Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


“Inflicts Lunatic Reverse on the user” has to be the most horrifying description of any item in any FE game ever.


What in the name of Kaga is that?


Uh you always attack second It’s reverse-vantage


I mean that “thing” above my post but thanks anyways


This is just amazing you dastard…love it.

lol Getter Tomahawk going to play SRW


This weeks Roundup

  • Listed support partners up to Astolfo
  • Revised Galle’s backstory to be further in line with canon

Not a large week, mostly just clean up stuff and there was a lot of focus on Uni assignments, had to make a one-chapter SRPG Studio game for a class, hard to balance hacking with that.



Halloween is over. Get that spooky shit out of here.


This weeks Roundup

  • Revision to the Support System.
  • Updated the animation of a few classes to be closer to FE6 characters.

Sorry, it’s not a tonne of work, but sometimes that happens. But let’s actually talk about the revision to the Support System.

As has been previously discussed, the player cannot trigger supports in battle, they can only trigger them in the Base. There are no points to unlock them, we considered it, but we also respect that you, as players, are likely only going to play MoD… once. And we want to be understanding of that. You’ll naturally acquire all the supports just from playing the game. We also feel that this way Fatigue doesn’t screw you due to not being able to deploy units and develop those supports.

Supports are unlimited, with a single exception. Each character can only have one S or A+ support, these are your Ending Ranks. S rank is a romantic ending, while A+ is a platonic ending. We’re working out a way for the player to be able to see who each character can get an ending with without having to give you an outside source like a readme.

Now you’re probably thinking about Support bonuses, after all, Some units, like Roy, have 10 supports. Stacking all those bonuses together would be nuts, especially when you can slap on skill auras and create a moving ball of death. So what gives, what are the new limits?

  1. C-A supports only provide benefits for being adjacent to the supporting unit. At most, you can have 4 units providing their bonuses to another unit. An S/A+ support has the typical range of 3, but otherwise, provides the same bonuses the A support did.
  2. There are bonus caps. The caps are 5 Attack and Defense, and 25 for Crit, Crit Evade, Avoid and Hit. This is actually the cap to what you could do in Vanilla. For example Roy with an A support with Lilina in Vanilla and a B support with Cecilia, would have 5 Attack. But you must be thinking you probably don’t need that many supports, after all. In Vanilla, Roy provides his fire bonus to himself for each support partner, leading to…
  3. Each unit only applies their affinity to themselves once. So let’s use the previous example in Vanilla, in MoD. First, Roy needs to be adjacent to Lilina and Cecilia, secondly, Roy will gain his 1.5 Attack bonus for being next to Lilina, and he’ll gain her 1.5 Attack bonus from her Light affinity. Making his Attack bonus 3. Cecilia will also, via her Anima support, give Roy 1 Attack, but Roy will not also give himself 1 Attack from his own Fire Affinity, leaving the total bonus as 4 rather than 5.


This weeks Roundup

  • Fixed up skill descriptions to be more uniform and fit better in the text boxes.
  • Reworked the script for more standard text-box sized.
  • Inserted Evaine’s palette and fixed her portrait so she isn’t perpetually smiling while screaming.
  • Ported over the Save Data hack from the old UPS system to Buildfiles, then expanded it to save more Event IDs.
  • Added the new map palette for Lycia and the Cathedral.

And some screenshots of this

The Old Cathedral

The New Cathedral

Evaine no longer psychotically smiling while afraid of an archer.

And here she is in her new Palette

And here’s an example of the format change to skill descriptions Our original format (due to the larger font) was very cut down descriptions and being as too the point as we could, we also devoted an entire line to the skill name

Now, with more character space, choosing to use the first line, we settled on (character) (effect) (condition)

An example of the Lycian Palette shift, from this

To this


Poor Marcus, they can’t even afford to buy him new armor.


This was something I believe I brought up with Arch for EN as well but using vanilla FE8 tilesets can make the location feel too Magvellian geographically. I associate Elibe with a different shade of green typically, although I am by no means asking for the same desaturated palette of old, certainly the richer colours are much appreciated, but striking a balance between the two I feel would be ideal.



well i mean, ya wanna keep that shit well maintained anyways though.


This reads like a nice guy meme, except it’s an edgy warrior meme.


If you are curious as to why Marcus armor is that way, it’s mostly sentimental. It’ll be covered more in his supports and Base Conversations (After all, he’s a nobleman who wears damaged, scuffed armour. Especially one who is constantly observing others flaws, and yet it’s a major flaw for him.) It represents a point of weakness for him emotionally.


I just thought it was cause it looked cool


That’s just a helpful, added bonus


This weeks Roundup

  • Fixed skill descriptions and reformated them up to Raigh.
  • Fixed Shanna and Thea’s names being incorrect in the menu
  • Fixed Pick, which had become broken
  • Fixed broken animations for the Druid, Female Mage and Sword Paladin.
  • Fixed mapsprite issues with the Shield General that made him float
  • Encountered an Error with the Shield General where occasionally, for reasons unexplained by humans, the map sprite would create garbage graphics
  • Overhauled battle events so they can be displayed without Animations, can deal Eclipse damage, Can track HP damage across battles, and display whatever numbers needed to tell the scene.
  • As well, added battle scenes to the opening of Chapter 1, to better sell the idea that Pherae is under attack, and Roy has been fighting his way home.
  • Fixed… whatever the flying FUCK this was with Chapter 9’s Tileset.

  • Fixed Cecilia’s battle palette.
  • Made a change to Roy’s skill - Inspiring Leader. Rather than the skills effect changing depending on the weapon equipped (This was awkward to convey in text) The skill upgrades effect at affixed points in the plot, with the skill description updating to indicate this change.
  • Made a change to Fir’s skill, Crowd Fighter. It’s now called Anticipation, and it now affects bosses as well as non-boss foes.
  • This isn’t necessarily something new, but I’ll actually say what Sue’s skill, Slipstream, does. When Sue drops a unit, provided they haven’t acted that turn, they will be able to act. For example. If Roy has not attacked, Marcus picks him up, Sue takes him and drops him. Roy will be able to move. If Roy starts the turn rescued by Sue and she drops him, he will also be able to move. If Sue passes him to an allied unit, who drops him, Roy will be greyed out. If Roy attacks, and is picked up by Marcus, then dropped by Sue, he will be greyed out, because he’s acted that turn. If Roy attacks, is picked up by Sue, and on the next turn, dropped, he will be able to act again. This is certainly a skill that will depend upon you, the player. It opens up a line of new strategies, especially once Larum joins the team. I look forward to seeing how everyone interacts with it.
  • Lugh and Raigh had their skill names changed to Daylight and Moonbow, to better match official naming conventions.
  • Clarine’s skill, Charisma? Was changed to Imperious.
  • Saul’s skill, Chivalrous? was changed to Casanova.
  • Erk’s skill, Etrurian Agent, was renamed to Spellbinder
  • Erk now starts chapter 2 with the Bonk staff. The Bonk staff deals a fixed 15 damage, but is inaffective against enemies with a certain skill, to prevent cheesing.
  • Fixed bugs regarding Battle events not playing sound effects when you’ve transitioned to a map using LOMA
  • Fixed a bug (Or rather discovered a bug) that happened when not using _0x40 before battle events.
  • Made battles skippable unless specified, as otherwise if a battle scene played once in an event, the rest of the event would be unskippable except by B-Skipping.
  • Fixed a bug where upon the completion of Chapter 9, Roy would die and be permanently removed from the army.
  • Sorted out the map screen of Battle Preparations, as you can see, now every HQ will let the player know where they are, and properly point to it on the map.


I’m curious does Cecilia have the same battle pallete from FE6 or you made custom one?