Fire emblem - JP Hack Roms Translations

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well :smile:

I have been wondering for a while now, what are the GOOD fire emblem Japanese hack rom that you would want to see translated?, when i write this, i mean in regards to the:

  • Mechanics.
  • Character design.
  • Map design.
  • Animation.
  • Etc.

Or if you’re only interested in what those games story has to offer.

That’s is all. Have a good day and thanks for you time in reading and responding this. :+1:


there is “Sword of heaven And earth” an FE7 jp rom hack that i dont think even has a menu translation like GREEN or Super Thracia

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I have see the game around, have you got another rom in mind perhaps? thanks in advance!

The Nameless Heroes


Mmm for what i have seen someone was translating it, but nothing new about it.

Looks like an awesome hack, thanks!

Edit: i had no idea that you’re the creator of the game, i just looked some youtube videos, sorry about it xD

Keep up the good work!

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Most menus and items can be translated automatically using FEBuilderGBA’s ROM translation tool.
The biggest problem is translating the scenario.

Translating spoken language in theater is difficult with machine translation.
I had my kaitou patch translated by machine translation.
The result was terrible.

For this reason, I currently only translate menus, items, and important text.
I would be glad if you could send me your results if you translate.

For the FE7 天地の剣 Tenchi-no ken (Sword of heaven And earth), translating the scenario is the biggest issue as well.
The same goes for the FE8 天地の剣 Jyouo-no-ken (Queen’s sword).

If you translate, please share your work.
The results of the Japanese->English translation can also be used for English->Japanese.

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Thanks for the response and for creating an awesome tool!, yeah i have learning it the hard way hehe.

Yeah but i think with you tools, i guess the only way to truly brind those games in english is putting some effort in the translation.

you will only need some japaneses friends who are willing to translate for you? XD

If you commit your work, I will welcome.

I dont think nameless heroes are finished at this point
And 天地の剣 has a great chapter that enemies rushes to bottom of the map (defeat condition) instead of attacking any player units
However it takes place after fe7 b4 fe6 so the story may overlap with vanilla?

Queens sword should be 女王の剣 right?
(Thats another one i hope it get translated)
Is there any other completed jp rom hacks out there? (Dont think i found any)

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There so many good jp hack rom games that need to be translate, i thing the one called Yggdra have a change of story?

Just a little bit.

Translation is a very time consuming task.

At the moment, no work has been completely translated by jp hack.
Conversely, none of the works have been completely translated into Japanese by en hack.

We are still struggling with the language barrier. ;_;

For example, the following blogger translates a game made in English into Japanese.
However, the work is hardly progressing because the amount of text is so large.