Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Wow, there is a lot of progress that have been made :o Keep going on ; this is very interesting! I’ll look forward to it :smiley:


Last Week Rounded Up

I’m going to try posting these weekly, as a bit of transparency as to how MoD development is going. And because sometimes it’s hard to convey in simple screen shots what we’ve done.

Finished fatigue minus a down arrow for HP and the things that will be handled when we redo the stat screen. Inserted small characters and Effectiveness Icons for Gwendolyn and Weapons. Inserted the druid SFX which FE6 previously lacked. Inserted the repalleted nomad. Once we've finished coding the SFX, The Crossbow variant will be finished. Sent Roy T2 off to an Animator for work. Began work on a new Textprocessor to speed up text insertion Touch ups to the Mage Knight lance

And of course various small bug fixes and bug tests.


as a wise man once said


This weeks Roundup

  • Nomad (F) Crossbow completed
  • Bronze Card created - The Bronze Card is a Hard Mode exclusive item replacing the Silver Card. It reduces store prices to 75%. Since items count as 50% of the cost for Ranking, it helps make funds… still something you have to manage
  • More frames for Mage Knight
  • Work has begun on tailless textboxes. Current bugs include the game not pausing to let the text play out, and the textbox playing even if you skip a cutscene as well as playing while other text boxes are playing.

Not a huge amount, but until the Shift-Gringe Textprocessor is made, all the text we’re coding can’t be inserted into the game.


This weeks Roundup

  • We made the Hard Mode ASM for HM variants unrelated to turns
  • Mage Knight Lance’s normal attack was completed, Crit started
  • Elffin Promoted V1 was shown, sent back for adjustments
  • Progress was made on the Paladin, Palette’s were done for the Paladin’s.
  • Item Icons were updated again for the currently missing icons

Again, not a lot of work on the text, which we can’t progress without Textprocessor Ver. Shift-GRINGE. But I can’t control that getting done, that’s on Colorz.


This weeks Roundup

  • A Fucktonne

In detail though

  • Effectiveness Icon’s moved to their proper location, font fixed.
  • Paladin completed and inserted.
  • Fixed animation issues with Guinevere Promoted.
  • Elffin Promoted finished, moved to scripting and clean up
  • Font was changed to be less wide, allowing more text in a single textbox. It was also expanded.
  • Item descriptions up to the staves were changed
  • Fixed a bug where heal staves gave EXP to the person being healed but it didn’t count
  • Added Chapter 0, where the player will be able to choose Roy’s mother
  • Marcus new Palette was inserted
  • Weapons that prevent critical hits now display their crit as –
  • Staves now display their base experience.



And just like that, the excitement gets stronger.


Omni c’mon! I can barely contain myself!! Also kudos to team for not giving up mid way lol.


I am loving this. Looking foward to this. Thanks Omni.


who’s this lady


It was at this moment Fighter 14,263 knew… he fucked up.


So hey this is a call out for artists

This is the Chapel of Chapter 0/A Glimpse in Time/Whatever I wind up calling this. It’s where you pick Eliwood’s wife. Now, because I’m a fucking loser who can’t just do things the simple way. I’m looking for portraits for be done for Ninian, Fiora and Lyn that are Bride variants, and a Groom variant for Eliwood. The most important thing is they use FE8 colours and most importantly Fit the art style of Fire Emblem 6 if it looks too detailed it’s no good to me after all.

If you’d like to contribute, send me a portfolio of sprites you’ve done, or send me your attempt if you’re confident.

I don’t mind if you edit Eliwood’s groom from his Coronation outfit from FE7, And the characters don’t need to be aged up any, they can retain their FE7 looks. But I’d be grateful if this could be done.


Oh Damas?

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I don’t know if it’s relevant but. Maybe ninian’s mapsprite would be better? (And it’s not like it’s really hard to do anyway)


Don’t read much into something I threw together in about 5 seconds just to show off. do you think I’d do everything I’ve done for polish and then leave Ninian with Larum’s sprite?


It is going well, yes, I see.



Did someone say Lyn Bride Variant?

(By Monkeybard, added to the repo with his permission)


Hoo nelly, I take a couple months hiatus from feuniverse to come back and see all this amazing progress being made! You’re on a roll, Omni! Keep up the momentum!! For Elibe!!!


This weeks Roundup

  • Completed Douglas’s skill, Obstruct.
  • Disabled R and L buttons when using Danger Zone.
  • Guard AI units have 0 mov.
  • Cursor defaults to first deployed unit.
  • Added CHANGE_CONDITION event to allow INVIS/REVEAL, among other things.
  • Added code to display new portraits when promoted.
  • Completed Sue’s skill, Slipstream.
  • Added a waifu getter inheritance skill getter.
  • Player units aren’t cloned when loaded in the base.
  • Completed the basic events of Chapter 0.
  • Edited more item desc’s up to the Berserker Axe.
  • Settled on new drawbacks for the Bold Lance, Bold Axe and Bold Sword, They inflict Lunatic Reverse on the user, meaning even when initiating an attack, they’ll go second.
  • Filled out more units support lists.
  • Started overhaul of the entire support