Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Looks really damn cool. I would suggest maybe putting a hit effect on the uppercut and definitely making the final hit a less obvious clone of Hero crit. (also the cape makes no sense on that part)
Edit: just the read the part about fe6 not having hit effects, that’s a bit oof.


Looks really cool! FE6 has always been one of my favorites with the setting so I’m excited on how MOD is gonna look! I’ve always wanted to remake FE6 but I feel that you guys got it covered.


Looks good enough. Just as the other guy said, try to make it look less hero-like at the end


So, a visual representation of Fatigue for people

Here is Gwendolyn, having hit maximum fatigue, but before the stat penalties apply.

Here she is afterwards. It’s not displaying the drop of movement, or the HP being reduced to 22. But the idea is understandable


I like where you guys put the skill icons. That’s a super good spot.

Kinda wonder why people didn’t do that originally.


And i thought her name is Wendy. My whole life is a lies


It’s Gwendylyn. Get with the times!


The hype for this just keeps building over the years lol




Here’s another update that probably seems small on the outside, but it’s pretty large to us.

So, notice Gwendolyn’s name above, kinda large, isn’t it? That lead to problems.

Ignore the classes we were just testing some things. But yeah, Gwendolyn’s name broke a lot of tables, so, a normal person would shrug, go “Oh well I’ll just use Wendy in the ID’s and Gwendolyn in the text, no issue.” Well if you’ve been paying any attention to MoD development, you should know that choosing the easy way isn’t anything I ever do.

So we made some compressed characters for Gwendolyn, so now she can appear in the menu’s without causing any issues. We can also use this to fit in full names like the Binding Blade, rather than having to compress it down. But, we didn’t just do that.

We also have the effectiveness font, so rather than wasting all that space explaining “Effective against Cavalry, Armor” etc. These icons will tell you what the weapon is good against and the strength of the multiplier. But that’s not all, we want to make this look professional after all. So, Wt is useless now, since it’s not in MoD and any speed penalties are weapon specific. So… We’re going to change Wt to Eff and make it accept text entries instead of numerical entries. So when we’re done, that line can be entirely devoted to weapon descriptions.

Again, I realize this probably comes across as not very major to you guys, but it was a helluva lot of work for us. And it’s one of those polish things that just brings the game higher. Quite honestly, MoD is… almost done, and I don’t mean Almost Done in the sense it always has been. I mean… we still need to get in a few things, A few new skills, some animations… But we got Fatigue in, Escapes, the HQ, we’re by no means ready to release it, we got to polish it up, that stat screen is ugly and I’m not resting on that.

But 99% of the complex parts of the romhacking are basically behind us, it just becomes about… inserting text, testing events and then the fluff, like Supports and paired endings, testing out rankings, setting up the arena in each HQ. And most of that is just time sinks.

So I’m not giving you a release date, and I will continue to ask you to be patient, but I want you to know how serious everyone is about MoD. This isn’t something we want to fuck up, or rush out. We don’t want to be “Good for a fan game” we want to release a product that makes people think “Wow, this could have been officially released.” This whole thing has grown… tremendously, from a simple little thought of “Man… I just wanna give Thieves a promotion because Chad’s the raddest and he can’t use his growths”

So, thank you all, from the people here on FEU, to those who followed back on Serenes, to the goons of Something Awful, and the denizens of /feg/ and /v/ where this whole stupid idea has its roots. Your excitement, and your patience, has made us want to give you an experience more than something we’ll enjoy, but that everyone can.

And hey, push comes to shove it’s a hilarious train wreck and it’ll give you a laugh!


I discovered this project thru Serenes, and boy shitting howdy it’s been a hell of a ride so far


why you gotta do me like this lol


Aren’t we all?


Just wow.



The project is going along really nicely.


Wow, that sounds like a ton of work. My question now is if the original post still up to date on everything you need to get done.


To a degree, we did a lot of lateral movement that makes those future things less tedious, or we did things that added polish to the game, like making it Binding Blade not Binding Bld

Right now our major focus is on getting a lot of side-things done in order. Like getting the Crossbow animations for the Nomad and Archer properly scripted.

Our main stumbling block right now is Textprocessor not working with FE6, once Crazycolorz fixes that, the last major hurdle will be the stat screen cleanup. After that it’s just putting text into the game and double checking events.


Is it realistic to expect a 2019 release?


Damn, Roy lookin HUEG now