Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Quick question regarding base convos, since I actually just started playing PoR for the first time. Are they going to be how they are in that game, mostly being the Lord(s) talking to other characters? Or will there be more of other characters interacting with each other without one of the Lords being involved?

Also gotta say that Alan sprite looks great. Is that how cavs in general are gonna look or are a lot of people getting fully customized battle sprites?


It’s more conversations between units, mostly those who don’t have supports with each other.

That’s just the Cavalier for this hack.


How are the personal skills doing? Any new ones or revised ones?


Have you ever read the entire topic? Of course it’s almost (if you didn’t wanna say all) every skills is new iirc


I meant if there are any updates on skills or if past skills have been revised or updated. Sorry, should have worded that better.


Look like i misunderstanding your points, my bad


Any progress/updates?


Let them the joy of surprising you. Be patient!


Just rather slow going with writing and programming, Tequila finished up a new piece of ASM for helping Cath keep on pace for later recruits, and BM has been doing animations, but people have work/university and the like, and I don’t pay them any money, so I can’t and won’t force them to finish outside of their own schedule


Also as for what I’m specifically doing?

Accidentally backwards stumbling into a career as a game developer it seems. I don’t know how THIS happened, my goal was ‘Writer’ Romhacking was my hobby, now I’m taking classes on design philosophy, UX, making a dev bible, coding…

I’m not even any GOOD at the whole game dev stuff how did THIS happen?


In Onmi we trust :heart_eyes:


Well, while I’m not at all qualified to make a tangible guess as to how this happened, I’d still be willing to say you deserve it based on what I’ve read in this thread.

Over the course of a few years, you’ve taken a game you believed you could attempt to improve, set to work, gathered a team for the task, and even found a way to submit it as an official project in college. The scale of this rework went far beyond what I initially expected, adding Skills, new recruitable units, a longer campaign, a Fatigue system that sounds like it wouldn’t make me want to bash my skull into a wall, countless lines of new dialogue that flesh out even the most minor of characters, and an entire thread’s worth of people hyped for what will come next as you evolve a game so much it develops its own identity despite its status as a remake of sorts.

If that doesn’t give you some credentials to break into game development, I don’t know what does.


having a release might help


Just trying to pump it up.


I’m not going to confirm anything but We might have something to show off


Getting a tease like that just ain’t fair!


@Onmi you no have a Release date of the patch?


It’s probably not that. But there’s a big chance that we get to see more gameplay.


Whether or not there’s gameplay I’m just glad to see progress being made


Seeking opinions on Roy’s Master Lord animation for MoD, this is the animation he uses without the Sword of Seals. Ignore the palette and also the sparkles.

I’m afraid the three-hit combo lacks impact… partially because I also just learned that FE6 doesn’t have Hit-Confirm flashes outside of the HP drain.