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Well after months of waiting, here is the Zephiel with a generic sword.

Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.
Heres the download.


I’ve finished the Axe and Handaxe animations for Zephiel and also ajusted the sword one, I put them all into this folder,
Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.


Let me tell you all a joke. Two cleric, a king, a squire a mercenary a pirate and three berserkers, enters a bar and they all want new animations! Hilarious! But seriously this is my homework for the week

[details=Cleric with sword] Credit to me @Maiser6 and Raiden for the spritesheet. Comes with a serra and a generic Cleric, There is two versions of each, one with a heart slicing crit and the other wit a prayer crit.
Link [/details]

[details=Full King animations (except Bow)]Finally all weapons (except bows) can be wield by the king himself zephiel.
Staff (same as magic but with a different script) preview for the rest are up.
Credit to me @Maiser6 and Hairyblob2 on devianart [/details]

[details=RE squire] I alwayswanted to have a generic sword class for my enemy, but the original squire was not so great, so I remade it with the best of my habilities.
Old Credit for the new me @Maiser6 Russell Clark, Credit for the Old A Random Player, Kobazco and Russel Clark. Comes with a Map sprite and Class card.
Download [/details]

[details=F Mercenary (Yes another one)] And directly from the to do list, a female Mercenary Credit to me @Maiser6 and Serragirl for the spritesheet
download: [/details]

[details=Pirate with sword repalette + magic sword]Simply a repalette for the sword pirate by Pimpstick, It can now work with the original pirate pallette and I added the magic sword animation Credit to Pimpstick.
Download [/details]

[details=Hawkeye with sword]Just hawkeye with a sword Credit to me @Maiser6
Link: [/details]

[details=Hawkzerker with sword + missing unharmed animation]Since a did Hawkeye with a sword it would a been a waste not to do the hawkzerker too and since a could not find the unharmed animation I made it, plus a made the handaxe for the Hawkzerker, so I can proudly say that the hawkzerker is complete! Credit to me @Maiser6 for the sword and unharmed and credit to TheBlindArcher for the original Hawkzerker
Link: [/details]

[details=Skinnyzerker] and last one for today the skinnyzerker
Credit to me @Maiser6 and Zomaxiee for most of the Spritesheet.
Link: [/details]


Yes it’s me again… Let’s just get to it.

[details=Griffon knight fix and lance] This a fix for the griffon knight with a sword repalette by @BlueDruid, Credit to them. Donwload:
and I made a lance animations for it Credit to @BlueDruid for the original and me @Maiser6 if you want. Download [/details]


Sup guys :wave:

Guess what? I have some animations for you! xD
Some of them are new, some are just updates for existing ones. But see for yourself :wink:

various snipers (update)

Some of you might know that I made edits to the sniper animations.
Welp although the may look pleasing they all share one major flaw.
I made the snapback / recoil of the bow way to big which is unrealistic.
With this update I’m adressing this mistake.

for the case that some might prefer the snapback-version I just added a version without it.

  • Temp and Wan for Rebecca
  • Swain for the generic sniper
  • Nuramon for the edits
Greil (Alondite + regular axe)

This is an simple edit that adds Alondite and a more default/regular axe to Greils arsenal.
(I know, he never used Alondite but I wanted to give it to him regardless xD)


  • Cipher Lee: original animation
  • DerTheVaporeon: script and formating to make it insertable
  • Nuramon: Alondite + regular axe
unmounted Great Lord Ephraim (update)

Well I found a few errors in the script and frames which I want to fixe with this update.
But that’s not all! I also added an new animation to the package. :wink:
Namely I added an anim for his legendary spear Siegmund based on the footage of FE Heroes:

Get the package here:

Credits: Nuramon

And last but certaintly not least!

Zelgius 2.0

The ones of you who follow the #spritans channel on discord might have seen this already.
For the ones who didn’t see it:
I’m currently working on a completely new Zelgius animation.

Zelgius was the reason why I did start to animate. And he also was the first char I made an animation for. This was during christmas '17 and the anim sucks in my eyes now. So I decided to give it another shot. And I gotta admit I’m quite pleased with the result.

For reference, this was the first one:

And this is the new one:

I also wanted to see how far I’ve come in merely 8 months. xD

At the moment it only consists of the sword and unarmed anim but I plan to make the spear next.

Credits: Nuramon

That is what I was working on the past few weeks.
I hope you enjoy these animation :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Thanks Klok!

I know what you mean. Work does consumes quite some time and there are a few other things in life aside from that which one have to deal with.

I may have some spare time these days but that is most likely to change in the near future tho.

Regarding the repo, yeah you have quite a bit to cover since your last update.
And one could say I’m partially to blame for this. xD

To make it even worse, I yet have another two animations to share today xD

One week ago I did submit the first bits of my Zelgius.
Now I’m done with the rest as well!

Zelgius 2.0

This time I gave him Alondite and a lance.
Credits: Nuramon

I’m now done with this animation package. :smile:


Sup guys :wave:

Some of you might remember the FE10-Knight I made back in march.
I happen to see this one in a teaser video for an upcoming project a little while ago.
It was one of my very first custom animations and I was really happy with the result.
But… when I saw it in the teaser I was kinda shocked how clanky it is though!

Well I think you already figured where this is leading to xD
I adjusted it to my current standard of quality.

But have a look for yourself:


vs new:

Credits: Nuramon, Iscaneus (for the idle sprite)[/details]

Naturaly it contains all weapon types that it had before.

That’s it for the moment.
kind regards


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Well Klok i’m sorry, but I’ve got another animation to give to you. It’s a gift for @AlfredKamon
A female Myrmidon with long hair
Here it is,
and the link: Good job Klok and please dont hit me for adding another one.


Since I contributed to the class card and map sprite thread I thought that I would do something here. So have some pegasus knight and falcoknight edits that I made a while ago. I really don’t know why nobody else got to this earlier.

Dropbox links:
Pegasus Knight:


There are also some edited map sprites and class cards included in the folders.


I have finished the improved falcoknight animations. Now they can wield staves and axes as well as lances and swords. The new animations are in the dropbox folder.

Credits to shadowofchaos for the original staff animation and The Blind Archer for the Dragon Lord axe animation(that I took the axe from).


I updated most of the general/marshall map sprites.
Plus I added two more variants (capeless axe + sword)

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The palette is still a bit disordered, but now this thief doesn’t use the same colors for his cape and skin anymore.


I added a version with a broad sword
For comparison:
regular sword vs broad sword

Both versions are available so one can choose which he/she prefers.

Nuramon, Iscaneus (for the idle sprite)

kind regards

PS: I’ll release another complete animation pack after FEE3 :wink:
Some of you might know what it’ll be. For those who doesn’t, stay tuned.


As I mentioned earlier, there is something I want to release after my animation showcase from FEE3 did drop. So here it is:

Inspired by Hectors newest iteration from FE Heroes Choose Your Legends 2.

The Brave Hector!

It comes with the complete weapon triangle and an unique animation for Armads!



That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards


Today I bring you… Archers.

Download here!


Kent Cavalier:

Kent Paladin:

Saint Cavalier:

Saint Paladin:


Heath Dragon Lord:

Rebecca Sniper:


Recruit (M) :


Farina Falco:

Fiora Falco:

Florina Falco: