Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

2 quick edits, making the portraits gba insertable (16 colors), and another with a proper mini, for those of you who dislike tlp minis
Fenreir ZeroFenreir Zero NoTLP


more slice,F2E

if u find the last one familiar , that’s what i used as refence:

will make more of this if i have idea and still alive


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Here’s a rather older animation I noticed that was never added to the repo.
Credit to @Obsidian_Daddy for the animation; I just scripted it.



FEditor_Adv Loptous
FEditor_Adv Naga

・Eckesachs & Thunder Dragon ↓

・FE7 S Rank Spell Animations ↓

・Loptous & Naga ↓

I have made the seven CSA animations I have made so far, Eckesachs, Thunder Dragon, S Rank Spell Animations, Loptous & Naga, supported for FEditor. So, if you are using these older versions of animations, please overwrite and update them.

By the way, I’m planning to add support for the CSA animations of my big bosses (Medius, Duma, Grima, Anankos Breath) to FEditor next.


…anyway, here’s a bunch of battle backgrounds i recently found from Lunar, an old jrpg from the psp era( maybe even older than that? i’m not familiar with this franchise ).
there’s actually way more of these in the original game rips, but the problem is that at 64 colors they already started to loose quality due to the images being paintings, so i decided to process only those i thought were the best in terms of renders.
here’s the zip file for Klokman:
and here’s the preview for bois and garls:

maybe they’re not as good as the FF ones, but hey, at least they’re still quite fine.
i also reorganized my own topic in the Creative section for better viewing, so in case you’ll eventually want to check out some of my older works, now they’re all divided into sub-categories.

oh hai there, long time no see.
here’s some more realistic backgrounds, this time based on gothic themes and mosaic windows, just to try something different.
renders may vary from 16 to 64 colors; 16 mainly for the outer areas, 64 for the inner ones due to overall better details.
zippity zappity file for the repo:

and as always, the preview for the homies:

don’t be fooled by the 3rd and 4th images. even if it seems one huge image, they’re actually 2.
if the last ones remind you about “Dive to the Heart” by any chance, then it means you might have played too much Kingdom Hearts~

while updating some stuff, i just noticed that in about a month and half, my own gallery has actually become quite huge.
guess i need to calm down and take a break for a while :sweat_smile:
but before going back lurking in the shadows, here’s one last gift from me, wich pretty much concludes my quest for pixel art/realistic backgrounds.
well, not really the last stuff i’ll post here hopefully, but i guess it will be enough for now until i’ll get inspired again and come up with something new.
probably next year, maybe even before that, who knows~

anyway, these backgrounds are partially mixed because i had them waiting to be processed for some time, and since i decided only recently to work on them, i’ll just put the whole batch in the same zip file to avoid further headache on my side( ahah, sorry Klok ).
so, here’s the stuff:

and here’s the preview:

all renders at 64 colors.
beside nature themes that were previously missing in my older works, i also included some new city stuff because let’s be honest: one day someone will get tired of doing always and only medieval~fantasy FE hacks.
at that point, they will eventually come up with a decent sci-fi FE hack involving mechs a la Gundam, and that will mark the beginning of a new era.

…or so i hope! :wink:

since i love far too much mecha games/anime such as Zone of the Enders, Armored Core, Escaflowne, etc, i decided to come up with yet another battle frame, but this it’s a sci-fi version of it based on Metroid GBA titles.
made two versions because having alternatives is always good:

there’s actually GBA games with Gundams in them, such as SRW titles, although they’re not exactly FEish.
oh well, one can always hope~

behold! one of the very rare times when i actually manage to build something from scratch( sort of ), this is Zero from Megaman GBA titles:

not to shabby if i say so myself, although it could probably be improved some more in terms of light reflexes and overall shading.

i’ll also leave the original sketch i made here, in case someone else wants to play around with it.
i’m waaay too lazy to actually do full body colored portraits~

here, have another medieval~fantasy battle frame. the theme was assembled from Rocket Knight Sparkster:

shiny shiny~

has anyone around here watched an anime movie called “Belle”( aka “Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime” in Japanese )?


