Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

I was looking through the repo and found a Blade Lord reskin that I really wanted to use, but it was missing the bow animation, so I thought I’d try out editing an animation for the first time. Credit goes to Zoisite for the original “Short Haired Blade Lord” animation (Sword, Unarmed, Sol Katti).


I also decided to make map animations for the unpromoted and promoted variants since those were missing as well.

Lord (F) Lyn Short Hair Sword {Merpin}-stand Lord (F) Lyn Short Hair Sword {Merpin}-move

Blade Lord (F) Lyn Short Hair Sword {Merpin}-stand Blade Lord (F) Lyn Short Hair Sword {Merpin}-move


Been cycling through some battle screen ideas and I’m sitting on a fair amount of mock ups. Wanted to post them here if anyone would like to use them, and if you need some help making a tilesheet for any of them, feel free to ask.

Full Battle Screen

Battle Screen Updated Item Boxes Full Screen

Battle Screen Illuminated Refresh Clean Index Final

Test 4

Test 4

Test 5

Test 7

Palette is over 16 in this one with the blurred item boxes. For anyone who wants it, you’d have to fix it
Test 8

Test 12

Test 13

Currently split between the last three, because I like the colored name plates but the brown ones look a bit cleaner. The brighter colors pop a bit but the darker colors are more legible in game. Also, still undecided if I like gold name plate border vs. colored name plate border.
Test 20

Test 21

Test 22

Some of these would require some small movement of battle UI stuff. If you have an interest in including any of these in your hack, let me know and I’ll do my best to assist you in implementing it. For what it’s worth, thanks to Aseprite, mixing and matching elements would not be hard if there are elements you like between different versions and I’d be happy to do that for you. Thanks.

Edit: Added a few more.


It’s a very special tile set, but if you want to use it, please do your best to tiled.
The tmx of the example I arranged is also enclosed, so please refer to it.

I reduced the color of the FF5 image dumped by Fenreir.
use FEBuilderGBA’s Color Reduction Tool.

I tried to reduce the color of various battle backgrounds.

The Thoron palette was specified incorrectly, so I corrected it.
I think the original author is Arch.

This magic also has the color used in the animation at palette 0, so white light is not drawn.
This is because palette 0 should be defined as a transparent color.

I added some.


Effective magic weapon with dispell.
Reverse the Skill Great Shield and crush the magic circle runes.


Addition of night and evening version.

Basically, I am modifying only the daytime version of the palette to make evenings and nights.
Therefore, if you use it wisely, you can reduce the capacity.
Also, I think it will be shared as the same data when FEBuilder rebuild is done.



BG_Night Castle

In order to reproduce the gradation, each part was reduced in color in about 5 steps.

Emereus (DerTheVaporeon, Nickt)

Emereus (DerTheVaporeon, Nickt)
I fixed the incorrect eye and mouth positions used in this Portrait animation.


I fixed it a little.


air ship


know what time it is? it’s OC time, with “Sigfrey”:

also made some order in my own topic, by the way.
if all goes as planned, i’ll probably be updating about…20 portraits or so in the coming days.
maybe even more, if i’m inspired enough of course.

another day, another sprite. here’s another old OC of mine, “Sophia”:

also made a variant, in case you’re interested.
that’s pretty much the classic “a smile that needs to be protected” meme:

not sure if this has been done before( if so, pardon me ), but while i was checking out stuff on Spriters Resource, i stumbled upon some old yet very good backgrounds from the Final Fantasy GBA titles, so i decided to turn some of them( mainly from FF II and V ) into battle backgrounds for FE.
while they might not be fully compatible eventually, the bottom black line should be covered by the battle UI anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
here’s the stuff i edited( there’s quite a lot ):

( this one gives me FE7 flashbacks )

in my opinion, graphic-wise they’re as good as the ones from Genealogy back in the days, perhaps even better than the vanilla GBA ones.
there’s actually more available from the different FF GBA rips, but i decided to edit/include only those i liked the most.

alright, will do next time it happens.
also, here’s yet another OC, “Lancelot”:

…it almost seems like i’m slowly becoming addicted to posting stuff here on daily basis :sweat_smile:

after a couple of hours spent polishing all the little details, here’s yo boi Alm from Echoes in his majestic Conqueror version:

i really need to replay Echoes someday…

here’s yet another OC, “Shin”:

by the way, i’ll probably be checking out many different titles from the SNES/SEGA era soon or later, so there’s good chances i’ll be adding new battle backgrounds one of these days.

