Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Where can I get some of dat Aveeno® Active Naturals™ Smooth Moisturizing Lotion with Naturally Repairing Oatmeal®?


Probably Walmart. Now unfortunately, unless we’re going to be talking about a potential support in which Wolt assists Roy in applying Aveeno® Active Naturals™ Smooth Moisturizing Lotion with Naturally Repairing Oatmeal®, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put a moist, slimy cap on this conversation. I’m not gonna spam up Onmi’s thread any longer.


“Wolt assists Roy in applying Aveeno® Active Naturals™ Smooth Moisturizing Lotion with Naturally Repairing Oatmeal®” Have you even read my fanfiction!?


what are both of you, the sponsors?


Sorry Onmi, if i bother you, but i was hearing the awesome game soundtrack of FE6 and 7, and that’s when it got me this curiosity, are you going to add some music from FE7, like some map music or awesome tracks like “Unshakable Faith”, or if you prefer, and that’s the idea i come with, making play the music “Blessing of the eight generals” when you use the divine weapons in combat? That would be really cool, if you want my opinion.
But, obviously, this is your project and you’re not obliged to do this, if you don’t want to or if you think it’s too hard for you.


Roy: Ugh
Wolt: Whats wrong Lord Roy you look a little tense.
Roy: It’s nothing I just have these seething blisters on my upper thigh, I probably got it from all the riding… on a horse I mean of course.
Wolt: I may be able to help you with that Roy, I have this Aveeno® Active Naturals™ Smooth Moisturizing Lotion with Naturally Repairing Oatmeal® thats simply to die for, it will ease you of any displeasure.
Roy: Thank you Wolt but I cannot reach, could you help me apply it? My most loyal and voloptous of servants.
Wolt: Yes of course my Lord.
que porno music
Support rose to C


No comment


Okay I’m going to put a foot down and say everyone calm the fuck down with the shit posting and the like.

@GabrielRoyMayweather I am fairly certain you have asked that question on /feg/ or elsewhere. I certainly remember getting it in the past. Beyond considering using Together We Ride for a few returning FE7’ers and Strike as their battle theme. No. I have no other intention to use FE7 music.

I will update the OP and write the new update when I wake up today (currently 3 AM) and I would like people to stop posting unrelated crap even if you feel the thread is being spammed.


Ah, that’s alright, it doesn’t effect me so much (yeah, I would like it, most of all “Blessing of the eight generals” for the rest, “Strike” and “Together we ride”, they’re good but they don’t really make me so excited).
Don’t worry, I’m not mad.


No, I don’t, if i have done it, i would remember.


This is probably a stupid question to ask Onmi, but gotta ask it anyway. Since we choose the skills of Roy and Lilina based on mothers, will they get their own supports with that specific mother or at least a cutscene. Example, say I want to give Lilina “Power of Nature” meaning I choose Lyn to be her mother. When the player is on the chapter you aquire her in can Lilina ask her to join the army or will she just join automatically?

Sorry for asking to many questions, just want to get more information.


Roy and Lilina do not support Lyn, only Guinevere does (Exploring the relation between Martyr-Like Guinevere and Revenge-Seeking Lyn presented with the man who almost killed her’s sister.) Lilina and Roy have a base Convo with Lyn and Eliwood/Hector have supports with her.

I should also point out that Lyn can ONLY be recruited by her Husband and Child. She is an enemy on the map and not a requirement to recruit so… Oh and on the Ninian/Florina route, Sue can recruit her.

Now, for an update

New Skills
Cath - Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) Inserted and working. This opens up the door to adding Item Drops to FE6
Lalum - Sword Dancer Inserted and Working. She just needs an animation.

Map Edits

Chapter 3 has been edited, Those chests are empty, just flavor indicating it WAS a treasure room.

Lycia arc being finalized and pushed into completion state. More has been done, but it’s all underlying nitty gritty mechanical stuff, not flashy things worth an update. Like killing the tutorial on the main menu.


But I wonder, what does it miss in the game to be said completed?


Final Question from me,
The support system is the number of supports of a character unlimited like Awakening and Fates or will there be a limit? If there isn’t a limit, pass me the Hex (if one is made). Thanks for always answering Onmi, can’t wait for the Final Version.


The maximum number of supports that can be displayed without going off the screen is 5, and FE6 has up to 10. You’ll either need to have them on their own page or somehow put them on 2 columns. I believe the screen is being completely redone, so whatever’s done will probably not work with your project.


I would suggest removing the walls between the chests, they just look bad, and at the very least aren’t done properly


So, talking about Lalum, what kind of changes you’ve done to her in this game?
Like, can she promote? Or is she still locked with crappy unpromoted stat cap?


Oh shit I just noticed the new breakable wall. That’s a really nice improvement.


Well there’s no treasure there, again, those chests are pre-open on the map, but it does increase movement inside. If we get items drop working, I may add a treasure a chest key down there.


I’m getting so hyped about this I can barely wait!