『竜とそばかすの姫』Belle MVメドレー - YouTube

it’s from the same director of “Summer Wars” and “Wolf Children”, and i gotta admit, the visuals were spectacular.
anyway, here’s a mug of the main protagonist, Belle:

and here’s the original source material i took as reference.



Hopefully this will prove useful to someone.

I needed a generic manakete transformation to use for all the amazing dragon animations that have come out lately, so I pieced one together.

It’s very basic, but it does the job, and is easily recolorable for the different dragons.


I finally got around to clearing out about half of the WIP animations folder.

RiriK’s Female General.
Der’s Archer with Hat.
Cleric Repal Fix by Eldritch.
Clone Trooper by WAve.
RetroGamer’s Hat Mage (Staff) by 7743.
Alternate Critical for the T3 Matriarch by 7743.
Devisian Nights’ v2 Magician.
And a few other assorted ones.

Unfortunately, the animations that remain are either spell animations, or are… just… messy folders. Horribly messy. Shyuterz’s folders are REALLY hard for me to even parse. Each one is entirely different from the rest with folders inside folders inside folders. No structure at all. Lots of extraneous things. I’m not eager to work on them.

I still have animations to add, but I’ll get around to them… later.

Regarding Spell Animations, though… we really need some way to export spell gifs that don’t look like garbage. It seems the only way to get them looking good is to insert them into a ROM, start a battle ingame, and record the spell activating. These spell gifs are WORTHLESS and ugly. I know there are a lot of limitations to exporting spell data because nobody’s fully cracked it yet…

But basically, until spell gifs become even remotely decent, I have no way of making their repo section look good. I don’t even know how the majority of these will appear ingame.

I’m down for discussing any possible solutions to make spells look nice.


Eye Beam

I’ve made the bosses animations for my CSA-only Medeus (Shadow Dragon) and Duma (Fell Dragon) compatible with FEditor_Adv.
These are a bit unstable, so if you find any bugs(During testing, BG and OBJ image corruption, etc), please report them to me.

Next time I will make the rest of Grima and Anankos from CSA animation to FEditor compatible.


Vanilla bow armor. Credit to der.

Knight (U) Bow {Der, Knabepicer}

Edit: Did these real quick.

Knight (U) Axe {Knabepicer}
Knight (U) Magic {Knabepicer}
Knight (U) Sword {Knabepicer}





Darth Revan and Darth Malak
Darth Eliwoodalek


Long time no seen from me.

Well uh, here’s something from me; I added a Magic Axe range animation for Nuramon’s Hero animation.

I had to remove some frames to clear up enough OAM space so this thing can even fit. So it doesn’t look at smooth as the non-magic variant.

If you use this, credit Nuramon, not me.



Figured I should start moving my finished mugs over here where people might be able to find them easier. All are F2U/F2E.

FEH Mugs
Fjorm (Stitch) Fjorm (Stitch) Gustav (Stitch) Gustav (Stitch) Gustav Undead (Stitch) Gustav Undead (Stitch)
Henriette (Stitch) Henriette (Stitch) Laegjarn (Stitch) Laegjarn (Stitch)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Mugs
Balthus Timeskip (Stitch) Balthus Timeskip (Stitch)

Dragalia Lost Mugs
Dragalia, Irfan (Stitch) Dragalia, Irfan (Stitch) Dragalia, Zhu Bajie (Stitch) Dragalia, Zhu Bajie (Stitch)

Neo: The World Ends With You Mugs
Neo:TWEWY, Rindo (Stitch) Neo:TWEWY, Rindo (Stitch) Neo:TWEWY, Shoka (Stitch) Neo:TWEWY, Shoka (Stitch)

Danganronpa Mugs
Danganronpa, Nekomaru (Stitch) Danganronpa, Nekomaru (Stitch) Danganronpa, Nekomaru Lightning (Stitch) Danganronpa, Nekomaru Lightning (Stitch)

Granblue Fantasy Mugs
Granblue Fantasy, Barawa (Stitch) Granblue Fantasy, Barawa (Stitch)

World Flipper Mugs
World Flipper, Leon Yukata (Stitch) World Flipper, Leon Yukata (Stitch)


For a game with a name like Magical Vacation, it sure does have some cool monster designs.

