Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


For the knights, both of the options are fine to me, but if I had to choose one, I would say the first is the one I like the most.

For the cavaliers, I prefer the second option, in my opinion they’re already very good units, they don’t need to have access to all the weapon triangle and I’ll like to see more variety.


I like the sound of 2 for both.

In every FE game I play where I am determined to field a knight/general, I always give them the boots. They need to keep up with the rest of the team (other than mounted units).

I also like changing up the cavaliers, especially since Marcus gets to keep all of them since he is the most experienced. Gives me a bit of a Path of Radiance vibe, as I liked how all the mounted units give you options for new weapons on their promotion. Here we don;t need options, but the sheer amount of cavs in the game with very little to distinguish them always makes me not want to use any of them.

I do have a separate question that I don’t think has been addressed. Are thieves getting promotion options like Assassin and Rogue? I was always disappointed they didn’t have the option to promote to Assassin.


i like 1 and 2


I like this logic, tbh.


1 and 1 for me ! Keep up the good work !


After some thought, I’d opt for the second option for both. While I wouldn’t mind knights and generals having unimpeded terrain movement, I think giving them the same movement as other infantry classes would make more sense and be more beneficial to them as a class overall. As for cavalry, weapon access would be a great way to define the niche of each of the cavaliers without any of them completely outclassing each other.


I’d go for 2 and 2. Knights having no penalties in deserts does not make any sense at all to me. As for thePaladins, uniqueness is always a nice factor.


Sorry that updates and streams disappeared.

My dad died.


My condolences for your loss. Speaking from personal experience, knowing that it’s going to happen doesn’t make it any easier to cope with when it does. It takes time, so take all of it that you need. To risk stating the obvious, there are more important things in life than the Internet, after all.


My condolences Omni, that’s a tough thing to go through. Stay strong.


Rather large seeming content update.

  1. Unique Headquarters.

So I’ve been going through and making new Headquarter maps for the different arcs of the game, doing my best to make them not too large and keep them functional for what’s to come.

Headquarters - Lycia arc

Variant - Chapter 6 (Eachtar’s Spine)

Headquarters - Western Isles Arc

Headquarters - Missur

Headquarters - Nabata

Headquarters - Lycia Return

Headquarters - Etruria

Next, we’ve been working on getting battle stats to display when animations are turned off, thanks to Tequila

We’ve also been working on getting Fatigue in, as you can see from this screenshot, it’s currently represented as a number in the corner, though we wish to make it more visually appealing

Now then, in regards to the previous question regarding Armors and Cavaliers, I’ve decided to put out an official poll, so please, vote, let your opinions be known.

Thank you, as always, for your patience regarding MoD, and we hope to bring you the best product we possibly can


Hope you’re doing okay, man. It’s shitty what happened to your father.


How about placing the fatigue number in place of the word “equipment”.

Like so:

Just an idea, dunno if you come up with a better idea. Or how much work it is do to so.


I love the alternative versions of the headquarters! I appreciate the effort <3


Ultimately we want the Fatigue bar to be visible no matter the page you’re on.

Also Headquarters - Ilia


I’m liking Roy’s map sprite it may look the same as the original but he actually looks mature in the picture. I have to ask though, are the fliers getting new treatments. Example, Pegasus knights will have use of staffs like their Fates counter parts. I know by reading your going to give wyvern rider axes. Will the wyvern knight be making a debut from Sacred Stones. I forgot about the thiefs, they can promote right?


Juno gets staves, Wyvern Knights are not in, Thieves can promote. The first thing I ever wanted to do in romhacking was give thieves a promotion.


Whoa, those headquarters…
At first, I thought it was cutscene maps, but what exactly are they for?


I assume they’re a sort of Elibian Nights style hub-map, but I’m just guessing based on context. I’m probably wrong?


Unless something has changed, they’re similar to the base from the Tellius games. It’s where you can buy weapons and equipment from the merchants, have conversations between characters (including supports), and so on.