Fire Emblem: Radiant Ruby

Sooo… I’m a fairly new hacker who’s been getting into the technical side for a while, but have now decided to create my own hack. This is an idea I’ve had for a while and now that I’m more certain of being able to create a complete hack I want to throw this out there so that I can get some feedback on it.
Well, first things first, it’s a crossover hack between Pokémon and Fire Emblem with (mostly) Fire Emblem mechanics, set in Hoenn about two generations before RSE.

In a world inhabited by powerful creatures, the ability and talent for training these beasts has long been regarded as a marker of status. Through a series of yearly tests, the Hoenn Pokémon League scouts for these skills, offering its recognition and prestige in exchange for the trainers’ loyalty and service. The competition is fierce, and only the very best are selected for the limited positions the League offers.
Greta Hopper is a young trainer from Petalburg with the typical dream of earning the title of Ace Trainer. She enters the League with high hopes, but when a series of unexpected incidents occur, Greta must adapt her decisions to the changing landscape of the world around her. Along the way, she learns lessons about corruption, power, suspicion, and leadership, growing from idealistic newbie to experienced warrior.

I want this hack to mean a lot more than just “Fire Emblem but with pokémon in it”. All of the playable characters and many of the bosses will receive development through in-game events, with dialogue and available choices changing depending on who stays alive and who talks with whom. (For example, if a certain dancer supports with a certain other character, she’ll eventually teach her how to fight with a sword.) Expect a lot of bosses and NPCs with actual, diverse motivations, and a deconstruction of the typical concepts in the Pokémon and Fire Emblem worlds.
On the technical side, a lot of the features in GBAFE and FE8 in particular have been explored and expanded upon. The world map has been completely changed, and I’d like to fully utilize the capabilities of the FE8 engine to have a less linear map and storyline. Several other technical changes are showcased in the screenshots; see if you can spot them all :).
Ideally, I’d also like to give a lot more emphasis to the “trainee” classes introduced in FE8, but I’m still working on cracking the hardcoded “auto-promote at level 10” part of that.

Screenshots and other progress:

link to music


Technical things spotted:
First custom mapping in FE8 (thanks @Venno)
Thunder SE against water… possibly just dark>Anima, but if you’re subtyping anima… props to you. (I might be able to change the part of the code that reads weapon triangle and if we can liberate a byte in the item data, I might be able to implement subtypes…)

Heh… I wish I could subtype anima.
So far all the types are kinda implemented, but in a pretty hacky way (weapon locks and creative use of reaver status… that reminds me, I need to figure out how to fix the x2 that reaver gives…).
Here’s the full world map, by the way (loaded an old save so ignore the Eirika there.)


I can port my reaver/double WTA split into Fe8. I think I might do that, especially if someone is to put it to good use.

Holy shiiit that map. :0
So… inspiring… nnngh.
Man, you just made me want to de-Magvelize Midnight Sun asap. Thanks.

Also, props to you for this project, even if I find pokémon fighting humans a bit ominous.

It’s a revolution!! Inspired by the words of N, pokemon rise up, not with team plasma, but under their own banner, with the cries of “Pokemon Liberation”…


Whoa, mad props for the world map
Also, that Feraligatr haha.

Feraligatr’s my first Pokemon - so as long as he’s playable, this gets my stamp of approval.

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(on a side note i wonder if you should give the mugs a bit more of a pokemon style design but eh you dont have too, just a random thought.)

That map
in FE8

Holy crap. A full custom world map.

Is that map actually fully functional?

Also your screenshots mix mugs with both FE7 and FE8 colors, but I assume they’re just placeholders.

Map is tested and functional, with a couple minor graphical errors. Huge thanks to @Venno for all the work they did on cracking the FE8 world map.

As for the mugs… yeah. I’m not the best at graphics. Thanks for pointing that out; I didn’t even notice how off some of the colors were. (But most of the mugs that look like they’re placeholders are placeholders.)

You too!?

Gotta give a shout out to my home-boy Squirtle!

Plot twist - It’s more like pokemon but with FE in it,