Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

That hat is so good.

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That is a great mug.

Very cool hat! It’s a good vibe for his people’s inspiration I feel.

Wonderful to see you’re still going even now. Well done, Onmi. I await the next update.

Apologies for no October update. I’ve come down with sickness and others were busy with their work. I feel bad we’ve missed two months this year when I’ve tried to have a monthly update ready each time. I know the updates are minor but I still feel it’s good to show we are actively working.

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get well soon onmi

I am back, mostly, from my body trying to stealthily assassinate me. Still have a bit of a cough but I am no longer bed ridden. So here is our very late update.


Zeiss was up for the bad this time. It’s not a complicated update, without any art to go by it was left as a wildcard for our artist to enhance. He keeps the Bern-style double pauldrons and of course, the gold decals.

For those worried that characters like Galle, who are pre-promotes look less fancy than the promoted characters. After all the new portraits have been made we’ll gather all the portraits together and our art director and sprite artists will go over them and essentially ensure they’re all fitting the same style. Visual cohesion is very important for me, and sprites shouldn’t look disparately different.



I hope everyone is having a good 2024 so far, sadly it is NOT good over here. The latest promo portrait is for Mary, the sister of Wade, the love of Lot, and with her the Warriors of the Western Isles are now done.

This year I want to get even more of the game done and make these updates more substantial. I know it’s not a lot to say “I wrote a bit, and coded a bit of text. Yeah games making progress.” And I do apologize when updates are delayed.

What would you guys like to see for the monthly update, let me know?


That Mary portrait looks wonderful.

As for updates, maybe like relevant progress bars, like if a new mug was made there’d be a “Mug Progress XX/YYY” note somewhere in the post.

I would like to see chapter progress or something about the script you have for the game’s story

She looks good :smiley:

I don’t have anything in particular to ask about the monthy updates myself, I’m excited to see the stuff you decide to show :smiley:

For monthly updates, I would be satisfied with general progress on the hack’s contents. Writing progress, map & chapter completion, that kind of stuff. Nothing major but it would be nice to see what’s currently happening

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Honestly I am just happy you are putting in work to bring us something thaat seems great. W new characters and everything, I just like knowing the project isn’t dead and it’s something to do in spare time so I don’t expect much from monthly updates except to know. It’s still kicking.

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Honestly, as long as the progress is somewhat steady and isn’t eating your sanity away, i don’t particulary care about the specifics of the montly updates, so long as there are updates i’m fine with anything


Some more snippets of the script in-game would be neat to see, particularly if it’s from a chapter that isn’t in the original game. To my knowledge, only the prologue and the battle at Araphen have been shown up to now.

snippets of the storyline script could be good, give us an idea of what we could see in dialogue, especially if they’re not original. Like maybe something like dialogue that could be foreshadowing future events for example.

I don’t like doing an announcement for an update. But the monthly update is coming. We’ll be showing off the latest done sprites as usual, I’ll be showing off some late-game script additions from the Ilia arc. And I’ll try to show off the battle map and eventing on a new map we haven’t covered till now.

I want most of all to show you guys the things you can be excited about and want to see. So, thank you for all your feedback and I do hope I can give you guys what you want. Sadly this is an “announcement of the months update coming” and not… the months update because I sadly had a medical emergency and passed out in the shower, been recovering from my injuries the past couple days.

I hope to bring the update soon.


At least you’re recovering. If you need more time that’s totally okay. But hearing that you’re up to Ilia is wonderful news.

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I hope this hack will complete soon