Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

Finished my Mareeta sprite.
Also fixed an issue with the mouth frames on Elierk. You can replace the original since this isn’t really a change but a fix.


I guess if you ever wanted Halloween Anna in your hack… here she is!

Anna 08 - GBA

Gunnthra Insertable

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Thought I’d go back and add talking/blinking/mini-mug frames to Gunnthra, should anyone be inclined to make use of her.


New thing, Ranger Leo’s style, hope y’all like it ^^.
sword bow

Heeeeyyyyy you thought no female (as usual) ? but not this time

yeah i did a female variant this time :

sword bow

Have a good day ^^ !


No, no, this won’t do!
Where are the lances?


lance lance


Finally done. It took a bit longer than I had hoped due to the fact I had to make sure everything was good. :smiley:
The amount of times I had to fix something due to a stray pixel was staggering. Here’s the sprite edit for the Female General I was working on (I called mine Marshal in my game but each to their own). I’ve tripled check everything and it works perfectly fine on all three games (Fe6,7,8), although I haven’t tested Triangle attack for it so use at your own risk.
All colors should also be fine for enemy, npc, etc. I included a little readme/png for the colors that should help anyone who hope to change the color inside the files.
Also included is an edited Female Marshal Map Sprite (both standing and moving) from the FE8 Patches, original from Marlon&Louis Fire Hacks
Nothing fancy, just the Marshal with the FHero’s hair.

FGen Map Standing


A huge thanks to @ knabepicer for allowing me to use his General sword chain sprite. I also made some modification to his sprites so that it would flow together.
Also some credits to Redbean since I did use some of his sprites for parts in the edits (mostly Lyn’s legs :rofl:).

That’s all I really have to say. I’m going to take a break for a bit but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy this. Feel free to use it anyway you want, completely public domain. And if there is any problem (i.e stray pixels or mistakes) please do let me know so I can fix it.

Happy Spriting everyone!

*Edit: Hello all! Just a quick heads up I found some mistakes (several actually) and is deciding to fix them. Basically I found that a lot of colors are mixed with each other, plus some inconsistencies, that I’m hoping to patch up. Plus I noticed I made some mistake on the submission so I apologize for that as well. I’m leaving the download up but do note that I will reupload it when I’m finish. Thank you for your understanding.


Free OC 1
Original unknown ,from the repo
Tried to fit in 16 color and make flames

Untitled (1)


the repo have quite amount, here is some of those


I made a staff motion of Hat Mage of RetroGamer.
[Mage-Reskin] [F] Hat by RetroGamer


Feel free to use it if you like it.
f2u f2e

I made a mage that uses staff.


I made a recolor of Rebecca’s color for FE7 with Leo_link’s Ranger.


This animation is difficult for palette10.
This color is also used around the sword and should be changed carefully.






All the bugs and limitations of the previous version have been fixed, and it no longer freezes when ranged.
I also replaced the fog with a new one.

:warning:Feel free to use it in Hack Rom and other places, but do not edit it without my permission. This is because I used a fairly complicated procedure to create this animation and made some super fine adjustments.

※This only works in CSA, so the next step will be to make this animation and other rassless bosses (such as Duma) compatible with FEditor_Adv.

Credit: SHYUTERz


@Klokinator Beansy's Big Chungus Item Icon Collection (400+ icons)
I have added many more icons in my thing. I believe it is update time.

cough cough

Gonna do some more edits and make a female Ephraim version before I share.

It is officially finished. Enjoy your new Manakete Lords!


Here’s my update to WAve’s charming FF2 town tileset that I’ve had sitting around too long as just a png. So I fixed that. Credit to WAve, he did all the hard stuff, I just added a bunch of useless things.

I’ve added another set of road tiles, more roof tiles (some were already buried in the object, some are custom), more stairs, sideways stairs, sideways doors, boat armory and vendor, some barrels and boxes, a bunch of tiles for making bridges, fixed chests and small bridges, my portcullis, and a breakable brick wall. I think that’s it.

