Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem GBA


i wasn’t going to say anything because crashing this party for namewank shit is p tasteless of me, but fuck it

look, lorenz and lawrence are literally the exact same thing. one’s the german form, the other is the english/french form. from the perspective of the japanese spelling (rorensu) both are as legitimate as each other. saying one is “faithful to the source material” compared to the other is just stupid. especially since the source material actually calls him…

i mean if you want to wank about fe11’s localisation being “unfaithful to the source material”, come on, draug and sedgar are right there


I’ll go with Mars, Ellis, and Shiida. :V


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only name I’ll fight people over in this fandom is Tiki, but the stupidity over names in this fandom is too damn high.

At least if you dislike the names in this hack, you just edit the text yourself lol


If I remember right, Shiida is actually used in some european Shadow Dragon versions.


I can confirm that Caeda is an NoA thing


Langbalt →Langobard or we riot

edit: also, Machjua →Matria


I was really just being facetious with my comment. I’m honestly fine with most all the translations for these characters’ names.

I swear I’ll be perfectly on board with any creative decisions you make with the FE5 character names :wink:


… I just noticed that 𝕽𝖔𝖑𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊’s character profile there says he has a “silver lance”, but that’s definitely a sword. This bugs me more than the name does.


I’m pretty sure the sword represents weapons equipped on that site. A vulnerary represents items.




Don’t worry, the project is alive and well. I’ve made a new battle frame! shh it’s just the fe7 frame drained of detail and replaced with fe3 colours don’t tell anyone Look at the authentic hit rate label!


Not sure yet if I like the color of the text. Everything else looks good though.


Yes, it works exactly like it should. Thanks @Tequila.
Also thanks to @Alusq for fixing up the cut-off sprites that the old 48x64 restrictions imposed.


About time I revive the thread. How about I bring it back in style?






Did you think this project was dead? Yes? Well, you’d be wrong. FEE3 deadlines meant I had to actually work on this again after doing VBA stuff for most of the summer, and things have been sent in. Have a few screenshots showing the bridge in Chapter 3, everyone’s either least favourite or second least favourite chapter. Working around bridge keys was fun.




FEE3 demo! I’m gonna at least get some little bit of the hype traintracks here to our FEU.

Also a question for you all: how would you think of me making streamlined versions of chapters for easy mode, only leaving the full versions for higher difficulties?

what i'm getting at in about ten minutes of MSPaint

Only the area inside the red outline would even exist in that streamlined Ch3.


Inserting a whole 'nother map is too much for an easy mode; you can just take advantage of the level penalties in the chapter data editor and only load enemies mostly in the abridged part of the map.