Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Oh boy. Pretty sure you guys will work your magic for it and I would love to see the portraits change from their originals to the promoted versions like in the Tellius saga. Keep it up!


Wow, that is awesome. I can’t wait for the mod it is much better than FE6. When is the release date?


Some theories indicate that originally FE6 was intended to be a remake/re-imagining of FE1 in an FE4/5 style. But this was very early on, before Kaga left the company. This COULD explain things like an omission for dropables. Though like others, despite multiple playthroughs, I never noticed there were no item drops.


4 had item drops iirc, only 5 and 6 do not have them.


Hello Omni. I’ve looked at this mod years ago when it was still called The Divine War. I’ve thought about it today and after google searching I’m glad to see this is still in progress and not cancelled.

I hope things go well for you.


I now understand why I love FE6.


Wow! I like these details :smiley:

What do you do in your twitch? o.o


Right now? I’m playing through RD. I have to bring Meg, Lyre and Brom to the end-game because of donations so… that’s ‘fun’.

Side note, we’ve one last thing we need and then we’re entering balance-production for Lycia


Training Lyre sounds harsh xDU

What is that last thing? Or is it Top Secret?


I cant wait!


Damn Onmi, I remember you making this hack back in 2015 when I still went to /feg/. Years later I try to find what happened to it, and here you are still working on it. I was initially a bit disappointed as you said that you’d have a demo out by 2016, but after reading one post of yours about the team members being busy and you being caught up in that toxic relationship I understand.
That aside, I’m glad that you haven’t been killed by Australian wildlife, you’ve got your shit together, and you’re still dedicated to this project. It looks like it’ll be my favourite romhack if not my favourite Fire Emblem game of all time, knocking down Midori and Sacred Stones in each category. Best of luck mate, can’t wait to play this.


Only problem is fucking the koalas, everything else is squidgy didge, I reckon.


I actually was ready for a (Rather incomplete) demo at the time, but I basically had a talk with another creator/good friend of mine and his short point to me was that there’s a lot of projects that release demo’s and stop working. We basically went over a list of FE6 Remake “Do Lycia and then stop” examples, and he also brought up how multiple versions flying around can be quite a problem, so he recommended I didn’t go through with it and instead focused more on making it complete.

That’s not to say there’s some unreleased demo that I had ready to launch I decided against, more that this person provided a compelling argument to not.

That’s said, while the ASM isn’t 100% done yet, I’m happy to announce that MoD has a Fatigue system, an optional one at that.

In short, on Normal Mode (It’s forced on Hard) the player can choose to play with Fatigue or not, Fatigue is a simple counter of 0->30, Once a unit has taken 30 combat’s on a map (Excluding the lords) they become Fatigued. A Fatigued Unit Can Still be Deployed However they suffer a scaling stat penalty. So if you’re desperate to use Shanna or Miledy on a map after they’ve become fatigued, you can deploy them and use them, they’ll just have lost 1/4th their stats… And 1 Move.

If a Unit takes the chapter off, they’ll have their Fatigue restored to 0. If a unit is required to recruit another unit (Say… Noah for Fir and Sue for Shin) then Fatigue will be wiped at the start to not punish the player for their lack of foresight. Finally, Fatigue only becomes an active system when the player reaches the Western Isle, at which, a player who has not lost any units has more than enough to run alternating teams.

Remember that on normal, Fatigue is optional, but on Hard you’re expected to be able to handle the mechanic.

We’re working on a bunch of mechanics, and we’re discussing some gameplay overhauls… in fact.

Which does the player prefer? Knight Edition

  1. Knights have 5 Movement Before/After promotion, however they’re unimpaired by terrain such as forests, desert, rivers, forts etc. but still cannot move over mountains, cliffs etc.
  2. Knights have 5/6 movement Before/After promotion like a standard class.

Which does the player prefer? Cavalier Edition

  1. As the game currently stands, Alan, Lance, Marcus and Perceval all have access to the Weapon Triangle with no limitations once they become Paladins (Or just period in the latter two’s cases)
  2. Each Cavalier has a limited weapon and promotes into a unique weapon
    Alan - Axes (To Swords)
    Lance - Lances (To Axes)
    Marcus - All Weapons
    Perceval - Swords and Lances


I think 1 and 2 respectively, for each option. Knights and Generals with 5 movement and no terrain impediment is cool. Making each cav unique also adds more to them, but that’s up to the designer.


Knights - 2
I don’t why Knights and Generals had impaired movement in the first place. Yeah, they wear heavy armor, but I think just having a low speed stat has them suffer enough in that regard. If we’re playing that card, why don’t Swordmasters have like, 7 move? They’re faster than other units. Having unimpaired terrain movement sounds interesting, but having 5 move on promotion is still too much a price to pay for that.

Cavaliers - 1
Have Cavaliers only get 2 weapons, but Paladins have all 3. So like, Alan can have axes and swords, and promote to get lances.


1 and 2 respectfully, knights are already slow as hell and each Paladin does not feel the same.


I’d prefer 1 and 2 respectively.
No movement penalties sounds like a cool compromise for lower movement

And giving each Cav a unique purpose sounds great to me.


1 and 2 respectively. I think that the unimpaired movement will really help them shine on terrain-heavy maps where Cavs would be less efficient, and that’d really help their viability.

As for Cav weapon triangle, I’m of the opinion that mounted units are definitely far too powerful. Their complete mastery of the weapon triangle just furthers the problem.


id like 1 and 1 but thats just me


2 and 2 personally, I feel like armors being unimpaired by terrain makes no sense because wearing armor doesn’t really make it easier to cross woods or a river unless you make some deal about crazy Ostian elite training that makes them able to plow through them. I don’t think that’s the way to go.

I feel like starting with axes sorta gimps Alan but units being more distinct from each other is always something I like to see.