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Axe Handaxe
Got some new stuff I’ve been hanging onto for a while. The first is a weapon update for GabrielKnight’s Fencer animation. I’ve made an Axe variant based on the existing Sword animation, and frankensteined together a Handaxe animation based on existing sword frames (though the gif doesn’t really do it justice, looks better in game >_>).

Credit to GabrielKnight for the original animation and frames, and to me for the edits.

Sword Axe Handaxe Unarmed

Next is a female variant on the Grand Paladin animation. I’ve changed both the hair and the armor of this one. Additionally, I’ve added an extra frame to the Magic Sword so it has a nicer critical animation now. Note that I’ve only done Swords, Axes and Unarmed frames. I do not plan to create Lance or Bows for this animation myself, but if someone else wants to create those using my edits as a base, feel free.

Credit to Kenpuhu, Aruku and Nuramon for the originals, and me for the edits.

All of this is F2U/F2E


Hank J Wimbleton
This character been living rent free in my mind so I had to sprite him.
(Hank J. Wimbleton from Madness Combat).
Hilda me Hilda young
The original Hilda and younger Hilda. Also thanks @Obsidian_Daddy for the help on Hilda (Fe4 Hilda)
Zeke (1)
And Finally my OC I forgot to post


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I’ve been playing The Dragon Herald, of which its MC uses a f2u portrait by Remurin. And I eventually noticed that her mouth frames were a little off; her normal speaking frames (smiling ones are fine) only have two frames of animation, and her statscreen mouth is agape as though it was FE6 and there weren’t two types of closed mouths.

So I made a little fix, and everything should be fine now:

Leave all the credit to Remurin, merely copy-pasting which anyone can do probably isn’t significant enough to put my name on. Also, don’t replace the original so a comparison can be made; plus, some people prefer the whole :smiley: statscreen mouth thing that FE6 does anyway.


hi i remade the magician

gg top diff

Download Here



This Guts portrait had its frames off by 2 pixels, so i fixed them
^ original one
^ fixed one
The credits go to caringcarrot for the portrait and wasdye for the original frames


Because I like cohesion and doing small edits, I made some edits to my Brigand and the FeGirls Summoner.

Changed the headband of the brigand to match Skitty and eCut’s female brigand
Axe Handaxe Unarmed

And added the hat from the default male summoner to the FeGirls Summoner.
Magic Staff

Edit: and added the links
Double Edit:

One thing further, a touch up to my Fire Dragon.
Unarmed Transform !Dragonstone Revert


Tried to make a Halfbody for Puzon
Puzon halbody

He might be a beast but he ain’t a savage.
Batta halfbody Purple Batta halfbody Red Batta halfbody


I forgot to post this earlier.

Older Fae, version 2. Now with Myrmidon collar
Fae Older Revision


Karla style Myrmidon Map sprites
Myrmidon F (Karla) moving Myrmidon F (Karla) standing


I’d like to upload this portrait, it was meant to be Almuth from berwick saga, but it finished being an OC called Marduk because it doesn’t actually look like Almuth


Sword transporter. Credits to spud for some of the frames I copied.


Alright so I thiiiiiink this is all in the right format. First attempt at making a spell. Used the Sludge Bomb attack animation from Pokemon Ranger 2. Calling it Miasma but honestly it could be used for any sort of poison-esque spell. Maybe something with low Might but inflicts the Poison status? :eyes:


It’s a very simple animation so the gif doesn’t really do it justice. I think it looks really nice in-game though :smile: I’ve included both the ranged and melee folders as well.

Lemme know if I need to fix anything format-wise to get it uploaded!


Citrus - Armor or Wyvern Girl - F2E Citrus - Lasagna bruce Citrus - Male Pegasus Knight Citrus - Pirate Guy - F2E Citrus - Archer Girl - F2E Citrus - Cavalier or Lord Girl - F2E

Just give them generic names and specify that they’re F2E, except for the lasagna because that’s funny.


FE3 Mage M FE3 Mage
FE3 Mage Map Sprites I made for my hack
Please let me know if you spot out any issues.


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So, idk how useful this will be for anyone else, but in my project (Whenever I get around to that again) Myrmidons are native to a very cold northern nation that’s vaguely Japan but not, so obviously they’d wanted to dress a bit warmer than your vanilla FE GBA Myrms, so I give you the Fur Coat Myrm
Idk if it’s the best it could be and it definitely looks better in game imo, but it’s only my second time doing something like this anyways

Female and Swordmasters coming soon, hopefully


There’s been a long-standing bug with TBA’s Bow General animation that causes its dodge animation to rapidly play out ahead of schedule. After seeing the umpteenth romhack that implements epic bow generals and doesn’t fix this, I took a look at the script (now that I have a basic understanding of them) to actually see where the problem was. Idk if this is worth being credited for.

A gif comparing the before-and-after of animation itself wouldn’t really show anything, so here’s how the differences play out ingame. Left is old, right is new.

Contains fixes for both TBA’s vanilla bow general, and the Baron by Nuramon/Leo_link/Iscaneus which inherited the same issue. (Side note, the only difference between the “clicks” and “no clicks” version of the bow Baron is that the “clicks” version has a melee script and the “no clicks” version doesn’t; there’s no sound differences. This fix comes with a melee script, and since that was the only difference, it’s compatible with both and kinda negates any need for there to be two copies unless it’s to prevent people from having to dip between two different folders for the same unit.)



An atempt to Brave Lucina


Hey everyone. I commissioned SqrtPi to create some portraits again and wanted to share them with you all as free to use and free to edit. Do whatever you want with them (just don’t credit yourself for making them, sqrtpi is an amazing artist and deserves to be recognized and credited).

For this commission SqrtPi created Al from the FE6 manga and cipher card game. He did a young version and an older promoted version as well.

I’ve always wanted to integrate parts of the FE6 manga into FE6 and you can’t do that without the main character! Both portraits here are Free to use and edit with credits to the creator (SqrtPi). Enjoy!