Comparison (now with fade!)

Sample Maps

Radiant Dawn - Part 1 Prologue - Under Gray Skies
Under Gray Skies 2

Conquest chapter 10 - Conquest chapter 10
Boats not included… yet…


Zora’s Autumn

WAve’s Sunset

My Snowy


Hmm. If you don’t dump with FEBuilder, it won’t work in the Github repo properly.

I’ve never heard of a 32 color mode not working, is that a bug? Maybe @7743 would know more about it?

Also I checked just now and hard refreshed. You’re not using the right naming scheme or folder structure for the animations. You didn’t add a Credits file. You also didn’t dump with FEBuilder, but we know that.

It actually looks untouched from when I first looked at it. Is this the animation link?

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Here’s some of my splice’s!
All free to use!

Tell me if you have any trouble’s with the portrait’s!


putting some of my FFVII stuff here as well, just for the sake of it.
however, there’s a chance that some of these might not be 100% compatible with GBA assets since i usually don’t mind the 16 colors limit, therefore they might need a rework in order to lower the amount of colors. anyway:

[GBA detailed portraits] Kingdom Hearts Cloud | Crisis Core Zack | Crisis Core Sephiroth

Cloud.png Zack.png Seph.png

[Pixel art backgrounds + UI] Forgotten City outer area | Northern Cave core area | Battle UI

FC-background.png NC-background.png battle-ui.png

here, have a Terry:

…and why not, also an Aerith:

i actually forgot to put this guy here too. here’s an improved version of Noctis from FFXV:

meanwhile, have some more stuff:

Kingdom Hearts Leon

Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leonhart

@Klokinator sorry about the previous formats man, i literally missed the infos from the other post for the guidelines. will try to post my stuff in a more appropriate manner.
by the way, here’s 2B from Nier Automata:

i also tried to insert the artists( シロス, vovovov) in the .png file name, but apparently they don’t show up, no clue why.
in any case, i’ll keep posting my stuff both here and in my topic, just to keep my own collection going.

and here’s the 2B variant, for those who aren’t into blindfolds:

guess that’s all for now.
tomorrow i might post some stuff about Fate/stay night as well. stay tuned~

time for some Fate/stay night stuff. here’s Saber:

King Arthur(F) from the original FSN

King Arthur(M) from Prototype

( there’s also some more stuff in my own gallery that i’ll probably edit later on! )

here’s yet another thing for the other “blind character” topic. guess i’ll include two versions here because i feel generous:

Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku

same guy as above( duh! ), but no blindfold~

a wild Mordred from Fate/Apocrypha has appeared:

i could have made a full armored version with the helmet too, wich probably would have been a nice variant, but sadly it’s a pain in the ass to deal with because the helmet itself is huge, and the space available in the portrait box is waaaaay too limited to work with properly.
ah well, better than nothing i guess~

Tales of Arise is gonna be released soon.
meanwhile, have an Alphen:


Eyy, I made a thing. Letter replacements in a shape of items.
anima bow dark axe
fire lance light staff
sword thunder wind

You can do something like this with them:

Have fun!


Narrowfont already includes icons for these:
Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 4.42.25 PM

but more never hurt anyone.


Happy to have Jemmie’s summer variant thrown on the repo!

Jemmie Summer (WAve)


Some time ago I needed an Ephraim on horse without lance but couldn’t find any, so I created this very ugly one. I don’t know if it’s ok enough, but I tried to format the name according to the naming schema and added a pull request if that makes it easier for Klokinator. Please let me know if I managed to mess up anyway :slight_smile:

Great Lord (M) Ephraim Sword {milom}-move Great Lord (M) Ephraim Sword {milom}-stand


It’s master knight time

(doing these killed me so if someone else could do female version that’d be great thank you)


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Don’t like SALVAGED Paladin’s coloured horse mane? Now you don’t need to deal with it!
Basically: I’ve recolored the hair on the horse so that it is yellow like in the vanilla animation.