’m still waiting for someone’s project to publicly release so I can dump everything off.)