[ edit ] also, here’s “Heiken”:

not to be confused with Heineken. that’s a beer :beer:

last OC “Rei” comin’ in:

actually not the last, but for now i’ll take a break from mugs.
…and the quest for new battle backgrounds begins.

after couple hours of diggin’ around, i’ve found some backgrounds from “Majin Tensei”, a SNES game.
they’re not of the same quality and type of the FF ones i posted before( sadly ), but they could still be used for conversations i guess.
here’s the file for Klok:

and here’s the preview for you bois:

also, welcome to New York Emblem lol:

…back from my quest for pixel art backgrounds. i have bad news, but good ones too.

the bad news: i’ve pretty much run out of material to check out.
i’ve spent the last days diggin’ mostly Nintendo/SEGA sprites from their respective '90s titles( we’re talking SNES/Genesis ), and i haven’t found anything else with enough quality that could be used for GBA backgrounds.

the good news: there’s still all the PlayStation era stuff i haven’t checked out yet, along with other more recent Nintendo consoles.
problem is, if it’s about titles from the PSOne, there’s still some chances to find pixel art( mostly from 2D fighting games from SNK/Capcom ).
however, the more we go forward in terms of time, the lower those chances get due to graphics improvement through the years/systems.

at this point, it would probably be easier/faster to work around color palettes and try to “pixelate” high quality images, rather than wasting days searching for small size pictures.
while i might find something interesting once in a while, don’t expect frequent updates as the recent ones i posted here, because that probably won’t be the case anymore.

that also leads me to the next point: if anyone around here has any type of image for a scenery regardless of the source( can be a real photo, or a painting, or whatever ), i can eventually try to turn it into a GBA background by size-scaling and reducing the color limit.
not sure if i should make another topic about it, but it’s an idea to take into consideration.

with that said, i’ll leave here a little gift from Street Fighter 3:

[edit] just to be clear, here’s an example of what i meant above:
original image

reworked as GBA asset

see the one right up here? :point_up_2:
that is rendering at 32 colors, wich is not that bad considering the final result.
i picked 32 because it’s probably the most balanced rendering in terms of quality. going below that is kinda risky when it comes to shades, but i’m sure someone else can eventually work on it to make it look good enough even at 16 colors.

[edit 2] …you know what? i actually went ahead and made some stuff, mainly night themes.
here’s the usual link for Klock:

and here’s the preview for you, ladies and gentlemen:

renders may vary from 32 to 64 colors maximum due to overall quality resolution.
images taken randomly from the internet.
if you guys wanted some new assets for your backgrounds, i guess you should have plenty enough for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
feel free to share ideas about other kinds of landscapes.
well then, enjoy the view~

i actually forgot i had this one too, hidden in another folder:

renders at 32 colors. that’s luminescent sea waves, in case you were wondering.

also, just finished checking the PSOne era titles, and… i haven’t found anything in terms of 2D pixel backgrounds for battle/conversation purposes.
there’s a whole ocean of tile sets though, from games such as Alundra, Lunar, Suikoden, etc.
however, while some of them also have backgrounds, they’re mostly drawn artworks rather than pixel art.
i could eventually give them the same treatment as the photos i posted above, but i’m not entirely sure if it’s worth it, since they would become low-res drawings/paintings rather than true pixel art.
might as well just go for real photos at this point.
i believe there’s probably some more material in the Nintendo DS/3DS era titles, but i’m kinda burned out at the moment, so i’ll let them be for the time being.

since this platform is basicly all about pixels and sprites, i was wondering: how come the logo is kind of high resolution?
then, i kept thinking about it a while longer, and this happened:

» traditional
» variant

[ edit ] also, here’s some realistic desert bgs, in case you needed a lot of sand. they render at 64 colors:

» dawn

» daytime

» dusk

this might have come a bit late due to autumn being already on its way, but i guess some summer nostalgia shouldn’t hurt, so here’s some more realistic backgrounds.
zip file for Klok:
and the preview for all the “anime beach episode” lovers( renders at 64 colors as usual ):

i wonder what i could do next… :thinking:

here’s another gift from me, a Tellius-inspired battle UI:

if any of you played with FE Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, i’m sure you’ll eventually recognize some details.

it’s time to get edgy again, with Saber Alter from Fate/stay night:

» default version

» visor version

there’s also some battle stances i made for fun, but if someone else is willing to turn them into full animations, feel free to do so.
the base sprite would be Lyon from FE Sacred Stones:

» Original Saber
» Regal Saber
» Saber Alter( default )
» Saber Alter( visor )

well, since it’s Genealogy stuff, i guess i could eventually do something like…this?

i tried to increase the overall contrast to give more volume to the hairs, also added some lines to the borders here and there, as it was kinda fractured in some parts.

aaaaand back to hunting UIs again.

[edit] by the way, has anyone around here played with Langrisser for SNES?
i started playing it yesterday, and while the engine seems quite arcaic at first, i gotta say the game is actually pretty fun.
it almost feels like playing an Advance Wars title, but set in a fantasy~medieval world.
anyway, since i’ve found this little gem buried in my SNES library, i’ve decided to make a new UI inspired by the one in-game. here’s the results:

it kinda gives me an “egyptian” feel rather than looking like a medieval theme to be honest, but i guess it must be the colors along with the decorations.

well, that’s all for now. maybe i’ll come up with something else one of these days.
the novel of Tsukihime has also been re-released for PS4/Switch recently, so that’s one more thing to think about.
eh, maybe a mug will do. or a background. or both. who knows~ :thinking:

i’m afraid not, since i’m not quite into rom hacking :sweat_smile:
i usually focus on just making assets for other people to use, but maybe someone else around here will be able to put it in a working display.

however, i do have something else, a couple of backgrounds i decided to convert from an old anime movie.
it was and still is a masterpiece in terms of visuals and animation, can you guess from where these come from? hint: it’s a cyberpunk anime~

renders at 64 colors, as usual.

while trying to work around animations, i made this one for testing purposes:

the effects are actually from Riku’s Dark mode in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for GBA.
if someone else wants to play around with it, here’s the game rip i edited:

remember that Squall from Final Fantasy VIII i posted a while ago? i made some changes in order to match a bit more the original:

now he’s fully clothed.
also, since i got inspired by @piero_ryx 's works( go check his gallery, he makes cool stuff ), here’s some battle stances you can eventually edit and turn into full animations.
base sprite used as reference is mercenary:

Kingdom Hearts Leon
Final Fantasy VIII Squall
Dissidia Squall with Revolver
Dissidia Squall with Lionheart( because i’m a masochist )

here’s the reference material, by the way:


oh hi there, here’s some Guilty Gear stuff for Arc System lovers.
these are different versions of Ky Kiske through the franchise, credit for the base mug sprite goes to Buskhusker( i randomly found it on the internet, no joke ), i just added eyes/mouth frames and edited some details:

Guilty Gear

GG Xrd ( not sure if it’s fully compatible, reason being that extra hair going out of the limit box )

GG Strive

and here’s the Strive battle stance for Ky, that you can eventually edit however you like.
base sprite is Journeyman from Sacred Stones:

source material:


that’s all for now. well then…

here’s some pixelated backgrounds from Samurai Showdown that you can use for conversations.
renders may vary from 64 colors to less:

as you can see, they’re made in a more “eastern” style rather than a medieval one, but i guess some variety once in a while never hurts.

also, there’s other backgrounds i’m currently working on, but those will be posted in the coming days because i want you all to wait and suffer mwahahah there’s quite a bit to upload, and processing them all requires both time and patience.
stay tuned~


Shopkeep and armory mugs based on some FE5 portraits. F2E of course.

fe5 eyepatch armory guy-1.png
FE5 Old Lady Shopkeeper-1.png


And here’s Anna and an arena dude.

arena guy


Darling. Darling. Darling.
Darling. Darling. Darling.

