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have this


Alright, I made an account to post this. Here’s an updated version of the sniper map sprites designed to match DerTheVaporeon’s archer a bit better.

updated sniper sniper update move

They’re designed to look similar to Der’s unpromoted Archer, as Archer with Brown Bow → Sniper with White Bow always struck me as odd. No particular animation in mind.

For the other point, thank you for reminding me about the female sprites, I forgot to include them earlier.

updated sniper f sniper update move f


First post woo…ahem.

Here’s my attempt at making a helmetless SALVAGED knight

note for palette usage: The armor trim and skin color both use the same colors, so be wary of that or you might end up with weird looking skin color.
Credit: Team SALVAGED for the incredible Knight animations, map sprites, class cards used for this edit

Animation Previews:
Axe Handaxe Bow Bow (Shield on back) Lance Sword Unarmed

Map Sprites:
T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Axe Moving {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Axe Standing {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Bow (Shield Back) Moving {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Bow (Shield Back) Standing {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Bow Moving {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Bow Standing {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Lance Moving {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Lance Standing {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Sword Moving {team SALVAGED} T1ARM Knight (U) (SALVAGED) (Helmetless) Sword Standing {team SALVAGED}

Class Cards:
ARM Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Axe {team SALVAGED} ARM Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Bow (Shield Back) {team SALVAGED} ARM Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Bow {team SALVAGED} ARM Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Lance {team SALVAGED} ARM Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Sword {team SALVAGED}


I honestly forgot to upload the link for this animation the other day. I did get to finish the female version of it in that time however. Its the dark mage!

Magic Magic

Male -

Female -

Class card and map sprite may come soon…


So it turns out that the Female Summoner has a bunch of unused colors. The magic animation has 3 unused colors, but the staff animation only has 2. I did a repalette of the animation that uses the extra space to give the Summoner’s robes and staff their own colors instead of using the same color as the hair.

Credit: Velvet Kitsune for the Female Summoner animation

So the original Female Summoner had a problem with the animations where both the Magic and Staff animation were fine on their own, but the Magic Animation had a different palette order than the Staff animation. A palette that worked fine for a Staff animation would be buggy for the Magic animation. I did a fix to the Magic animation so that it uses the same palette as the Staff animation.


Might as well dump the custom mugs that are waiting on the next Blitz here! They are all F2E!
cleric girl
Wyvern Rider
male catria
pirate lady
FE5 Arena Man
arena guy
Valkyrie/Mage Knight Boss
Generic Female Shaman
Generic Paladin Boss
Candy’s Consortium of Sprites - Creative - Fire Emblem Universe (


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I already posted this guy in my own thread, but here’s a version recolored to match vanilla gbafe palette instead of my custom one and reformatted to match other stuff in the repo, just in case someone somewhere wanted it or to make a variant thereof. :smiley:
T1LRD Outlander (M) (Baldur) Sword Standing {J-Treecko} T1LRD Outlander (M) (Baldur) Sword Moving {J-Treecko}


Hello. Edit time.
Female Salvaged Paladin with Sword - Credit: Team Salvaged, HGS
Female Salvaged Paladin with Bow - Credit: Team Salvaged, HGS, Obsidian_Daddy
Sorry, other guy apparently working on similar edits.


That’s bad… I want this animation so much…

Well. Since I’m here… I finished right now this one.

{Celice} Old Icons


So, I try to change The Black Knight stance like this.


Link :


Hey. It’s my first post on this thread. Heh.
Here’s F!SALVAGED Paladin (Sword, Axe, and Handaxe)
based on Gamma’s F!SALVAGED Lance Paladin.

Sword Axe Handaxe

Link :


Cardcafe_s Affinity Icons #1

Cardcafe_s Mixed Icons #1

Cardcafe_s Mixed Icons #2

Cardcafe_s Shadows of Valentia icons

Cardcafe_s Skill Icons #1

Skill Icons {Jeorge_Reds}

@Klokinator, before uploading ''Skill Icons {Jeorge_Reds}, could you see if this icon is correct?

While I was ripping them to 16x16, I noticed this one had 15x16. I tried to fix it but I’m not so sure I did a good work. You may will want to have look yourself.


Here’s Gatekeeper I made in early 2020, minimug credit goes to @LonkFC (I’m just not good at them)

Then BallGuy from Pokemon Sword and Shield


Over one year ago, I made and uploaded my Knight Lord Roy animations. Every since, I have received tons of feedback, mainly due to its inclusion in Project Ember.

I’m not exactly the most skilled animator, so the problems the original Knight Lord animation had, like the “gliding,” could not be fixed, unfortunately. What I could fix, however, was the Binding Blade animation, which even I was bothered by. Therefore, I decided to “clean up” the general look of the animation, and give it a unique ranged animation, more reminiscent of the original Binding Blade animation. Here it is:

Credit once again goes to Marlon0024 for the original Knight Lord Binding Blade animation.

(Additionally, I also fixed the lance animation, which I discovered contained one frame of Eliwood’s face. This one is included as well.)

(And here are the older animations.)


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Finally, we were able to fix a bug in Duma’s Ocular Beam (caused by an unusual way of constructing the command).
Now that all the bugs have been fixed, you can use this animation for everyone without any worries anymore. However, the animation speed may change slightly, and although it is not a bug, the speed is a bit unstable, so please use the Duma-specific battle animations included in the content as much as possible. And for some reason, when I turn off the background music, the speed of Duma’s Spell Animation becomes much faster. As mentioned in the overview, if you want to use this animation, you can use it on either, but preferably on the boss unit.

By the way, this is free to use, but if you want to edit it, be sure to contact me, even if you just say something to me.
My name is @HIROTO, but I don’t like my name to be listed in the credits, so if you want to list it in the credits, please only use SHYUTERz.
In other words,


I made these two icon, I used a staff as base from the graphics repository.

Item Icons Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (Australia).gba_120@78_5962F4 Succubus's charm


@Klokinator, BANG! More of them.

GabrielKnight’s Blessed and Killer weapons

GabrielKnight’s Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold weapons

Jubby’s Tomes and Weapons

Random Weapon Icons (Author Unknown)

To do list: (these are the last ones).
{Ereshkigal} Weapons Pack
Affinities {Shuusuke, Obsidian_Daddy}
J-Treecko_s Skill Icons for Lex Talionis (GBA-Incompatible, 17+ colors)
Zarg_s Weapon and Item Icons


I happen to tell a certain someone I was feeling lazy about it and wasn’t going to make it, but I decided to edit the existing griffon to my liking anyway. Not the best piece I’ve done but I also need it for my hack.

FLY Arbalest (F) Lance {EldritchAbomination, Jj09} FLY Arbalest (F) Sword {EldritchAbomination, Jj09} FLY Arbalest (F) Bow {EldritchAbomination, Jj09} FLY Arbalest (F) Bow (T1) {EldritchAbomination, N426, Jj09}FLY Arbalest (F) Sword (T1) {EldritchAbomination, Jj09}

Credit for all of them goes to EldritchAbomination. Credit also goes to N426 for the one with bows. Credit will also be in the repo