Here’s Kerendu, originally ripped by Kramlack on Spriters Resource.

Here’s the download


Blood Sigil
Blood Sigil

Dark Sigil
Dark Sigil

Divine Sigil
Divine Sigil

I combined some of my past Energy Burst frames with Grima’s Expiration frames to create a new spell animation. There are three different colors for this.
By the way, these are F2U & F2E and are compatible with both FEditor and CSA.

※The test was done in JPN. The FEditor version of this animation may not work well with FEditor patches other than JPN. If so, please report to me.


Thanks man! Glad you like it xD

Speaking of future projects:
I’m here to release my latest animation, which hasn’t been featured in my FEE3 Showcase because it wasn’t done at that point. :sweat_smile:

Some of you might have seen me posting parts of it on Twitter.

Design-wise Echoes’ myrmidon is one of my favorites in the whole franchise.
So I simply had to recreate it as a GBA animation and Sacred Echoes gave me the perfect excuse to finally do it xD
So here it is:

The SoV-Myrmidon

I made a male, female and unisex version (helmet).
myrm myrf

Myrmidon (U) FE15-Style Sword {Nuramon}

Map Sprites are included as well.

Get the whole package here!

Detailed credits are included in the folder.


This is a hackbox version of Fenreir’s old fire dragon portrait l had made for a hack of mine. l originally was just using it for my own thing, so l had done a bit of other edits, as well. Beyond moving the nose and horn to the hack area, I also changed the eyes to use the “forward-looking” sprite with a small edit to the battle anim’s blinking frames, then I removed the black border on the minimug, and lastly I flipped the portrait to face left so it matches the standard direction.

As for what’s going on with the mouth frames, that’s a cover up for a three-way conflict between the FE7 hackbox hack, the blinking status screen portrait patch, and raised portraits on the status screen. It doesn’t affect anything in other situations so long as it’s positioned correctly.

With this and the new version, one can pick and choose what they like for their own hack. But, that should be enough explaining. Here’s the portrait and preview. Big credits to Fenreir!
Portrait Editor Fire Emblem (Dragon).gba_234@EA Dragon_011950E0 3

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that’s pretty badass Nuramon, good job.
also, since people were asking for one before, have a dragon mug:

“mooom, there’s a weird armor knight in my Fire Emblem!”
“that’s not an armor knight you silly, that’s Samus Aran from Metroid.”

[edit] doing the shoulders was actually a nightmare. the real thing is even bigger than her head :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

heard you guys like nightmare fuel, so here’s Sa-X from Metroid:

also, Zero Suit is on the way~

she’s looking menacingly, and it works just fine as it is.

also, here’s my latest gift about Metroid, Zero Suit Samus:

[health warning] please do not stare too much at that spandex bois, or else you’re gonna get blind~


I’m back with another Fates class, but this time there are anims and gender variants! This time I picked Adventurer:

This map sprite is designed for use with Nura’s Marksman Animations. I’ve included a quick and simple staff animation for ease of use, but feel free to make your own (this staff animation will NOT work very well as a general magic animation, as there are no new dodge frames. You can still dodge with a staff equipped, it’ll just use the unarmed frames.)

You can find all of the map sprites in this folder, as well as the staff animations (credit Nuramon for those btw, he did make the Marksman class to begin with.) I didn’t make class cards, as I believe there are already somewhat usable class cards for it (even if that’s just sniper :P)

I’ll stop talking now, enjoy the stuff.