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I have been on a spriting mood lately, there’s an animation I’m close to being done with, but for now I have updated Spud’s Halberd(ier) animation. Now instead of stabbing, the normal attack swings the axe.


hey I did an edit of Rob’s Hatless Mage class card, it isn’t really a big change cause I just added a pixel by his hair and changed the shoes

Mage M (Hatless) {RobertFPY,dini}


OK guys, so, I got permission to share this animation[T1][SPL][Tactician](Mark%20Tactician)[M]{Marlon0024%2CAsael}.rar?dl=0

It still needs some tweaks here and there,but if anyone wants to use it is free
Mark Tactician

I had some free time and needed some T3 animations for my hack, so I figured I could make some!

Here’s an animation from the Whisper class, starrying Sothe! Specifically Sothe from Radiant Dawn.
I used Swordmaster effects to try to imitate the Bane animation.

Also, a female version very loosely based on Heather I guess.
And finally a trueblade animation, but this one has a moustache!
(The final slash got corrupted in the GIF, but the ingame version should be okay. Link here.)
I made him more kind of like a traditional samurai. The basic design was based in Greentea/RobertFPY’s Karel, so I’m putting them in the credits.


Ok then! This is the one:
(The second loop is the one that plays ingame, and the akward pauses are to syncronize with the magic effects and SFX.)

And this is another for a staff.

Link to both animations here!
(Because I have no idea how to format it LOL)


Standing sprites:

Moving sprites:

Buildfile users

#include Graphics_Installer.txt and put it in the Event Assembler folder, commenting out the classes you don’t want to replace. (Thanks Tequila for the template!)

Want to catch 'em all? - (Pokémblem - 29 chapters Project Thread)

The original 151 now formatted for FE.

pUdmNwikf3 90vmvBiqJs

This palette not compatible with regular sprites unless you want to look like this.
00 incompatible with regular palettes unless you want to look like this
However, you could have all NPCs be pokémon and all players be humans, for example. The palette is shared among allegiance, barring shenanigans using the link arena palette.

Link Arena Palette

No differentiation between players/enemies right now, but the outline colours (black & grey) could easily be swapped between allegiance by adjusting the palette of the system icon above.

Warning: These sprites are all 32x32. Due to OAM limitations, you will run into issues using over 16 different pokémon/classes of this size on the same map. Some of them could be cropped to reduce this issue.

Free to use or edit.
Credits: Vesly (for converting to FEGBA format)
Source: Untitled Document
(But it says nothing about who originally ripped them or who to credit.)

After many hours of working on it today, I finished the pkmn moving map sprites. I’ve edited the link into my previous post. Also fixed up a few of the standing sprites.


They are all made up of only 2 frames repeated, so they won’t be facing up/down like usual fe8 map sprites with 15+3 frames. Best I can do.



Disclaimer: I don’t know how any of this works.

I quickly made an unarmed animation for the wonderful Karla Style Blade Lord by fe7if using vanilla Lyn as a reference since it seemed to be lacking one (if it already has one, whoopsie I guess). I’m hoping this is formatted right and works for other people.



So I’m not sure how to format this, but I created some F2U and F2E animations for a custom class that can use magic, lances and staves. The magic animation is made with vanilla dark magic in mind. It’s kinda off center for anima. Not sure about light. Could these be added to the repository? Someone suggested the name “Sorcerer” to me and it kinda stuck, so if I get to suggest a name to file it under, I’d say “Sorcerer”.

cus2_sp1 cus2_mg1 cus2_ro1 cus2_sp1


00_Ally_Alt 01_Ally 02_Enemy 03_NPC 04_Gray Ewan Knoll

Dropbox link:

Regarding credit: The lance animation reuses the potion and exclamation mark which are used in Jono’s Supplier animation. I’d like to be credited for the everything else.

I’ve also made a Class Card and some map sprites. Also F2E and F2U, with credit.

Custom2 T1 Custom2 T2 Custom2 T3

moving stationary2

I guess I’ll upload these to the Map Sprite/Class Card Repository topic as well.


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Experimented with a few colour variations this morning.
F2U and F2E conversation backgrounds.

Fields 01 - Reduced Fields 02 - Reduced Fields 03 - Reduced Fields 04 - Reduced Mountains 01 - Reduced Mountains 02 - Reduced


Made an edit to WAve/Peerless/Zoramine’s extended Frontier tileset to add Snags, some more light/dark water transitions, a couple more road tiles, and my shallow water:

Certain tiles in the animated zone were moved outside of it in the OBJ image to improve compatibility with tile animations in other tilesets of mine, and to eliminate a few redundant 8x8 tiles.

Download here. Also included is a darker palette with more greenish water.


Did a few more experiments this morning. Been trying out different techniques of color reduction and different sources for base images. Photos are not a good idea - period!

All of the images below are F2U and F2E.

Castle 05 - Reduced Castle 06 - Reduced Castle 07 - Reduced Castle 08 - Reduced Fields 06 - Reduced Fields 07 - Reduced Fields 08 - Reduced Fields 09 - Reduced Fields 10 - Reduced Mountains 03 - Reduced Ruins 01 - Reduced Ruins 02 - Reduced Village 03 - Reduced


The honest answer is Google - and that I didn’t really keep track of where they’re all from.
Most are photoshopped and cropped stills from a variety of Anime/Video Games.

I think one’s from Pokemon, three are from some obscure Japanese RPG and the others are cropped images from some random anime stills. Oh and their’s a photo of a tree from some free Windows theme.

If I’ve broken the pirate’s code on this one, let me know. I’m happy to remove anything that could cause trouble.

