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I created Legendary Animations again with CSA_Creator.
This will probably be the last update of Legendary Animations.

Next time, I plan to make Legendary Animations for FE8.
And, I’m also planning to make Grima and Anankos.

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Money Man

Hey! You know what? Money is important! If you don’t have money
I w i l l d e v o u r y o u r s o u l


A while back, I made an edit to the Fields tileset with additional buildings and wide bridges.

Recently, however, I noticed a rather crucial missing thing: farmland. Fire Emblem maps often take place in vast countrysides home to many towns; these people, after all, need somewhere to grow their food.

After some searching, I came across a suitable source for that food; a tileset on OpenGameArt, featuring some decent - but effective - crops.

In addition to those, I’ve made quite a few more improvements. Check out a variety of new tiles!

  • Additional tiles for the edges of deep water!
  • Fence walls!
  • New ways to cap off the tops of mountains!
    And more!

    Here’s an example map, showcasing just some of the stuff you can do with this tileset!
    Super Fields Example Map

Download here. Give credit to myself, WAve, and Beast.

EDIT: Modified the tileset to fix the bridges’ terrain types, as well as to add some new stairs options. It’s available at the same link.


Someone said love for FE4?
Female Helmetless Wyvern Lord edit lol with feat Altena[T2][FLY][Wyvern%20Lord](Helmetless%20%2BAxe)[M]{Flasuban%2C%20TBA%2C%20Marlon}.rar?dl=0

Go to 13:40 lol


I’ve been thinking alot about an FE8 Prequel lately
Young Duessel
Young Cavalier Duessel (I tried)


Hello, i’m just here to drop off my map sprites for the marauder class made by Spud
Marauder Moving v3-2 Marauder Standing v3


Fe4 Lex half body because fe4 needs more love.
Also thanks @Link for the help.

Fe4 Munnir

Fe4 Hawk


So… remember that old zip file I linked with the Regi Trio anims? I decided to make anims for the Vanillite line in the same format, using sprites from the pokeemerald pokemon-expansion thingy on github. Enjoy!

Forgive me If I’m wrong and overlooked it somehow but I noticed a distinct lack of Axe Ephraim in the Repo, so I decided to change that
T1LRD Lord (M) (Ephraim) Axe Standing {Its_Just_Jay}T1LRD Lord (M) (Ephraim) Axe  Moving {Its_Just_Jay}
I also (hopefully) formatted the file names the same way the Repo does, to save y’all a little trouble.


I made Mewtwo in the vein of my previous Pokémon anims. Have fun!

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I modified Parthia’s animation and made an animation of Gladius.
According to the novel’s setting, Gladius is a wind-based spear, but I have the impression that it is a spear that attacks with fire.
Please feel free to use it.


Lance General with no chain, now with a shield for the capeless Shield General.

Creds to:

  • knabepicer for the OG chainless lance general
  • Nuramon and The Blind Archer for the shield general
  • SamirPlayz as the class card is yet another adaptation of his Baron one

Roy Knight Lord Standing (1) T1LRD Lord (M) (Roy) Moving {IS} Roy Knight Lord Moving-1.png (1) (2)

Needed a Knight Lord Roy (Or Brave Roy, for you FEH peeps you poor souls) for a FE6 Draft where I was editing Roy to promote earlier and into Eliwood Knight Lord, realized there wasn’t one and spent about an hour making this. Really simple, just Roy’s head on Eliwood Knight Lord but it works.

Download the funny horse roy here

T2LRD Great Lord (M) (Ephraim) Lance Standing {IS} (1) Roy Mounted Lord Moving Roy Mounted Lord Moving (1)

Wan/Obs thought itd be cool if he had a cape so there he go. Yes, the trim is a bit wonky, but go complain to IS about Ephraim Great Lord’s cape trim, not me. actually feel free to complain to me as I’m just extremely lazy

Download thicc cape redhead here


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1 warm_ar1 warm_hx1 warm_ax1 lorm_sp1
According to Bart’s style, I made a new one and removed the back decoration
Modify the original warrior weapon style, we can use it as T3


Hey guys. I commissioned SqrtPi to create some portraits and wanted to share them with you all as free to use and free to edit. Do whatever you want with them (just don’t credit yourself for making them, sqrtpi is an amazing artist and deserves to be recognized and credited).

First portrait is Elibian Randal from the Cipher TCG. This appearance is based off of his Elibe Cipher cards. Elibe is apparently his home country so I thought it would be cool if he could cameo in some Elibe-based hacks.
Elibian Randal

Second portrait is Fire Emblem Heroes/Fire Emblem 6 Raven. Basically Raven promoted to his Hero class with inspiration from his look in Fire Emblem Heroes as well as the Cipher cards. He has also been aged to look like he’s roughly in his 30’s/40’s so he can cameo in FE6.
FEH and FE6 Raven

I’ll be commissioning some other portraits from sqrtpi in the future and will share those here as well. All will be Free to use and edit with credits to the creator. Thanks guys, enjoy!


Holyn Portrait Editor Fire emblem Journey Home.emulator.emulator.emulator.emulator.gba_37@25 Galahad_8ACFD0Holyn unarmor
Fe4 Holyn/Chulainn


Candy’s Consortium of Sprites - Creative - Fire Emblem Universe (
We now have playable wolf mug. :sweat_smile:


Okay so after getting explicit permission from Nuramon (and forgetting to thank 'em for like an hour or two cuz I need sleep lol) I bring you…
Baron Standing FinalBaron Moving Final
Baron Map Sprites based on this version of the Baron class in the repo
I noticed that most often when used it would use the Caped Marshall as a map sprite (what these use as a base) and that kinda irked my OCD, so I decided to fix that.

Again make sure credit goes to Nuramon, I really just built on what was already there.