Fire Emblem: Obstreperous Attack [V1.1]

Hello, everyone! You might have seen me around here before. I’ve been working on this little project of mine for a while now, and after hours of hard work, I’ve come up with a result I’d love to share. So far, this is only 1 chapter. Depending on the feedback, who knows, it might be much more~ (And yeah, I know it’s April Fools and all, but I’m too excited to share this to wait until tomorrow.)

New Things:

Bugs: The stat screen is weird, and idk why. Basically for the first page, the R description doesn’t work. Shrug.
Also, this means that skill descriptions dont work. Basically, the two people who have the skill (you’ll see when you play) can use Dragon Veins.

And here’s the patch! (Patch to FE8U.)

I took a lot of inspiration from people like Ghast and his non-human characters as well as TLP for people such as Kelik and Anakin and Shon. Such great writing!

Oh, and I can’t forget the screenshots!


I hope you enjoy!

[details=Credits]MCProduction, Mugs
Alusq, Mugs, Music help
Ash3wl, Mugs
Circles, MSS
Myself, fe5 mag as res
Kabby, Mug
Smilies, mug, balancing
SF, inspiration
Ghast, inspiration
Blazer, inspiration
Wan, mugs, balancing
Tequila, asm, balancing
Markyjoe, the songs, inspiration
Coby, Mugs
Cam, taking my wizard hat
a ton of other people that would take too long to list but are all amazing[/details]


If I download this and it’s some kind of fucking rick-roll hack, I will burn this fucker to the ground.


Good thing it isn’t :>