Three are from FE titles though:
Castle 05 - Reduced
Ruins 01 - Reduced
Ruins 02 - Reduced


Again… I assume these are okay to post…
A few more conversation background experiments…

These all come from BFV. I used spectator mode to capture scenes that looked like interesting backdrops. Then, I cropped and editted the images to fit within the GBA perameters.

Bridge 02 - Reduced Fields 12 - Reduced

Fields 13 - Reduced Fields 14 - Reduced

Fields 15 - Reduced Swamp 02 - Reduced

My personal thoughts are that the results look pretty, but the level of detail and high contrast don’t work as well as backgrounds for an FE game. I may just whack open the hammer editor later and throw together some basic 3D scenes, like in Echoes and Awakening to see how they hold up as conversation backgrounds.

EDIT: Some alternatives

Fields 12 - Reduced Bridge 02 - Reduced


Here it is, the moment you haven’t been waiting for. Presenting the improved castle tileset.

What’s new? I’ll start with the custom stuff. Bookshelves, quite the variety of em, check out my library map for their various uses; and they’re 100% from scratch to boot. Portcullis, these tiles are fairly modular and can serve a variety of uses for gameplay or just aesthetics, and were made from a combination of village grates and the stronghold torch wall facade. Most of these tiles are walls instead of gates for obvious reasons, but can be changed to roof if you want enemies immediately behind them. And lastly, the little gazebo I made from my Oath of the Dagger demake. Why custom? Why not?

What’s old? Big doors, lion statues, wood floors (the basket weave texture is made from bridge tiles), bridges, a bunch of railings, more water tiles, roofs, more carpet variants (including shaded), another cracked wall, and probably some more stuff that I don’t remember.

What’s missing? Mountains. Before I added the portcullis, I wanted to add some of the big houses, but realized I’d really ought to add the armory, vendor, arena, and ruins too, but thought the set would be too remiss without all of those, so no big houses. Yet…

Edit: Might be helpful if I post the download link:

Comparison with vanilla

I try to maintain as much as the vanilla tilesets as I can as to not break existing maps, but some things inevitably move for various reasons. Here’s a comparison gif to help if your map needs fixing.

Sample Maps

Oath of the Dagger, the demake that kicked this all off.

This was the second map I made with the update, and largely existing to show most of the updates. Seems pretty popular enough on it’s own though.

The first map I made with the update and the test bed for my custom bookshelves. Naturally, I got a little carried away with. This is a library map meant to be played just like one of my favorite chapters in the series, Hunting by Daybreak from Three Houses. Yes, I’m aware something’s wrong with me.
Library by Daybreak 2

Default palettes adjusted for the update

I’ll start with a brief note on the palettes. The last two colors in palette 1 control the book colors, I’d suggest matching them to the carpet colors in palette 2 for the best feel.

Palette 1:

Palette 2:
Up top

Palette 3:

Palette 4:

And of course, my snowy palette:

Animation fix

Since I split the palettes used by the grass and water, I’m including corrected animation files in the folder. Also important to note on animations, you’ll need to open up the animation editor in FEBuilder, and manually change the “Data Size” value from 2048 to 1024 for every animation frame. If you don’t, a handful of tiles that shouldn’t animate will have animations, even though there isn’t data for them in the animation frame data. Default castle animations are set to use the first TWO lines (2048) in the animated zone, despite only having graphics for one line (1024).
Animation Fix

Have at it!
And please let me know if you find any issues and I’ll be happy to make an update. There may already be one in the works…


Hello everyone, I bring you Brave Eliwood, sprited by Redbean and coded by me.[T2][LRD][Great%20Lord]Brave%20Eliwood[M]%20{Redbean%2C%20Marlon}.rar?dl=0

Here is the video
The little issue with the horse in the Durandal Critical is fixed.
Still, Thinking about changing the color of the mount and adding a sound effect for the Ice, but not sure witch one to use. Any advice?


Axe lomm_sp1
I made a repalette for Milia Highlander because I’m planning to use that for my lord’s T0. This repalette matches the axe color to the top instead of the jacket trims, that’s it.
Because it’s an edit of a free to use animation I see no reason not to make it free to use.

I also created an unarmed animation because that didn’t exist. This is compatible with the default Milia palette.

Not included in the package are the animations for the axe Yggdrasil and the scythe Dreadnought. There’s no reason for me to repalette them as I have no use for either of them and they’re still compatible anyways.

Be sure to credit FE7if if you’re going to use this animation!


Hey there! I made animations for the Reaver (T3 Warrior) class. (That I finished about a week ago XD) Based on Boyd this time. Hope you enjoy.

This is the axe animation. The crit is meant to be Colossus.

Also, the (Cross)bow animation. Although it ended up looking more like an assault rifle… Not that I’m complaining XD.
Download link:

(I’m also including an early WIP, because why not :D)

smol update:
(Gifs go here, whenever they want to load)
Download link

I gave the reaver a little bit of foot movement, mostly noticeable in the crossbow animation. Flasuban has already volunteered to improve the animation further. Thanks man!


A little Update.
Now the Tactician gets to use a sword and a better dodge animation[T1][SPL][Tactician](Mark%20Tactician)[M]{Marlon0024%2CAsael}.rar?dl=0
Here is a video


A few animations I made using a part of Mikey Seregon’s Arcwind animation. There’s not much to it but it gives an alternative to the Exaccus wave for a ranged physical sword. It’s basically one animation but I’m including a couple of recolors I did as well.
Sword Wave
FE10 Ragnell Wave
FE10 Alondite Wave

I forgot to mention but the SE reference is for the Exaccus ranged SE. You can simply import it to the slot 11E from FE6 and you’re good to go.

Made a more game-accurate FE10 Alondite Wave for my hack. Figured I should just post it here too. I’m sure it looks kinda similar to the one Dededester made but it’s a bit darker.