Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

It’s all done in FE6

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Oww ok. Is there a table for bases and growths? I’d like to see what changes were made.

Wolt and Noah both looking absolutely killer! Looking forward to what this year has in store for MoD; wishing you and the team the best!


'ello 'ello for the month of February, folks. How have you all been doing. First things first, let’s reveal this months promoted portrait, Trec

Trec lacks any official art showing his promotion, at the same time, he’s also a halberdier, so we wanted to showcase that change. The concept of the design was sturdy armour, very hammered together, beaten out of thick metal. Trec’s stats are closer to that of an armour knight than Dorothies are, and we wanted his armour to capture that feeling.

Our Prototype Trec had very rounded armour, and featured a very bolted on design around it, we felt that this was too ‘Hero Coded’ as spikes and the like are typically patterned around the Hero class. We also felt that the rounded armour was less what the Halberdier class tended towards. hence the angula design we wound up with.

Next month we’ll present the last promoted portrait for Lycia, along with something special, I plan to do a video showcase of How the promoted portraits work in-game, after all, there wouldn’t be much point to it if they only changed in dialog, or only in the stat screen, and how does that work anyhow? The programming has been done for a while but I really want to show it off.

We’re also working on updating the musical instruments in MoD, the FE6 sound engine is… limited compared to 8, getting it updated and the few original/remixed compositions we need done started on seems good.

I’ve also been grinding away at the text insertion, it’s a slow process, but it has to happen. Not very interesting to bring up, but it is still happening.

Now then, to answer some questions

There is, but it’s for development. Honestly, don’t worry too much about that stuff, you’ll see it in game and numbers and the like are always tweakable, even the ones we have now will have to go through testing to ensure the curve and averages we want are repeatable in the completed game.

We’ll see you all in March!


Yay trec I love trec

The Noah and Trec portraits look very nice :smiley:

Hoping for the best with the project Onmi!

Sorry for the lateness, here’s Cath, we had to clean up her promoted portrait with a few edits. Also, we planned to show in-game transition of promoted portraits and how that would look, but the person handling that is focused on uh… having his kitchen rebuilt after it was destroyed a while back, so he wasn’t able to get it out. We also have some music planned that didn’t get done. So I’m disappointed this update couldn’t show off those things, but rest assured they are coming and I will try to have them shown off in April’s update.


She truly looks more Masterful now~

Nice job!

Apologies for the even greater lateness of April’s update, I really wanted to delay to show off at least some of the new music!

First, our portrait for the month, Raigh!

Raigh takes inspiration from his Cipher Card art, but we trimmed off the details slightly because well… it just made it look a little TOO fancy and busy.

As you can see in prototyping, the gold used to be more ornate, used to mix more colours and in general was very ‘regal’. He’s also been aged a year (Promoted portraits for the teens act as if a year has passed between promotion and thus look slightly older) his hair has gotten more messy and disheveled, becoming a bit of a ‘mad scientist’. Helping to differentiate him slightly more from Lugh, who looks more refined.

We also have our first new tune to debut… well in this case remastered tune but same difference.

The music in FE6 is composition-wise, good, the instruments however… no. So we’re taking steps to remaster the music while we add in the new tracks. This is the first one, but it wont be the last. Don’t expect one of these every month though.

Beyond that the general trudging along continues, more writing, more testing, more editing… and speaking of editing while the monthly updates will continue, I’m likely starting an editing job with Owlcat Games in the near future, so I will have to divide my time working on MoD with… editing fantasy RPG text that pays the bills! If you haven’t checked out their existing catalogue, Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous, I recommend them, and keep an eye on their upcoming product, Rogue Trader.

Alright, enough self promoting, hopefully we can continue to show you amazing things in the future, I once again apologize for how late this update was, and I’ll see you in may!


Oh god it’s a crpg/wrpg that’s gonna be a lot of text to go through
Good luck soldier…

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not bad looking. Looking forward to who’s next.

And congrats on the new potential job :]

Yeah, I can see the first attempt looked a bit too fancy, the final results look very cool, it gives a more “mastered” vibe compared with Raigh’s original outfit.

Also, I like the new music :smiley:

Ahoy and hoy, apologies for missing a month, life has truly been hectic down here and as usual it’s no better for everyone else.

Since that’s the case we have two portraits as tribute to those waiting.

First is Gonzales, our goal for Gonzales Berserker portrait was to show him being ‘taken care of’ by the army as a whole, he’s no longer dressed in rags, and he’s not wearing anything fancy but it’s clear he’s now able to take care of himself and be treated as a person. He does have Cipher art which showed him shirtless and with a fur pauldron, but our art director felt the fur had been very co-opted by the fighters, hence, removing it for Gonzo here.

And for the tag team berserker, we have the mirror opposite with Geese. For Geese we wanted to evoke the sort of cover character that would be ont he cover of a woman’s maritime romance novel, the captain of the ship with the bare chest, and flowing Fabio hair, not a pirate but definitely an idealized, romanticized sea captain.

Hopefully, things clear up on this end to allow for more substantial updates. I do apologize for missing the last month.

Hopefully we’ll see you in July!


I love the new sprites.

What a looker! Geese looks good as well!

Gonzales looks a lot more like a proper warrior instead of well, a thug, that is neat :smiley:

Also damn, Geese’s new outfit helps him to sell more his handsome looks.

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Hello sorry for the lateness of this update, this month’s promoted portrait is Sophia.

Real life is crazy, we’re all stretched thin, hoping to give a more substantial update in the future that’s more that “The monthly sprite update, also yeah things are chugging along.” I wont go into what’s been going on for this late update, it’s rather personal and I’ll keep that between friends and family, I hope you all have a good month and I’ll see you for the next one.


Oh! She looks fancy, I like it!

And yeah, Omni, do what you must do, see you next time! :smiley:

Oooh she looks so pretty promoted.


Your very late August update is here, this time we’ve taken a look at Sin’s promotion.

We drafted two designs for him, and wound up mixing the two for our final design. We didn’t want him to feel like he stepped on Dayan’s toes, but also wanted to avoid a world where we got “Too fancy” with him. We feel this brings him in line with the Nomad Trooper visual aesthetic, while also allowing him to standout from the others.