Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence | Cancelled


the fuck why i’m so sad. is it cancelled due to irl stuff or just stupid shit that makes no sense


all of the above


Hey GuyZ! GUess What, I stopped my project to continue this! Oh the irony…
Anyway There has already been progress but not enough to make a new patch.
Here Have something Improved though.
Oh WoWW ChaNGes
I made the new Nat and just so you know that almost all of the mugs are gonna be revisited .

ThAt’s All Bye.


That’s not all, we’re currently developing Morps route and adding a few new maps to go along with it. We’ve also added palettes for a bunch of characters, and are planning on redoing some of the current chapters. We’re also going to add more dialogue and story. Hopefully we can get Morps route done by FEE3.


yeah uh we’re not dead, sorry for any inconveniences


Glad at least seeing you guys decide to continue on with the hard work effort, it may be a silly crazy hack but all that effort seeing it stopped would be such a waste.

So hooray! :clap: :clap:


I probably missed a lot of info, cause I pretty much saw the DL, patched, and started playing, but is this game supposed to have dialogue? After the first couple of chapters, all dialogue (except boss quotes) stopped. I’m only asking because I don’t know if this is intentional or a glitch that I somehow found.


No, it’s not a bug. Dialogue happens to be a very heavy work in progress. The next patch to be released will have more dialogue and story events.


Thanks, that’s what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t using an older patch.


The demo is complete for FEE3. We’ll be working on updating the credits shortly.



I gotta try this out


for those who haven’t seen, here’s the fee3 video


… o?


Hello Kirb. I’ve downloaded your game and have been playing it recently. I’ve already got to chapter 22 and have been enjoying it for a bit. However, up until chapter 22, I came across a couple of issues with the game.

  1. A bit minor issues, but some of the enemy units in the game comes with weapon types that they cannot use whatsoever.

  2. I ran into a number of issues with Chapter 22. The first one is that I’ve been running into a lot of instances where the game crashes when I use animation. I tried to do it without animation, it is working fine. But yeah, trying to do this with animations on would make this chapter unplayable.

  3. The second issue Chapter 22 is the last boss of this chapter. You might want to tone this one down by a lot tbh. Ran into this issue where he is completely unbeatable since he could literally at most one round all of your units and that your units cannot even damage or hit him at all (at most 37 hit rate).

  1. Some enemies still have some weapons they can’t use, but we’ve been fixing most of them.

  2. Animations were very wonky (specifically Edgar Great Lord), we have fixed all of them iirc

  3. We nerfed the hell outta him


Can my OC be in this game?




Can your OC be in this game


Resonance has officially been cancelled. An overall lack of motivation, failure to gain much attention in FEE3, overall stigma of it in the community has ultimately caused me to abandon the project in favor of something else going forward.

What do I intend to do now? I have a project in the works, but I’m not willing to announce it yet since it’s still in its conceptual stages. Look forward to it in the upcoming future!