Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now


Because I quite like that system. I’ve never been a fan of durability for the same reason I dislike weight, I would rather know what resources the player has at a certain time and be able to design around that, then always designing around the 0 sum game. But honestly, it’s just that I like and prefer the system.

They’re not currently on the table, but that’s due to game length/fatigue. I’m not saying they’re gone for good, but I have no current plans to do the Spotlight chapters for now.

It’s still 60.


First of all, thanks for answering my questions. Have some more.

  1. So, since I don’t think anyone else has said anything, are you still considering keeping fatigue active for the final chapter or so? (I personally like how your fatigue system works, but at the same time I also don’t think I would enjoy how much it might affect you, endgame team, because that would change it from the culmination of your most powerful going through the end that they deserve to the best that you have at hand).
  2. Will Idoun be made into a powerful final boss (or at least not a pushover)
  3. Assuming that you guys did end up giving knights 5 -> 6 movement, will Shamans/Druids be given the same treatment.
  4. Since it looks like there will be more tomes in the game, will there be more effects added to them so that they feel more different instead of just more damage.

Haven’t considered how Faitgue will work for the end game. It’s something to certainly think about.

Idunn’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while, there’s things to consider, a few paths. But you have to consider that Final bosses in a Fire Emblem game isn’t really the capstone at the end of the map. They’re always going to either be frustrating or lame. What’s important is the map itself and that’s definitely being fleshed out into a proper map.

Shaman’s always had regular movement.

We’re adding more tomes to the game, yes. We wanted to flesh out each one to a proper weapon type with Reavers, effective weapons, and other fun little things.


These are some questions regarding risks, specifically Devil weapons

1- can we expect to see more Devil weapons beside the Devil axe?

2- can we buy or get more easily Devil weapons?

3- if youre gonna include them at all will it keep the FE6 chance formula or the FE7 chance formula?


The Devil weapons have been entirely replaced by a set of weapons that all have consistent downsides that make it easier to die but bring great power. There is one of these for each weapon type and no, they remain difficult to obtain like all weapons.


Ok these are promotional item related stuff

1- I assume Thieves will have the ability to promote

2- will there be multi-type promotional items?

3- Is the heaven seal or something like that available for Lords?


Thieves will be able to promote, that was the first thing I wanted to do. MoD would not exist without me wanting thieves to promote.

There is only a single promotion item for the non-lords, the Master Seal. This promotes more variance in how you approach the game and who you choose to promote.

The individual lord promotions is still being discussed, they might be scenes that happen when they hit 20, or provide items after a certain point in the story. Beyond Roy, none of them are automatic though.


Will rescuing still debuff the rescuer unit or is it gonna be different in any way?


It does, Shanna has the Savior skill, which allows her to rescue with no penalty

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These are questions that peek my interest

Will sword users have another way of attacking at a distance besides the Light brand and Rune sword?

Can we expect more magic weapons?


Yes, Kinda


I want to apologize for no updates. But since I have to focus on my Thesis (The first part will be concluded on June 12th) and I don’t feel right telling others to work while I can’t. There’s just no work happening.


I hope you are thesis went well


Onmi stated the FIRST part of his thesis was due the 12th - life takes priority. I’m sure he and the team would appreciate some patience, mate.





Hey @onmi you have made someone progress?

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Yes, but I’ve been more focused on my work of editing and my thesis for my university. Sadly, this doesn’t pay my rent or give me a piece of paper to better pay my rent… so it has to take a back seat to the things that get me there. We’re progressing slowly. I mentioned this was possible.


Progress is progress. I can’t wait to enjoy this project, whenever it may come out! Best wishes with your thesis.


My money is still on MoD’s release before FEXNA…