Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

This week’s Roundup

  • Updated the item icons and added the ones that were missing
  • Worked on getting TextParse to work with the Gringe translation

Where is the last 3 weeks round up?

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Onmi has been on holiday for the past month. Hence the lack of updates.


He was kidnapped by the Sicilian Mafia


project isn’t dead, the guy’s just on vacation. chill


this is so hype alexa play without me by eminem

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The King has returned to his throne, the kingdom is at ease once again. :joy:

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You better play this shit when it releases


The Proyect Is Dead?



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** This week’s Roundup**

  • Returned from holiday
  • Wrote a script that automated the process of creating animation scripts saving us a load of time overall.

Next week will be a full week with a proper update preferably, I still have to sort out life in Australia again. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to afford rent as rates go up and I lack the ability to find work. We’ll find a way though. I hope you all had a good holiday!


I have one doubt, eliwood and hector will be like in F7 or they will be Paladin and general, other doubt, this hack will be patched in a fe6, fe7 or a fe8 rom? sorry the asks, but i don’t read all this hack.

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The hack is for FE6. As for Eliwood and Hector I do believe they have their FE7 classes.


This week’s Roundup

  • The Male Sniper Crossbow was finished and inserted.
  • Sound Effect porting began
  • Incidental text insertion/writing

Not a big update but people are busy over the break, and as I’ve said before, these people have lives. Even if Updates are small, I am comitted to getting one update out a week.


Which sound effects are being ported, specifically?

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Mostly ones that FE6 lacks for battle animations, Eliwood’s Neigh for his promoted critical, the Flash from his sword. the Sage critical sound (We’ve already done Druid), the Mage Knight and Great Knight sounds.

Basically if there’s a sound missing the animators need or our animations use.


This week’s Roundup

  • More sound effect insertion, as well as hunting for the actual ID’s for said sound effects. Improving various animations.
  • Working on a few things on the Ranking side of the game development
  • More text coding. Just trying to get as much built as we can so, if eventually, Colorz actually finishes making Shift-Gringe for us, we can insert it (And if not we can slowly pump it into the game using FEbuilder, with the risk of bugs developing)
  • Trying not to die in the australian heat

I joke but the heat legitimately is a killer over here right now. Since my apartment lacks cooling, that means my room becomes actually uninhabitable, with no laptop, it means I genuinely can’t work for days on end.


This week’s Roundup

  • So yeah, we finally have a way to insert text into MoD without using an extra program that makes the game start grumbling and the program start crying because it doesn’t recognize the game as FE6 anymore.
  • We also have a program for ripping sfx directly from any Sappy-game and converting it to an EA insertable file.

Again, pretty major of an update for us, the creators, since this saves us so much time overall, but not very flashy for you guys. Oh, and would people like to tell me how interested you would be in watching DevStreams. After I get more freetime, I’d be interested in starting streaming again, if this is something you’d like to see, let me know.