Zombie Mary
Happy Halloween


There was something wrong with the tile at the bottom left, so I fixed it.

I also made a version with reduced brightness.

Reduced the color of Night clouds you ripped to work in the game.
Night clouds

[Monster-Custom] [U] AMOGUS Impostor by Link_DX

I think it is better not to display the magic motion of this imposter.
Because shooting a gun or beam is also magical.
If you modify it as follows, you can make a magic attack but operate it without displaying the magic motion.

Also, I created a palette other than the Player Unit because it wasn’t created.
As a result, the default color has changed from red to blue.
If you don’t like this change, modify the palette.


I also made a class card.
class card

This Move image isn’t stored in your Dropbox’s MOVE directory, so it’s not reprinted in the repository either.

Now that you have created the image, you should store it in a directory and send it to the repository as well.


I express this just by changing the palette, so if you use it well, you can use it while reducing the capacity.


Back in June I created an Item icon sheet and finally decided to release it here.
XVI items
It’s free to use, though some of the item icons may be a bit too specific like water and earth tomes. All that being said I hope you enjoy them.
Edit: Finally figured out how to upload the zip file. : )




I created a titleset of Zone of the enders :v.

Your work is awesome as always. Do you have a good amount of free time or this is hard work? I have a good amount of free time, yet I didn’t do half of what you created since you start posting.

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Now that I’m back from work I’ve managed to compile all individual files in their respective category.


armorbuster - Armorslayer
blood sword - Blood Sword
brave sword - Brave Sword
brute cutter - Brute Cutter
devil sword - Devil Sword
Erthys - Erthys
Fa-Regis - Fa-Regis
flamberge - Flamberge
frost sword - Frost sword
Great Wolf - Great Wolf
Heaven's Gate - Heaven’s Gate
iron blade - Iron Blade
iron sword - Iron Sword
killing edge - Killing Edge
lancereaver - Lancereaver
longsword - Longsword
Main Gauche - Main Gauche
poison sword - Poison Sword
Pops' Blade - Lowlander
silver blade - Silver Blade
silver sword - Silver Sword
slim sword - Slim Sword
steel blade - Steel Blade
steel sword - Steel Sword
stone edge - Stone Edge
sun sword - Sun Sword
Turquoise - Turquoise
wyrmslayer - Wyrmslayer
Xenturian - Xenturian


brave lance - Brave Lance
devil lance - Devil Lance
Drake Stabber - Drake Stabber
Flaemis - Flaemis
heavy lance - Heavy Lance
iron lance - Iron Lance
javelin - Javelin
killer lance - Killer Lance
knightslayer - Knightslayer
longinus - Starstruck
magic poker - Sword Buster
pike - Pike
reaver lance - Axe Reaver
Royal glave - Royal Glave
short spear - Short Spear
silver lance - Silver Lance
spear - Spear
Starmetal Lance - Longinus
steel lance - Steel Lance
Stinger Lance - Poison Lance


Aquans - Aquans
brave axe - Brave Axe
devil axe - Devil Axe
halberd - Halberd
hammer - Hammer
hand axe - Hand Axe
hatchet - Hatchet
iron axe - Iron Axe
killer axe - Killer Axe
mighty axe - Mighty Axe
poison axe - Poison Axe
reaver axe - Sword Reaver
Red Giant - Red Giant
rending axe - Rending Axe
ruined axe - Ruined Axe
scale crusher - Scale Crusher
silver axe - Silver Axe
steel axe - Steel Axe
tomahawk - Tomahawk


