Fire Emblem Resonance | 24 chapters done | Final Version out!


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Team Procrastinators Extraordinaire Presents…


A young man is named morps. His parents are dead. He gets into a war.


Have fun!

Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence | FEE3 Demo Complete
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oh boy here we go


Local man (being me) did things for this i guess


Oh yeah happy valentine’s day btw


can i make a cheesy roses are red poem to you now


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Forgot about it, praise zmr for this amazing fanart of chapter 16. truly catches the feels of the chapter perfectly.


too bad he didn’t do orson


roses are red
circles everywhere
febuilder is
better than nightmare


same tbh, you should be a writer my dude


V.1.01 is out, Fixed some glitches and added music thanks to natsumi.


Found a bug here
Ranger anims in Chapter 4 cause the game to freeze up


Yeah, rest assured we’re working hard to fix all the major (and a lot of minor) bugs now that this has actually been publicly released. The game as it is right now is barely playable and that is unacceptable.


Version 1.51 released, bugfixes, palettes, base stats, yada yada yada


V.1.7 out, More Glitches fixed, and I think more palettes are in, along with other stuff? not sure I wasn’t in charge for that one @Giffany explain

We also have a discord for reporting glitches and the such:


does it matter what’s been changed if ur 2 versions behind haha

added gromell, locked all ballistae to arla and tye, palettes, stat nerfs, stat buffs, the usual


V.1.8.6 Out.

-Added Randy
-Added enemy palettes for Lyn lords
-Fixed Derek’s enemy palette
-Revised enemies on Chapter 10, mostly being a mix of unpromoted and some promoted units.
-Fixed the Silque crash
-Fixed Morps’ animation error
-Fixed the Furia crash
-Fixed the Chapter 9 glitchy events
-Altered the way ballistae work, namely the stats.
-Gave Randy and Glitchyjoe battle quotes.
-Fixed chests that crashed the game
-New weapons obtained new icons.
-Fixed chapter 21.
-Added legendary weapons.

Cheers. Next update is probably going to either be more glitches fix, or inserting some part of the script.


Yes our version numbering is a meme


New public release is out everyone !
We fixed many things (tiles animation, reinforcements…) and the beginning of the plot has been inserted ! (not definitive version.)
Feel free to download it, to test it.


Final Version Is out! there’s probably is gonna be no other updates after that one, as most of the team lost interest, and everything is pretty much done.