Fire Emblem Resonance | 24 chapters done | Final Version out!


Not Rart Emblem/10


Hello Kirb. I’ve downloaded your game and have been playing it recently. I’ve already got to chapter 22 and have been enjoying it for a bit. However, up until chapter 22, I came across a couple of issues with the game.

  1. A bit minor issues, but some of the enemy units in the game comes with weapon types that they cannot use whatsoever.

  2. Chapter 22 is completely unplayable. I’ve been running into a lot of instances where the game crashes.

Any chance you might be able to fix these issues?

Edit: I tried to do it without animation, it is working fine. But yeah, need to fix the issues with the game crashing in chapter 22 with animations on.


Hey man, this is an old post. The project is being continued here.


Oh, okay. Thanks Pikmin.