Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence | Cancelled


Get the demo patch here.

Or get the final full here.

Morps route is not finished, play Edgar route.

Link to the original Resonance.

On Valentine’s day, Team Procrastinators Extraordinaire released Fire Emblem: Resonance.

One dev later returned, to amend the mistakes of the original.




Fire Emblem Resonance | 24 chapters done | Final Version out!
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It’s nice to see someone carry the torch for something that was thought to be abandoned. Good on you for going through with this.




It’s fantastic to see a re-do of a nice romhack.
I hope the mod gets more stuff in.


ace timing :kissing_heart:


Well play nats, you did it. :raised_hands::clap:


Thanks, everyone! All the support helps![quote=“Miguel-Rojo, post:4, topic:4054, full:true”]
It’s fantastic to see a re-do of a nice romhack.
I hope the mod gets more stuff in.

Yes, it’s currently work in progress. I plan to finish a plot, do supports for the characters, and even a route split for Morps.


I mean I can’t say much since uh…

idk what changed. Is there a changelog or something?


Blast, you’re right! I’ll go make a doc later with the changes.


I think purely because of all of this I’m gonna play Resonance



@Zmr I created a changelog.


3.04 Beta Fix 1 is out!
-Updated Dude and Mangs’ mugs (credit to peerless and glaceo respectively)
-K’ekh replaces Scorpio now
-Tristan can use Fortify now
-Removed Armads shaman
-Removed Mira
-Furia and Beran are now reinforcements in chapter 17
-Ch15 no longer crashes
-Heavily reduced the enemy spam in Ch20
-Heavily reduced number of siege weapons and staves in Ch20
-Buffed Beran (4 str is pitiful)


Which patch is used for the background of the status screen to be switched by stage ?

It is also changing by enemies and units, and it seems to change depending on the stage.
How is it realized?


It was a patch @Kirb made. I was actually just about to request that you implement it into FEBuilder, otherwise it’s impossible for me to add any more chapters (statscreen will crash)

EDIT: It’s also incompatible with the skill system, haven’t tested many other patches yet






3.1 Beta is out! This is a very work in progress build that mostly changes some minor recruitment stuff and makes Morps, Estelle, and Tristan all playable through Edgar route instead of them all joining in Chapter 15.

There’s some other super minor changes I’ll list later.


Last update, unless a gamebreaking bug happens. This is as complete as Resonance will ever get.

Here, download it.


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