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It’s 6 AM and you’ve got to enter hundreds of names for this stupid presentation, are you going to stop and check they’re the same character? He doesn’t show up as an FE7 character after all (in the poll)

That said I will request that we keep Name-Chat to a minimum or not at all, I agree Direct was very hype, but this isn’t the thread.


Onmi, i have a question:
If Lilina is now a Lord, does she have the ability to seize or is still locked to Roy?


She can seize, so can Guinevere


Just wanted to say that so far I love the look of this hack! Can’t wait for it to be released, keep up the good work man.


Even Guinevere, huh?
So, with three characters that can seize, does that mean there’s chapters where you have to seize more than one throne?


There is at least one with more than one throne. But there’s also less seize overall. I just wanted to give the player choice in how they conquered the throne, so they, if they were using Roy elsewhere, didn’t feel the need to rush him back to the throne.


Thanks for the answer.
Only one more question, if it doesn’t bother you, why does Erik join the Lycian army?
Why did you choose to make him a playable character?


Erik joins because I thought I could do something interesting with Erik as a playable character. As for his reasoning, I don’t want to get into it directly (That’s for my editors to tell me is dumb and stupid) but he is only recruited if Hector is alive. It was also me looking at the overreaching theme of FE6 and deciding I wanted one character to represent the difference between Roy and Zephiels Philosophy.

Zephiel thinks that all of humanity is power hungry scum which betrays its loyalty’s, family, loved ones, culture etc. all to advance itself. He has plenty of examples of this, primarily starting with Erik, Orun’s adviser, Leygance and Devias, Arcard and Roartz, as well as those left to rule the Western Isles, The Djuto tribe and I don’t actually consider Sigune this, since Signue’s reason for siding with Bern was pragmatic rather than greedy.

Hell his example of this stretches to Narcian, someone who was completely unqualified for his position as a Dragon General, who none the less got it by pointing out that Galle wasn’t born in Bern. His only three examples against this are Marduk/Murdock, Brunnya and Guinevere.

Roy on the other hand, believes that anyone can change for the better, and for any reason. Guinevere betrayed Bern out of love for her brother and love for the world, Elffin aided the Western rebels against his own kingdom, Every Enemy Recruit was someone who’s beliefs were shaped through coming into contact with Roy and his forces.

It’s the argument “What can change the nature of a man?” and I don’t feel I’m reaching too much by saying it’s apart of FE6’s story, it’s just never really called into question or brought to life.

I thought with Erik I could show something interesting in how exactly he changes. Because of course, his character across two games is he’s a traitor, and even his personal skill is “Scheming” Just because he joins you does not change his underlying character.

So I hope that satisfy’s your question.


Sorry Onmi, it’s me, i would like to ask you what those “sealed” and “true” versions of the legendary weapons are.


Weapons are unbreakable in MoD, so maybe the Divine Weapons stay in a weaker, sealed state until you’ve gotten them all or the Binding Blade to balance their early acquisition? Because getting infinite, full-power Divine Weapons as early as 8x(or whichever chapter Durandal will be) is pretty overpowered.

Of course, the Divine Weapons might just have limited uses unlike normal weapons.


Thanks for your answer.
But i still don’t understand what the “True” Divine Weapons should be.


True Durandal is vanilla FE6 Durandal with infinite uses, sealed Durandal is basically a Silver Sword that’s effective against Dragons with again, infinite uses. You get the true version of each divine weapon via obtaining all of them, ala FE6’s good ending requirement. Endgame itself is no longer locked behind obtaining the weapons


Thank you for the explanation.
EDIT: It’s really depressing how there’s not update of the project so far.


I’m going to write an update, a lot has happened. But I want to update the OP first. Please be patient, even if I haven’t said things have happened, they assuredly have.


Oh, understood, i only hope you didn’t get my post as me getting bored or angry for the absence of update on the project, i was only pointing out how the post was very silent lately.


I’m a bit worried, you said a lot has happened, i hope nothing bad.


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Sorry, Alu if my worries irritated you.


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Thanks to make me figure it out.