Aeros - Aeros
brave bow - Brave Bow
Deadeye - Deadeye
iron bow - Iron Bow
killer bow - Killer bow
long bow - Long Bow
Magebane - Magebane
poison bow - Poison sword
short bow - Short Bow
silver bow - Silver Bow
steel bow - Steel Bow


gust - Gust
tempest - Tempest
thundershock - Thundershock
thunderstorm - Thunderstorm
immolate - Immolate
Inferno - Inferno
pyromagia - Pyromagia
wildfire - Wildfire
frostasia - Glaciate
frostbite - Frostasia
splash - Splash
tsunami - Tsunami
Poison - Poison
Quake - Quake
Razor Leaf - Razor Leaf
Rock Fall - Rock fall
Stinger - Needleflare
Flare - Flash
Judge - Smite
Punish - Judge
Roh - Roh
shine - Shine
Smite - Flare
An - An
Dark flame - Dark Flame
dark sun - Dark Sun
Drain - Drain
void - Void
vortex - Vortex
Will o Wisp - Will o Wisp
Animus - Animus


barrier - Barrier
berserk - Berserk
fortify - Fortify
hammerne - Hammerne
heal - Heal
karnos - Karnos
mend - Mend
physic - Physic
recover - Recover
rescue - Rescue
restore - Restore
silence -Silence
sleep - Sleep
torch - Torch
unlock - Unlock
warp - Warp

Stat Boosters

Bard B. - Bard Band/Mov
Bear B. - Bear Band/Con
Dragon B. - Dragon Band/Def
Feather B. - Feather Band/Spd
Flame B. - Flame Band/Str
Leaf B. - Leaf Band/Res
Master B. - Master Band/Skill
Rain B. - Rain Band/Mag
Star B. - Star Band/Luck

Other Items

Jade - Jade
KnightPendant - Knight Pendant
Lucky Coin - Lucky Coin / Member Card
M1 - Music Sheet I
M2 - Music Sheet II
M3 - Music Sheet III
M4 - Music Sheet IV
Master shard - Master Shard
/ Master Seal
Mirrilixir - Mirrilixir / Pure Water
Notes - Notes / Afa’s Drops
Ointment - Ointment / Vulnerary
Onyx Ring - Onyx Ring
Remedy - Remedy / Antitoxin
Ruby - Ruby
Amber - Amber
Amethyst - Amethyst
Bandit Key - Bandit Key / Lockpick
Bargain - Bargain Code / Silver Card
Belt - Belt
Chest Key - Chest Key
Door Key - Door Key
Elixir - Elixir
aero shield - Aero Shield
roh — kopia - Regal Crown
roh - Plate Armor


2 quick edits, making the portraits gba insertable (16 colors), and another with a proper mini, for those of you who dislike tlp minis
Fenreir ZeroFenreir Zero NoTLP


more slice,F2E

if u find the last one familiar , that’s what i used as refence:

will make more of this if i have idea and still alive


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Here’s a rather older animation I noticed that was never added to the repo.
Credit to @Obsidian_Daddy for the animation; I just scripted it.



FEditor_Adv Loptous
FEditor_Adv Naga

・Eckesachs & Thunder Dragon ↓

・FE7 S Rank Spell Animations ↓

・Loptous & Naga ↓

I have made the seven CSA animations I have made so far, Eckesachs, Thunder Dragon, S Rank Spell Animations, Loptous & Naga, supported for FEditor. So, if you are using these older versions of animations, please overwrite and update them.

By the way, I’m planning to add support for the CSA animations of my big bosses (Medius, Duma, Grima, Anankos Breath) to FEditor next.


…anyway, here’s a bunch of battle backgrounds i recently found from Lunar, an old jrpg from the psp era( maybe even older than that? i’m not familiar with this franchise ).
there’s actually way more of these in the original game rips, but the problem is that at 64 colors they already started to loose quality due to the images being paintings, so i decided to process only those i thought were the best in terms of renders.
here’s the zip file for Klokman:
and here’s the preview for bois and garls:

maybe they’re not as good as the FF ones, but hey, at least they’re still quite fine.
i also reorganized my own topic in the Creative section for better viewing, so in case you’ll eventually want to check out some of my older works, now they’re all divided into sub-categories.

oh hai there, long time no see.
here’s some more realistic backgrounds, this time based on gothic themes and mosaic windows, just to try something different.
renders may vary from 16 to 64 colors; 16 mainly for the outer areas, 64 for the inner ones due to overall better details.
zippity zappity file for the repo:

and as always, the preview for the homies:

don’t be fooled by the 3rd and 4th images. even if it seems one huge image, they’re actually 2.
if the last ones remind you about “Dive to the Heart” by any chance, then it means you might have played too much Kingdom Hearts~

while updating some stuff, i just noticed that in about a month and half, my own gallery has actually become quite huge.
guess i need to calm down and take a break for a while :sweat_smile:
but before going back lurking in the shadows, here’s one last gift from me, wich pretty much concludes my quest for pixel art/realistic backgrounds.
well, not really the last stuff i’ll post here hopefully, but i guess it will be enough for now until i’ll get inspired again and come up with something new.
probably next year, maybe even before that, who knows~

anyway, these backgrounds are partially mixed because i had them waiting to be processed for some time, and since i decided only recently to work on them, i’ll just put the whole batch in the same zip file to avoid further headache on my side( ahah, sorry Klok ).
so, here’s the stuff:

and here’s the preview:

all renders at 64 colors.
beside nature themes that were previously missing in my older works, i also included some new city stuff because let’s be honest: one day someone will get tired of doing always and only medieval~fantasy FE hacks.
at that point, they will eventually come up with a decent sci-fi FE hack involving mechs a la Gundam, and that will mark the beginning of a new era.

…or so i hope! :wink:

since i love far too much mecha games/anime such as Zone of the Enders, Armored Core, Escaflowne, etc, i decided to come up with yet another battle frame, but this it’s a sci-fi version of it based on Metroid GBA titles.
made two versions because having alternatives is always good:

there’s actually GBA games with Gundams in them, such as SRW titles, although they’re not exactly FEish.
oh well, one can always hope~

behold! one of the very rare times when i actually manage to build something from scratch( sort of ), this is Zero from Megaman GBA titles:

not to shabby if i say so myself, although it could probably be improved some more in terms of light reflexes and overall shading.

i’ll also leave the original sketch i made here, in case someone else wants to play around with it.
i’m waaay too lazy to actually do full body colored portraits~

here, have another medieval~fantasy battle frame. the theme was assembled from Rocket Knight Sparkster:

shiny shiny~

has anyone around here watched an anime movie called “Belle”( aka “Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime” in Japanese )?


『竜とそばかすの姫』Belle MVメドレー - YouTube

it’s from the same director of “Summer Wars” and “Wolf Children”, and i gotta admit, the visuals were spectacular.
anyway, here’s a mug of the main protagonist, Belle:

and here’s the original source material i took as reference.



Hopefully this will prove useful to someone.

I needed a generic manakete transformation to use for all the amazing dragon animations that have come out lately, so I pieced one together.

It’s very basic, but it does the job, and is easily recolorable for the different dragons.


I finally got around to clearing out about half of the WIP animations folder.

RiriK’s Female General.
Der’s Archer with Hat.
Cleric Repal Fix by Eldritch.
Clone Trooper by WAve.
RetroGamer’s Hat Mage (Staff) by 7743.
Alternate Critical for the T3 Matriarch by 7743.
Devisian Nights’ v2 Magician.
And a few other assorted ones.

Unfortunately, the animations that remain are either spell animations, or are… just… messy folders. Horribly messy. Shyuterz’s folders are REALLY hard for me to even parse. Each one is entirely different from the rest with folders inside folders inside folders. No structure at all. Lots of extraneous things. I’m not eager to work on them.

I still have animations to add, but I’ll get around to them… later.

Regarding Spell Animations, though… we really need some way to export spell gifs that don’t look like garbage. It seems the only way to get them looking good is to insert them into a ROM, start a battle ingame, and record the spell activating. These spell gifs are WORTHLESS and ugly. I know there are a lot of limitations to exporting spell data because nobody’s fully cracked it yet…

But basically, until spell gifs become even remotely decent, I have no way of making their repo section look good. I don’t even know how the majority of these will appear ingame.

I’m down for discussing any possible solutions to make spells look nice.